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Harvey Weinstein Responds to Lupita Nyong'o's Sexual Harassment Accusations

Calvin Klein Collection - Front Row - September 2017 - New York Fashion WeekHarvey Weinstein decided to fire back after Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o's powerful op-ed accusing him of harassment.

Yesterday, the "12 Years a Slave," "Star Wars," and "Black Panther" star posted a piece for the New York Times called "Speaking out About Harvey Weinstein," sharing her own experience at the hands of the producer she first met back in 2011.

Not long after their first meeting at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Nyong'o says Weinstein invited her to a screening of a film at his home in Westport, Connecticut. Nyong'o's account has Weinstein introducing her to his children, then -- in the middle of the film screening -- having her follow him up to his bedroom where he asked her to give him a massage. She said she panicked and thought maybe she could offer to give him a massage instead to allow her to control him physically and know where his hands were at all times.

Here's more of the story from there:

Read her full op-ed, which goes into great detail on her other Weinstein encounters -- including Weinstein trying to pressure her into joining him in his private room -- ending with this paragraph:

"Now that we are speaking, let us never shut up about this kind of thing. I speak up to make certain that this is not the kind of misconduct that deserves a second chance. I speak up to contribute to the end of the conspiracy of silence."

Weinstein shared his own response to the op-ed through a representative (via Entertainment Weekly):

"Mr. Weinstein has a different recollection of the events, but believes Lupita is a brilliant actress and a major force for the industry. Last year, she sent a personal invitation to Mr. Weinstein to see her in her Broadway show Eclipsed."

Don't expect a full back-and-forth on the issue, since a rep for Nyong'o told EW she has "no further comment."

Dozens of actresses have come forward in the past week with allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Some of the stories have been similar to Nyong'o's, while others have gone further, alleging sexual assault. A rep for the producer previously said, "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein."

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'Geostorm' Tracking to Make Less in Opening Weekend Than It Spent on Reshoots: Report

Ouch. "The Snowman" may have to hold "Geostorm's" beer when it comes to the weekend's biggest flop.

Yeah, even "The Snowman" director is taking shots at his own film (which has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 10 percent), but that movie only had a production budget of around $35 million, so if it fails at the box office it won't be a huge disaster. "Geostorm," on the other hand, has a 13 percent RT rating and cost a lot more.

Here's a dismal assessment from The Hollywood Reporter, on how "Geostorm" is expected to perform in its North American debut:

"Marking 'Independence Day' producer Dean Devlin's feature directorial debut, Geostorm is tracking to open in the $10 million to $12 million range, a dismal start for a film that cost at least $120 million to produce. The troubled production required $15 million in significant reshoots, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer brought aboard to help.

In the long-delayed disaster epic, the world's climate change control system — a network of satellites built to prevent natural disasters and keep the human population safe — goes haywire, and a satellite engineer (Gerard Butler) must fix the problem before a worldwide geostorm is unleashed. Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia and Zazie Beetz also star.

'Geostorm,' which may also have a hard time topping holdover 'Happy Death Day,' isn't being screened in advance for critics, nor will it hold Thursday-night previews."

That's ... not good, but it's also just a prediction. It could be way off. Plus, that's just tracking the domestic box office. The real money these days is being made overseas, and it's very possible the international reception for "Geostorm" will be much warmer.

All told, though, fans aren't expecting much from this weekend, beyond a race to the bottom for the two big openings:

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Kit Harington 'Cried at the End' of 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Read-Through: 'I Know Everything Now'

Stop the presses because Jon Snow has gone from knowing nothing to knowing "everything."

"Game of Thrones" Season 8, the final season, is now in production and will film those six episodes until next summer.

The cast held its read-through last week, and Kit Harington told "The One Show" in the U.K. that he's now up-to-date on what happens.

"I'm really emotional about [the end]," Harington told the hosts (via Digital Spy). "We had the read-through last week, in fact, so I know everything now.

I cried at the end! It wasn't anything particular that happens. You have to remember, I've done eight years of it. I think, no-one really cares about [Game of Thrones] more than us... It's been an institution longer than any other institution I've been in. School, drama school, anything. I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It's going to be to a strange year. Saying goodbye to everyone, having your last scene with this person or having your last scene with that person. Not only you're attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it."

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press RoomThere was a rumor that the cast wouldn't be able to read all of the scripts, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) told a whole story about getting lines fed in an earpiece, but that always seemed like a joke. Harington did confirm, though, that the show was put on lockdown in terms of The Powers That Be trying to avoid more set leaks. "[I was told], 'Don't tell them when you're filming. Don't take pictures in Belfast. Don't do all of that.'"

Harington separately told Digital Spy, on the set of his new show "Gunpowder," that "Game of Thrones" is ending at the perfect time:

"'Thrones' is coming to the end at the right time for me, and everyone involved in it. I was exchanging emails with [showrunners] David [Benioff] Dan [Weiss] last night and we were all getting very soppy and emotional with each other. It will be liberating, just the thought of having a whole year free - you shoot for six months, but half of the projects you might want to do will have started shooting before that six months is over. There's a lot of things you can't do. I'm looking forward to finishing, and eight years is the right amount of time. I wouldn't want it to go on any longer than it has. I have other ideas I'd like to look at producing."

It's going to be exciting for fans, too, to see what the stars do after "Game of Thrones." HBO must be nervous, though, although they do have an "embarrassment of riches" ahead in terms of the spinoffs.

"Game of Thrones" Season 8 is expected in late 2018 or 2019 on HBO.

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Goodbye, Emma Swan: Jennifer Morrison Shows Off New Short Red Hair

'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Will Give Fans a New Most Hated Character

Which "Walking Dead" character will "reveal a loathsome streak so wide" they'll become The New Worst?

Season 8 starts this Sunday, Oct. 22 on AMC, with the start of All Out War also being the big 100th episode of the series. Most of the teases have been about the faster pace than last season, with more action and the characters spending more time as a group. But there's also this interesting tidbit from TVLine's Ask Ausiello spoilers, teasing a potential new least favorite character:

Question: Walking Dead scoop, please. —Mark
Ausiello: As the Saviors vs. Everybody Else war gets underway in Sunday's Season 8 premiere (9/8c, AMC), someone is going to reveal a loathsome streak so wide that, I bet you anything, they're going to steal from Negan the title of Most Hated Character on the Show. And whether you're 'shipping Carol and Daryl or Carol and Ezekiel, "Mercy" gives you "a moment."

Two big scoops in one! Let's start with Carol Peletier having a "moment" with both Daryl Dixon and King Ezekiel. That could be good, unless they turn this into Carol's own "Twilight" or "Hunger Games" love triangle. Don't Edward vs. Jacob our queen.

But who is going to be the new Most Hated Character? Could it be Eugene, who is (at least for now) Team Negan? Simon? Gregory? Dwight? Honestly, we already kinda hate Gregory more than Negan -- he's not just a villain, he's a cowardly, useless one -- but there's room for him to drop further. Maybe someone completely new?

Head back to TVLine for more TWD scoop on pregnant Maggie Greene Rhee, who may not give birth this season.

TWD Season 8 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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'Stranger Things' & 'IT' Star Finn Wolfhard Dumps Agent Accused of Sexual Assault

The Hollywood Reporter And SAG-AFTRA Inaugural Emmy Nominees Night Presented By American Airlines, Breguet, And Dacor - Red CarpFinn Wolfhard shot to fame thanks to two horror projects, but he's not playing around when it comes to real-life horrors.

Wolfhard -- who plays Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series "Stranger Things," and RIchie Tozier in the hit movie "IT" -- just left his agent and agency. According to TheWrap, Wolfhard was Tyler Grasham's biggest client, but the actor is no longer signed with him or the Agency for the Performing Arts. A source close to Wolfhard told Deadline the 14-year-old star left Grasham because of the sexual assault allegations against him.

Two men recently came forward alleging the APA agent sexually assaulted them. Former actor Blaise Godbe Lipman, now 28, accused Grasham of plying him with alcohol and sexually assaulting him when he was a teenager. After that, Lucas Ozarowski, now a 27-year-old film and TV editor, told Deadline the same thing happened to him. An agency spokesperson told outlets, "APA takes these allegations extremely seriously and is investigating this matter."

Meanwhile, Wolfhard is now promoting "Stranger Things" Season 2, which premieres on Netflix next Friday, Oct. 27.

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Rick Rallies the Troops in 'Walking Dead' Season 8 Opening Scene

On "The Walking Dead," war is brewing, and General Rick Grimes is preparing his troops for battle.

AMC released a teaser from the opening scene of Sunday night's Season 8 premiere episode. It starts with images from the flash forward at the end of last season of Old Man Rick. It seems he survives this particular war — but at what cost?

Everyone from Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom band together to get ready to fight. Rick visits Glenn and Abraham's graves. Someone makes new weapons. Maggie and Enid tool up cars. Tara chews on a Twizzler. And then leader Rick gives a rousing speech to rally the troops — including a vow to kill Negan himself.

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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