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The 'Kingdom' Trailer Takes Mixed Martial Arts to the Next Level (VIDEO)

kingdom trailer directvIf you thought Mixed Martial Arts were brutal enough on their own, "Kingdom" is here to prove that adding in some human drama makes the sport's stakes even higher.

The trailer for the new DirecTV series promises plenty of action both inside and outside of the MMA gym, run by Alvey "King" Kulina (Frank Grillo), described in the clip as a "legendary" fighter whose glory days seem to be behind him. Alvey is grooming his youngest son, played by former boy band star Nick Jonas, to be a master of the sport, but family turmoil with his eldest son (Jonathan Tucker, "Parenthood") threatens to topple the younger Kulina's chances.

Add in a love triangle, depictions of drug addiction, and one fighter at the Navy St. gym who's out on parole (and seems destined to be sent back to jail at any minute), and you've got the makings for a tense, gripping series. Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, and Joanna Going also star.

"Kingdom," which is set for a 10-episode run, makes it debut on DirecTV's Audience Network on October 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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William Shatner Might Be Bringing the Funny to 'Ted 2'


Seth MacFarlane's follow-up to "Ted" is set to feature a familiar face in a small role, according to a new report.

The Boston Herald writes that Shatner will cameo in "Ted 2" as himself, where he'll be "a speaker at some kind of superhero fan convention to answer questions about his role in 'T.J. Hooker,'" the 1980s police series in which he starred alongside Heather Locklear. Why he'd be at a fan convention to talk about that show, and not his iconic "Star Trek" role of Captain Kirk, is beyond us, though perhaps that's where the comedy comes in, as the Herald notes that in the scene, Shatner "gets annoyed when fans keep asking him about 'Star Trek.'"

"Ted 2" is shooting in Boston, so it makes sense that the Herald would get the scoop on Shatner's casting, though there hasn't been any official word from the production about the actor's involvement, and this should be treated as a rumor for now. But the Herald's report did say that there was a recent casting call for "extras wearing superhero costumes," so at least it seems that the convention aspect of the report is solid.

The follow-up to the 2012 R-rated comedy about a man and his talking bear best friend is bringing back star Mark Wahlberg, though Amanda Seyfried is taking over the female lead role from Mila Kunis. MacFarlane is directing, and reprising his role as the foul-mouthed titular character.

"Ted 2" will hit theaters on June 26, 2015.

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Peter Jackson Would Love to See a Guillermo del Toro-Directed 'Skull Island'

guillermo de toroWith the announcement that there's going to be a new King Kong feature, "Skull Island," due in theaters in 2016, many have wondered who will sit in the director's chair. Some people think it should be Guillermo del Toro -- and so does Peter Jackson.

Speaking during a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con about his latest flick, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," Jackson was asked for his thoughts on the revived "King Kong" brand, and del Toro's presumed -- though unconfirmed -- involvement in the project. While Jackson said he hadn't heard anything about the production, he had nothing but praise to heap on his friend and fellow filmmaker.

"I would look forward to it," Jackson told reporters. "If Guillermo did 'King Kong,' that would be great. That would be fantastic. I'll be there on the first day, and will help him with anything he needs."

The director also indicated that there wouldn't be any bad blood with someone resurrecting the venerable "Kong" brand so soon after Jackson's own take on the material, since he has thought about his other, more high-profile (and profitable) projects getting the reboot treatment, too.

"I've always wondered, if in my lifetime, whether we're going to see 'The Lord of the Rings' film remade, or 'The Hobbit' remade. How long will it actually last or survive until someone remakes it? It will be interesting to see," Jackson said. "But with 'Kong,' we were the ones who remade it for the third time."

Whether or not del Toro ends up with the directing job, it's good to know that the film has Jackson's blessing (and possible support).

"Skull Island" is due in theaters on November 2, 2016.

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Yes, Seriously. 'Shark by Tara' Is An Actual Perfume From Tara Reid You Can Buy

NBCUniversal's 2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2 - Arrivals

Leveraging her newfound "Sharknado" fame while she still can, actress Tara Reid is breaking into the world of celebrity fragrances with a new scent, Shark by Tara.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, the perfume, which undoubtedly takes its naming inspiration from Reid's roles in the Syfy flicks about tornadoes full of sharks, doesn't have any notes of saltwater or fish guts. Instead, Reid's website describes the scent as "a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear" that "incorporates a plethora of 'lavender' colored flowers, which is Tara's favorite color."

There's no mention of "Sharknado" in the perfume's description, but it does say that the scent is "complex," not unlike the plots of the two films in the Syfy series, which feature Reid's character writing a book about sharknadoes, and strapping a saw to her freshly-amputated hand to fight the animals raining down from the sky. And the perfume's claim that it has a "fresh, light, and fun feel" certainly harkens back to the movies' use of C- and D-list celebrities as extras, who crack wise before being struck down by carnivorous sea creatures in shocking yet comical fashion.

If you're in the mood for a scent that offers hints of iced mint, violet, lemon, jasmine, tuberose, muguet, cool blue rose, amber, and musk -- Reid wasn't kidding when she said this thing was complex -- then pick up a bottle of Shark by Tara today.

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'The Walking Dead' Producer Robert Kirkman Knows When Every Character Will Die


As the co-creator of the comics on which hit AMC series "The Walking Dead" is based, Robert Kirkman is privy to many details about the characters before the actors who play them are -- and living with the knowledge of when each one of them will meet a grisly end is tearing him apart.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly's SiriusXM station, Kirkman, who's also an executive producer on the show, admitted that he has timed it down to months, even days, for some characters' demises.

" ... I got a pretty good idea when all of them are dying," he said. "To a certain extent, if we follow the comic, like possibly even more than [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] knows."

He added:

So I'm always like [points at imaginary bodies around the room] ... two years, three years, six months, two weeks, oh, God this is awful! It's really rough. Doing the comic, it was fine because it was just lines on a paper. Whatever. We're killing that guy. Cool. But the show, it sucks because we all work together, we hang out, and have a great time. But, you know, the story's gotta get done and people gots to die, as I like to say. It's pretty rough.

Kirkman also said that he can't tell the actors when their time is coming, since things could change depending on what direction the writers want to take the series.

"We can't really give them that much warning because there's always a chance that we'll get into actually writing the scripts after we plan things out and we're like, 'Nope, that character's living.' Which has happened many times," Kirkman explained to EW.

So take heart, members of the "Walking Dead" ensemble: At least when your number is up, you won't have much time to stress about it. Unless you read the comics, too.

The fifth season of "The Walking Dead" premieres on AMC sometime this October.

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Is Going to Go Bonkers at the Box Office

guardians of the galaxy box officeAfter months of buzz, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is finally making its theatrical debut this weekend, and box office prognosticators are predicting a big haul for the Marvel flick.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that "Guardians" is currently on pace to score a $65 million opening weekend total, though some industry analysts say that number could reach as high as $70 million. That would make it the highest-grossing August debut of all time, surpassing reigning champ "The Bourne Ultimatum," which bowed to $69.2 million back in 2007. Number two on the August debuts list is "Rush Hour 2," clocking in at $67.4 million in 2001.

The superhero flick is certainly gunning for the top spot, opening in 4,080 theaters -- the widest August release ever. It's also set to open in a number of international markets this weekend, positioning itself for a big take worldwide over the next few days.

Director James Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview that "Guardians," starring a rag-tag group of superheroes, is different from Marvel's other team-up franchise, "The Avengers."

"It's much more of a space opera than a superhero movie," Gunn told THR.

Marvel is no doubt banking on that quirky appeal to garner audience interest, and help lift the flagging movie business out of a recent downturn in ticket sales.

"Guardians of the Galaxy," starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, and Benicio del Toro, opens Friday.

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This 'How to Get Away With Murder' First Look Is Getting Us Excited for ABC's Thursday Night Lineup (VIDEO)

Shonda Rhimes and ABC have offered viewers a sneak peek at the network's new Thursday night lineup and Rhimes's new series, "How to Get Away With Murder," and there's only one way to describe it: "Buckle up."

Those words come from "Scandal" star Kerry Washington, who sat down with Rhimes as well as the stars of the other Thursday night shows, Ellen Pompeo from "Grey's Anatomy" and Viola Davis from "Murder," to discuss what's in store for their characters and how the all-Rhimes lineup will excite audiences this fall. Rhimes said the programming would be an "edge of your seats three-hour block of time," and based on the glimpses offered of all three series, it's hard to disagree.

Rhimes described "Murder" as "a very sexy, fast-paced look at the law," featuring Davis as Annalise Keating, a defense attorney and law professor whose provocative style in the courtroom and in the classroom attract a dedicated group of admirers. Davis dished about her freshman series, noting that "a band of very interesting students find themselves sitting on both sides of the law."

"It will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing," the Oscar nominee said of the show.

"It is very daring," Rhimes added of the lineup. "If you like great drama, that's where you come."

ABC is bringing back its TGIF branding for the programming block in the form of #TGIT -- Thank God It's Thursday. That seems like the perfect fit for Rhimes and co. (and perhaps will solve the problem of How to Tweet About "Murder").

"Grey's Anatomy" debuts in its new 8 p.m. timeslot on September 25, followed by "Scandal" at 9 p.m. and "How to Get Away With Murder" at 10 p.m.

'How To Get Away With Murder' First Look

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'Sharknado 2: The Second One' Made Quite the Ratings Splash

"Sharknado 2: The Second One" was a huge hit for Syfy on Wednesday night, pulling in almost three times as many viewers as the first flick and setting a ratings record for the network.

The sharktastic sequel tallied 3.9 million viewers during its premiere, up more than 183 percent from the 1.4 million who tuned in to the original back in July 2013. That number was enough to secure "The Second One"'s spot as the most-watched original movie debut in Syfy history.

And the superlatives don't stop there. According to the network, "The Second One" secured one billion "impressions" on Twitter. What that means exactly isn't clear (mentions, perhaps?), though it was obviously talked about quite a bite on social media.

Syfy was so pleased with the sequel's performance that it's rerunning the flick on Saturday and Sunday, a ploy the network also applied with the first film, which built on its audience during two successive showings last summer. At the time, its third airing in 2013, which scored 2.1 million viewers, was the network's most-watched original movie, before "Sharknado 2" blew it out of the water.

"Sharknado" eventually grossed 9.5 million viewers throughout all its airings in 2013. There's no telling just how big a chunk of viewers will tune in for another serving of "The Second One," though we're expecting it will get plenty of bites in the days ahead.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter, TheWrap]

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Review: 10 Things You Need to Know About Marvel's Newest Franchise

guardians of the galaxy reviewThere's never been a question mark, as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, as large and looming as this week's "Guardians of the Galaxy." It's the story of a bunch of outcasts, losers, killers and thieves, brought together by fate and the long arm of the law, to rescue the galaxy from a nefarious threat. By comparison "Thor," about a Norse God who lives on another planet and comes to earth to romance a comely astrophysicist, seems positively boilerplate.

And yet there seems to be a buzz building to cacophonous levels -- at San Diego Comic Con, the nerd ground zero, it was everywhere and even those who aren't familiar with the relatively obscure comic book characters are jazzed about the movie, possibly because one of the main characters is a talking, gun-toting raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and another is a sentient tree creature who only has three lines of dialogue, repeated endlessly (voiced by Vin Diesel).

Where will you fall on the "Guardians of the Galaxy" spectrum, though? Is this something you can rally behind or just "too weird"? Read our "Guardians of the Galaxy" review to find out!

1. It's Really Funny

The first thing that you're going to notice about "Guardians of the Galaxy" is that it has a distinct attitude. This is not your usual, self-serious superhero romp. Yes, millions of lives are at stake (why are millions of lives always at stake?), but there's a certain lightheartedness that's even applied to the overwhelming sense of apocalyptic gloom. One of the characters, at one point, gives the finger to the camera, and you can feel the filmmakers giving the entire, post-"Dark Knight" superhero landscape the finger at the same time. Writer/director James Gunn realizes that "Guardians of the Galaxy" was based on a comic book, and maximizes that potential gamely.

2. The Soundtrack Is Great

If you've seen the trailers for "Guardians of the Galaxy," which memorably utilize Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling," then you know that the soundtrack is another way in which the movie is not at all keeping with the comic book canon from which it originates. And the music is actually an incredibly important part of the movie, tethering Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) to the human world, which he left behind back in 1988. It also gives the movie an even grander sense of awe; when there's a yellow and blue spaceship gliding through the head of an ancient celestial being, set to the tune of David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream," your jaw can't help but swing open. About 15 seconds after we had left the screening, the soundtrack was already on our iTunes.

3. Chris Pratt Is Now Officially a Movie Star...

Chris Pratt, better known as the lovable, chubby Andy on "Parks and Recreation," lost the weight, got in fighting shape, and absolutely stuns in "Guardians of the Galaxy." He is a steam-powered charisma machine, able to handle comedy and the more romantic elements with equal aplomb, and equipping himself well in the movie's complex action sequences. He's just as good chasing down a mystical orb as he is dancing or explaining the plot of "Footloose" to a green-skinned alien warrior (Zoe Saldana). This is the kind of movie that makes somebody a movie star. And that somebody is Chris Pratt. He's wonderful. And everything he's done before -- from "Parks and Recreation" to "Zero Dark Thirty" - feels like it's been headed towards this single moment. Welcome to the big leagues, Chris Pratt.

4. ...And the Rest of the Cast Is Aces Too

And while Pratt's performance is certainly the most magnetic (and his role the showiest), the supporting cast is really, really great too. Saldana is a wonderful warrior who is also sensitive and has shifting allegiances, and Dave Bautista, as a muscle-bound strongman named Drax the Destroyer, shows a surprising amount of depth. There are a number of notable, even-smaller performances by people like John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, and Benicio del Toro. It's not apparent why any of these people are in this movie, but they seem to be having the time of your life, and you will too, just watching them. Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, in their vocal performances, knock it out of the park. (More on that in a minute.)

5. There Are Moments of Genuine Wonder

Most Marvel movies these days are "been there, destroyed that," but there are a handful of moments in "Guardians of the Galaxy" that, thanks to their visual inventiveness and bravado, fill the viewer with genuine wonder. From a zero-G prison escape sequence to a scene that takes place in the planetary equivalent of the Mos Eisley cantina, these moments are profound on a visual and, in some cases, emotional level. Your eyes might be popping out of your head, in fact, while they also well up with tears. And that's the most special special effect of the all.

6. The Plot Is Insanely Convoluted

One of the bigger bummers of "Guardians of the Galaxy," though, is how unnecessarily convoluted the plot is. Why anything is happening in this universe is never really explained (and no one thinks to ask). So we have some evil guy trying to destroy the galaxy and Infinity Stones and spaceships zinging around and scavengers and some outer space police force and... Well... It's a lot. If the narrative had been cleaner, the movie would have been even more fun.

7. It Could Have Used Better Villains

But the "weakest element of an otherwise fabulous movie" award definitely goes to Lee Pace, who plays Ronan, a scary space warlord who I could not have cared any less about. He wants to destroy a peaceful, pastel-infused planet for reasons that are never truly articulated, and, for a guy who has blue skin, is probably the least colorful member of the entire cast. There's just nothing there. And his hench-woman, Nebula (Karen Gillan) is totally wasted, too, even though she is similarly striking (on a visual level). Michael Rooker plays a redneck space outlaw, who has considerably more fun, but when your main characters are ostensibly "bad guys," you should have upped the terrifying power of the foes they go up against.

8. Rocket Is Your New Favorite Marvel Character

As the old saying goes, a well-placed talking raccoon can heal all wounds. And that is certainly the case with Rocket. This grumpy, trigger-happy mammal is the result of countless medical and robotic experiments, and one of the more touching moments is when Quill notices all of the electrodes and scars that cover Rocket's body. (It's these little moments, really, that set the movie apart from the rest.) If the movie has an emotional center, aside from Quill and his abduction, it's the moment when Rocket yells at the other guardians for making fun of him. "I didn't ask to be made!" he says, almost crying. Later, he kills a lot of people. So all around, he's just the awesomest. There will be countless plush toys sold of this character. He's your new favorite Marvel character.

9. There Are Stingers

Our press screening didn't have them, but there are definitely stingers in the credits for "Guardians of the Galaxy." Some early online reports suggest the resurrection of another beloved, off-the-beaten-path Marvel character. We shall see...

10. They Will Return

The first words in the credits are: "The Guardians of the Galaxy will return." This might have been because the movie is so weird that people were probably worried that they would ever be back, but more likely it was intentionally timed to the San Diego Comic Con announcement that the sequel would be coming out on July 28, 2017. It's also a subtle nod to the James Bond movies. So, so good.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" weirds its way into theaters August 1.

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Netflix's 'BoJack Horseman' Trailer Is Full of WTF-Worthy Silliness (VIDEO)

bojack horseman trailerNetflix has had a pretty good run of late, with its critically acclaimed, widely watched original series like "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards" (not to mention the inventive, expertly bizarre fourth season of "Arrested Development"). And the subscription program/thing that's on your Playstation is about to introduce a 30-minute animated series entitled "BoJack Horseman" that seems to be going for the same stoned college kid demographic that has made Cartoon Network's [adult swim] programming block so successful.

The series, created by comedian Raphael Bob-Waksberg and produced by Michael Eisner's new company, concerns a former 1990's TV star BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett), an anthropomorphic horse whose star has faded and is now drearily going through the Hollywood motions. Aaron Paul plays his burnout human roommate, Amy Sedaris is his feline agent, and Paul F. Tompkins is his doggy best friend (literally).

While the trailer certainly has its moments, the whole thing is encased in an "Under the Dome"-style force field made up of pure WTF. Whether or not that force field can be penetrated and the series actually, you know, enjoyed, remains to be seen. Right now we're more confused than excited, although when this thing drops on August 22nd, it'll probably be hard to not binge-watch, especially if it ends up being fascinatingly horrible.

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Watch the First 'SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Out of Water' Trailer Spring to Life (VIDEO)

spongebob squarepants 2 movieIf you watched the first "SpongeBob SquarePants" movie and thought to yourself, This is really good and all but it would certainly be better if there were live action elements, maybe next time they could find a way to add in Antonio Banderas as some kind of pirate, well, you are in luck. The first trailer for next year's "SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" has just broken through the waves, and features live action elements, 3D animation and, yes, Antonio Banderas as some kind of pirate. Dreams really do come true.

The first trailer for the movie, which opens in February, sets up the movie pretty nicely: Banderas has a magic book that can make any evil plan he has spring to life (magically), but the final page of the book is being guarded by SpongeBob (the same guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea). The otherwise idyllic world of Bikini Bottom has been thrown into chaos, so SpongeBob and his pals have to go to the human world to track down the stolen page and set things right.

What's nifty is that when the movie takes place underwater, it's traditional 2D animation (done by the talented animators at Korean studio Rough Draft), but when they're on land, it's live action and the characters are full, 3D computer generated creations. Sometimes this conceit is dicey, since sometimes two-dimensional characters are better in, well, two dimensions, but these characters seem to have been transitioned with a lot of nuance and care and the whole thing gives off the vibe of that "Simpsons" episode where Homer slips through a wormhole and into our world. (Classic!) Also, at some point, they become superheroes, which is always fun.

"SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" opens on February 6th, 2015, occupying that sweet, mid-winter release date that "The Lego Movie" owned this year.

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'Lucy's' Chinese Reads Like A Takeout Menu

Did director Luc Besson have a single Chinese person working on "Lucy"?

A look at the characters he used in one of its scenes suggests he didn't. It shows Scarlett Johansson sitting against a wall in what looks like a prison.

But after Twitter user @rena_linn translated the words, it seems more like she's been detained in the back of a dim sum place.

As Complex noted, the words read like a takeout menu.

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'Royal Pains' Star Mark Feuerstein Shares His Five Favorite TV Medical Dramas

Mark Feuerstein has appeared in dozens of TV projects throughout his career. You can catch him in shows like "The West Wing," "Caroline in the City," or "Once and Again," and he currently stars in the medical series, "Royal Pains."

Since Feuerstein plays a doctor (something he's done in a few past TV roles, as well), we thought we would get his picks for his five favorite medical dramas ever. Just what does he prescribe?

Find out Mark Feuerstein's #5WorthWatching medical dramas, below, and be sure to check out "Royal Pains" Tuesdays on USA.

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TV #TBT: Chris Pratt on 'The O.C.' and 'Everwood' (VIDEO)

Chris Pratt will be hitting the big screen this weekend in the highly-anticipated "Guardians of the Galaxy," but the lovable actor has had a few memorable roles on TV throughout his career.

Pratt is best known for playing the goofy Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation," but before that he appeared on shows like "The O.C." and "Everwood."

On "The O.C.," he took on the role of Che, an activist buddy of Summer's from Brown University. Watch him as he sings Seth a (naked) song:

But first he starred on "Everwood" as Bright Abbott. Watch all of the adorableness and try not to swoon:

Happy #TBT, everyone.

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The First 'Into the Woods' Trailer Is Big, Bold, and Gorgeous (VIDEO)

into the woods teaser trailerIf there was ever a time that for a lavish, big screen adaptation of James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim's beloved, fairy tale-based musical "Into the Woods," then it'd probably be now. Between the wild success of "Frozen" and "Maleficent" and the continued interest in things like "Once Upon a Time" and the Vertigo comic book series "Fables," this seems like the perfect opportunity to have the stage show spring to life in a really big way. And based on the trailer, it's done just that.

After a brief montage of several characters saying "I wish" (ending on Anna Kendrick's Cinderella saying it), we get brief glimpses of the very starry cast, including Meryl Streep as The Witch, Emily Blunt (we love her) as the Baker's Wife, Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince, and Johnny Depp's as The Big Bad Wolf. Okay, we don't really see Johnny Depp. But we get a flash of his furry claw. So there's that.

Otherwise the movie, adapted by Lapine and directed by "Chicago" filmmaker Rob Marshall, looks ravishing -- with that cast and that score (not to mention the all-important late-December release date), this thing is probably an Oscar shoo-in regardless. If you were ever a part of the high school drama club, you're probably already very excited.

"Into the Woods" opens on Christmas Day.

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These Are the 30 Best Movies Set in New Jersey

Jersey MoviesI live in New Jersey -- go ahead, get the jokes out of the way now. ("Which exit?" Heh heh heh.) After all, for much of its history, Jersey's been the butt of jokes, not just because easy targets like Chris Christie and Snooki live here, but also because of a tradition of unflattering portrayals in movies and TV shows. Lately, however, a more complex picture of my much-maligned state has emerged, thanks in part to movies like those released 10 years ago this week: "Garden State" (on July 28, 2004) and "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" (July 30, 2004).

The turning point actually began earlier, on TV, with the 1999 debut of "The Sopranos," which found in the Jersey suburbs inhabited by its fictional mobsters a metaphor for nothing less than the state of the American Dream at the turn of the millennium. A decade later, reality shows like "Jersey Shore," "Jerseylicious," and "Real Housewives of New Jersey" made the state look like the place where the American Dream had come to die, or maybe just to dye.

The movies, though, were somewhere in between. "Garden State" showed Jersey as a place where even a depressed, struggling actor could meet and romance a girl with a sparkling personality and the beauty of Natalie Portman. "Harold and Kumar" depicted Jersey as a stoner's nightmare, a labyrinth of twisted highways, twisted weirdos, hostile wildlife, bookish nerds, and Neil Patrick Harris, but with glorious tiny fast-food burgers waiting at the end of the rainbow.

If anything, those movies tapped into a long-lived strain of ambivalence about New Jersey, one familiar from the films of John Sayles, Todd Solondz, Tom McCarthy, and of course, Kevin Smith. Neither heaven nor hell, New Jersey in movies is a limbo, trapped between past and future, cosmopolitan New York City and primeval forest, ocean spray and hairspray, suburban complacency and highway restlessness, the Atlantic City of the "Monopoly" game board and the gritty/tacky A.C. of reality, Sinatra and Springsteen (and Bon Jovi), lush greenery and industrial wasteland, corruption and redemption.

Here, then, are the movies that have made the most of New Jersey's contradictions. Please hold on to your tickets until you leave the turnpike.

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And Now, Here Are the 23 Most Outrageous Moments from 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'

"Sharknado 2: The Second One" premiered on SyFy last night and as expected, the ridiculous factor was high and the gif-able scenes came out in full force. This sequel did not disappoint.

If you didn't watch or if you want to relive all the magic, we're taking a look back at the 23 most outrageous moments from the fine disaster film. There were actually more like 120 moments because EVERY minute of this movie was absolutely bonkers, but we narrowed it down to the creme de la creme.

Here you go:

1. Right off the bat (bats actually play into the film later, by the way), Fin (Ian Ziering) freaks out when he sees sharks falling from the sky outside of his plane. "It's happening again," he says to Tara Reid.

2. Eventually the sharks completely take over the flight and one busts right through flight attendant Kelly Osbourne's HEAD.

3. Then there was that time where Tara Reid hangs out of the airplane screaming for way too long and subsequently gets her hand bitten off by a shark.

4. Later, Andy Dick plays a police officer.

5. And then Billy Ray Cyrus appears as an ER doctor, because ... well, there's no need to explain.

6. There was also that time where a TV weather person talked about a "southern shark storm wind" like that was totes a regular thing like "cloudy with a chance of rain" and she used shark graphics to show the weather pattern. Not normal.

7. And when Skye (Vivica Fox) sees Fin for the first time she dramatically says to him, "I forgot to give you something last time I saw you" and totally smooches him right then and there. Smooth!

8. Not long after that, Ellen (Mark McGrath's badass wife) tasers a shark after it eats a lady's face on the ferry.

9. Then the head of the statue of liberty rolls through the streets of NYC terrorizing people, including Daymond John of the show "Shark Tank." (Get it? Get it?)

10. And of course, Biz Markie shows up as a pizza place owner and stabs a shark WITH A KNIFE AND PUTS IT IN HIS PIZZA OVEN. No biggie.

11. Judd Hirsch lent his acting talents to this project by playing a taxi driver, but met his fate in an unfortunate moment where he had to swing from a flimsy rope from a cab over the flooded streets. Things don't work out when he (spoiler alert?) gets eaten by a shark in the process.

12. Vivica Fox creates a bomb-infused slingshot.

13. Vivica Fox pulls out a huge sword and slices through a flying shark.

14. At one point, sharks fly out of hotel elevators and (presumably) eat the concierge who has been just standing around doing his work like business as usual. So, sharknados are taking over NYC, but like, he's gonna save those personal days for another time.

15. There are flaming sharks plummeting from the sky and crushing people from the sidewalk.

16. Then a fiery shark chases everyone up the stairs.

17. Um, April (Tara Reid, who lost her hand earlier on the shark plane), now has a SAW as a replacement appendage and takes it to a shark in a bloody battle.

18. Fin falls through the electrified sharknado with chainsaw in tow as if gravity does not exist. This happens for what seems like 2 hours until he basically rides a shark until it is ultimately impaled by the Empire State Building.

19. Kelly Ripa steps on a shark with her high heel. Also, why is she still filming "Live! With Kelly and Michael" while all of this is going on?

20. New York City becomes a free-for-all shark war where chainsaws and machine guns abound. This culminates in Matt Lauer sticking an umbrella through a shark on live TV.

21. Fin reaches into a the shark's mouth, takes out a human arm holding a gun (we assume this to be Tara Reid's lost hand), and uses said gun to shoot at remaining live sharks.

22. Then he proposes to April because what better time than to make a huge life decision, right? But of course, he puts the ring on her right hand because SHE HAS A BLADE ON HER OTHER ONE.

23. Just ... just ... this.

Photo courtesy of Syfy

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21 Adrenaline-Pumping Blunders From Your Favorite Action Movies (PHOTOS)

Action Movie MistakesVery few people's lives are peppered with exhilarating car chases, high-octane explosions, and bad-ass heroes saving the day -- which is why we go to the movies.

Putting life on hold for a couple hours and going on an exciting, over-the-top journey is worth the price of a ticket -- even if the movie includes a few gaffes and continuity errors.

In case you missed the blunders in your favorite action flicks (hey, they're easy to overlook), like "Gladiator" or "Saving Private Ryan," here's a gallery to get you up to speed. As always, all photos are courtesy of

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Best of Late Night TV: Zoe Saldana's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Makeup, Heidi Klum Rolls With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Zoe Saldana, Guardians of the Galaxy, Letterman, The Late Show, Green Makeup

If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" star Zoe Saldana stopped by "The Late Show," where she chatted with host David Letterman about her penchant for playing oddly-colored characters on the big screen. But while her blue skin tone was digitally added in "Avatar," Saldana said Gamora's green hue was "old school," and took five hours in a makeup chair to achieve -- with some nasty results. "The things that were coming out of my nose, my mouth, my...." she trailed off, to the audience's delight. "There was green everywhere."

Saldana and Letterman also discussed the merits of 3D, and while the host loved the use of the technology on "Guardians," the actress admitted that she's not a big fan of 3D films, because the effects always dupe her. "I'm that one person who's always dodging, acting like I've never been to a theater before," Saldana said. She also shared a clip from the film with Letterman, though like co-star John C. Reilly before her, Saldana's segment looked shockingly simplistic.

Heidi Klum visited "The Tonight Show" to goof off with host Jimmy Fallon in the latest installment of This is How We Roll, in which the pair rolled around on the floor together. While they did an impressive forward circular roll holding each other's ankles, Klum wasn't satisfied, demanding that they lay back down on top of each other, face to face, for what she dubbed a "German roll."

Over on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," host Jimmy Kimmel discussed the Library of Congress's recent release of the love letters that President Warren G. Harding sent to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips. Kimmel explained that the letters were quite explicit, including multiple references to Harding's penis, and that he was going to read some on the show -- but asked hip hop star Warren G to read them instead. The results were pretty funny, with the musician reciting references to "fevered fondlings" and "matchless breasts," though the highlight of the clip was G's remark directed at Phillips: "You really got my boy wrecked, huh?"

Eric McCormack stopped by "Live" and recounted a story of his family's recent visit to Venice, Italy, and how their vocal wonderment at the beautiful surroundings got them scolded by not one, but two different people. The actor, who's Canadian, was incredulous. "We're not a loud people," he said. McCormack also brought a clip of what he claimed was a new sitcom, starring a familiar former character of his in a dual role. "It was a joy working with that cast," he quipped.

Actress Rosario Dawson also chatted with Kimmel about her recent trip to Comic-Con, and how she enjoys attending the event as a fan as well as a panelist. While Dawson marveled at how some attendees prepare their costumes -- and choreography of their complicated outfits -- for months leading up to the event, Kimmel was less impressed with that attention to detail. "It's an incredible waste of time," the host said.

On "Chelsea Lately," Kelsey Grammer discussed his wife's pregnancy, and how juggling their 2-year-old daughter, as well as Grammer's four kids from other relationships, was a challenge. The actor also chatted with host Chelsea Handler about his new show with Martin Lawrence, "Partners," which he said sprung from a fateful meeting with the comedian two years ago in which Grammer "fell in love" with Lawrence. "In a bi way," Grammer clarified.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here's What's New on Netflix for August 2014

new on netflix august 2014If you're like us, you can't wait for the first day of every month, because you know that Netflix is going to add a ton of new movies and TV shows. You refresh your account over and over again at midnight, hoping that those titles listed in the "Recently Added" section update with something new and exciting rather than the same ol' titles you've been staring at for the last four weeks.

Well, lo and behold, we've gathered the most exciting movies and TV shows being added to America's most popular streaming service, straight from Netflix themselves.

"Rocky" fans will be pumped to know that the first five boxing flicks (sorry, "Rocky Balboa" fans) will be added August 1, joining other '70s, '80s, and '90s movie favorites "Face/Off" (slow-motion doves!), "Mad Max" (apocalyptic leather!), "Spice World" (spice up your life!), "The Birdcage" (Calista Flockhart was in this, too!), and, last but certainly not least, "The Mighty Ducks" (quack!).

Movie lovers who like to walk the wild side (or enjoy pornography) can watch Lars von Trier's unrated "Nymphomaniac: Volume I" and "Nymphomaniac: Volume II" starting August 7.

On the TV side, you'll be able to enjoy the fourth and final season of "The Killing" starting August 1, while Syfy favorite "Haven" sees its fourth season popping up on August 12. If you're more in the mood to rewatch some network favorites before their new seasons start, you're in luck! "Parenthood: Season 5" premieres August 25, while "Once Upon a Time: Season 3" and "Revenge: Season 4" make their Netflix debuts August 29.

Happy Netflixing!

Here's a much larger rundown of what subscribers can expect in August, courtesy of Netflix.

Available August 1, 2014

"Airbud" (1997)

After his father dies, Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) adopts Buddy, an abandoned dog, just as the boy and his mother move to a new town. Too shy to play basketball, Josh instead manages the team but one night discovers that Buddy can sink hoops. Soon, Buddy's skills inspire the team, helping take them all the way to the championships in director Charles Martin Smith's family comedy that tackles loneliness, hope, wonder -- and a most unusual pet.

"Airbud: Golden Retriever" (1998)

Picking up where the original Air Bud left off, Josh is the owner of golden retriever Buddy, who now plays football instead of basketball. Josh reluctantly becomes his school's new quarterback, and Buddy catches the spirit and joins the team too.

"D2: The Mighty Ducks" (1994)

The Ducks return to the ice, and Gordon Bombay is once again leading his old team, plus a number of new faces, as the loveable underdogs of the puck face off against competitors at the Junior Goodwill Games in Hollywood.

"Ella Enchanted" (2004)

Burdened at birth with the "gift" of obedience by a flighty fairy godmother, Ella searches for a way to lift the curse that prevents her from pursuing her dreams -- and her true love, Prince Charmont.

"Evita" (1996)

It's easy to see Adolf Hitler's long shadow hanging over this true story about power and fame. In 1930s Argentina, small-town girl Evita (Madonna) enters show business, becomes a star and ends up married to President Juan Perón (Jonathan Pryce). Her position as the nation's most beloved woman makes her a martyr upon her death. The enigmatic Ché (Antonio Banderas) narrates the story.

"Face/Off" (1997)

FBI agent Sean Archer goes under the knife to acquire the likeness of terrorist Castor Troy and gather details about a bombing plot. When Troy escapes custody, he undergoes surgery to look like Archer so he can get close to the agent's family.

"Freaky Friday" (2003)

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan star in this remake of the Disney classic about a bickering mother and daughter who awake to find they've switched bodies, giving each one a peek about how the other person lives.

"Goodbye World" (2013)

After the world's energy grid suddenly fails, some longtime friends find their way to a self-sufficient compound in Northern California. As their sanctuary comes under threat from desperate outsiders, the group's unity begins to dissolve.

"Harlock: Space Pirate" (2013)

Determined to keep the malevolent Gaia Coalition from ruling the universe, a mysterious loner cruises the skies and boldly attacks enemy spaceships.

"Kinky Boots" (2005)

After inheriting a shoe factory, Charlie Price aims to take the fashion world by storm with help from a flashy cabaret dancer named Lola, who helps him design a racy line of men's boots.

"Mad Max" (1979)

In a postapocalyptic future, jaded cop Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) is ready to retire. But his world is shattered when a malicious gang murders his family as an act of retaliation, forcing a devastated Max to hit the open road seeking vengeance. As he travels the Australian outback's empty stretches of highway, he tours the bloodstained battlegrounds ruled by marauding bikers who feed on violence.

"Mean Creek" (2004)

In this harrowing drama, a motley group of small-town Oregon teens sets out on a boat trip to celebrate their youngest member's birthday -- but it's all an elaborate secret ploy for some innocent payback against a schoolyard bully.

"Prefontaine" (1997)

Oregon distance runner Steve Prefontaine was young, determined, seemingly unbeatable and bound for Olympic glory. But what he became in that quest for greatness has made him one of the biggest and most tragic sports stars in America. With the style of a documentary and the passion of a sports enthusiast, Steve James (Hoop Dreams) has allowed the world to view the legacy of one of the world's most spectacular -- and loved -- runners.

"Red Dawn" (1984)

When a group of teenagers witnesses Soviet and Cuban paratroopers descending on their small town and systematically setting off World War III, they take food and whatever weapons they can find and hightail it to the hills to wait things out.

"Rocky" (1976)

When world heavyweight boxing champ Apollo Creed announces he'll give an unknown fighter a shot at the title as a publicity stunt, his handlers pick palooka Rocky Balboa, an uneducated collector for a Philadelphia loan shark.

"Rocky II" (1979)

After Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) goes the distance with champ Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), both try to put the fight behind them and move on. Rocky settles down with Adrian (Talia Shire) but can't put his life together outside the ring, while Creed seeks a rematch to restore his reputation. Soon enough, the "Master of Disaster" and the "Italian Stallion" are set on a collision course for a climactic battle that is brutal and unforgettable.

"Rocky III" (1982)

Now the world champion, Rocky Balboa is only fighting opponents who pose no threat to him in the ring. But after a pounding by powerful young Clubber Lang, the humbled champ turns to former rival Apollo Creed for help in regaining his form.

Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky must come out of retirement to battle a gargantuan Soviet fighter named Drago, who brutally punished Rocky's friend and ex-rival, Apollo Creed. Seeking revenge in the name of his fallen comrade and his country, Rocky fights Drago in Moscow.

"Rocky V" (1990)

A lifetime of taking shots has ended Rocky's career, and a crooked accountant has left him broke. Inspired by the memory of his trainer, however, Rocky finds glory in training and takes on an up-and-coming boxer.

"Rounders" (1998)

Fueled by his penchant for high-stakes gambling, law student Mike McDermott befriends and "befoes" a fellow gambling addict named Worm and club owner Teddy KGB. But tensions run high when Worm and Mike have only five days to come up with $15K.

"Sabrina" (1995)

When a budding romance between his rakish younger brother and the family chauffeur's charming daughter threatens to blow a big business deal, busy industrialist Linus Larrabee has to clear his slate to break up the relationship.

"Saints and Soldiers" (2003)

In a story based on actual events, a small band of Allied soldiers are trapped behind enemy lines with information that could save thousands of American lives. Outgunned and ill-equipped, they battle a frigid wilderness and roving German troops.

"Shooter" (2007)

An expert marksman is coaxed out of seclusion by colleagues who need his help in preventing a plot to kill the president. But he realizes he's been set up when he's framed for the assassination attempt. Can he bring the real culprits to justice?

"Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (2004)

When scientists the world over keep disappearing without a trace, it's up to intrepid reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) and top aviator Sky Captain (Jude Law) to uncover the truth in this futuristic, Art Deco-style actioner. The task involves putting their lives at risk as the pair travels to treacherous locales, hoping to throw a wrench in the plans of a villain who aims to wipe out the planet. Angelina Jolie and Giovanni Ribisi co-star.

"Spark: A Burning Man Story" (2013)

Each year, Nevada's Burning Man festival gathers revelers for one free-spirited weeklong party in the middle of the desert. Capturing the energy of the festivities, organizers and attendees share their passion for this renowned artistic event.

"Spice World" (1998)

Jump on the Union Jack tour bus -- helmed by Meat Loaf, of course -- and ride along with the Spice Girls as they prepare to take the stage at London's Royal Albert Hall in this candy-coated, cameo-packed nod to A Hard Day's Night. But first, the girls will have to fend off a scheming newspaper owner (Barry Humphries), an in-your-face filmmaker (Alan Cumming) and countless other pests who want to cash in on their pop superstar status.

"Switchfoot: Fading West"

Follow Grammy-winning alt-rock band Switchfoot as they hit the road to electrify live audiences and surf the waves during their 2012 World Tour.

"The Birdcage" (1996)

Longtime lovers Armand and Albert own a Miami drag club, but when Armand's son announces his intent to marry the daughter of a stuffy U.S. senator, the gay couple feels compelled to pass themselves off as a "normal" family in this wild farce.

"The Cable Guy" (1996)

When Steven moves into his new apartment, overzealous cable guy Chip comes to hook him up -- and doesn't let go. After Steven tries to end their "friendship," Chip begins stalking Steven, but no one believes that Chip is capable of such behavior.

"The Gabby Douglas Story" (2014)

This biographical drama tells the story of Gabby Douglas, the American gymnast who made history at the 2012 Summer Olympics by becoming the first black woman to win the Individual All-Around Championship.

"The Killing: Season 4"

A young Seattle girl's disappearance sets in motion this moody crime series centering on Det. Sarah Linden, who's trying to start a new life in California but is unable to walk away from the mysteries posed by the complex case.

"The Mighty Ducks" (1992)

When a fast-talking lawyer gets a DUI, he's sentenced to community service coaching the Mighty Ducks, a kids' hockey team with a lousy record. He takes on the job as a challenge but soon vows to transform the misfits into winners.

"Turner and Hooch" (1989)

Tom Hanks stars as fastidious detective Scott Turner, who's saddled with a slobbering new partner: a dog named Hooch. The pup's previous owner was killed, and he and Turner team up to collar the culprit.

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1961)

Walter Pidgeon plays the designer and builder of a nuclear submarine called upon to fire its missiles on the Van Allen radiation belt to put out the fire raging there that threatens to incinerate the earth in this deep-sea adventure. Irwin Allen directs; Robert Sterling, Joan Fontaine, Michael Ansara, Barbara Eden and Peter Lorre co-star; and Frankie Avalon (who also has a small role in the film) sings the theme song.

Available August 6

"Justin Bieber's Believe" (2014)

The follow-up to the biggest concert film of all time, Never Say Never, Believe features performances from Justin Bieber's powerhouse world tour. The film also goes behind the scenes with the star, who shares the story of his rise to fame.

Available August 7

"Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey" (2014)

Following up on the original "Cosmos" series about the nature of time and space, this absorbing program presents new galactic revelations. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the documentary journey into deep space.

"Nymphomaniac: Volume I" (2013)

A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac reveals a lifetime of sexual experiences to a man who saves her from being beaten in an alley. As the aging but charming bachelor tends to the woman, she shares erotic details of encounters from her youth to her present.

"Nymphomaniac: Volume II" (2013)

The second half of Lars von Trier's epic follows self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe as she chronicles her adult years to the man who saved her from a beating. Her tales include new conquests, both male and female, in her search for fulfillment.

"Stage Fright" (2014)

Teen Camilla Swanson wants to follow in the footsteps of her actress mom but is stuck working as a cook at a performing arts camp. Resolved to alter her fate, she auditions for a play and wins the lead, but as rehearsals begin, blood starts to spill.

Available August 9

"Kill Zombie!" (2011)

When a Russian Space station crash lands on a city, a deadly virus spreads, turning the inhabitants into psychopathic flesh eaters. After spending the night safely locked up in a jail cell, two brothers and two crazy criminals emerge to find their hometown devastated, and at the centre of a zombie outbreak.

Available August 12

"Dancing in Jaffa" (2013)

Confident that dance will dissolve political and cultural differences, celebrated ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine returns to his hometown of Jaffa, Israel, after years abroad and teaches 11-year-old Jewish and Palestinian Israelis to dance together.

"Haven: Season 4"

Inspired by Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, this creepy series is set in Haven, Maine, where residents are plagued by supernatural afflictions. FBI agent Audrey Parker feels connected to this place and delves into her own past to discover the truth.

"Low Winter Sun: Season 1"

When a detective murders a fellow Detroit cop, a protracted journey into Motor City's underworld ensues in this drama based on a British miniseries. Mark Strong reprises his role as the detective, whose deadly encounter drags him into deeper trouble.

Available August 13

"The Nut Job" (2014)

When his grouchy attitude gets him kicked out of the park, Surly the squirrel hatches a plan to rob Maury's Nut Shop to stock up for winter. But the heist won't be easy, especially with a nasty raccoon threatening to disrupt it at every turn.

Available August 14

"Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses" (2014)

When a young boxer he's been mentoring turns up dead, Vietnam veteran Frank Vega hits the streets with his new partner, Bernie, to get revenge. But the vigilantes soon find themselves facing an onslaught of fury.

Available August 15

"Great Expectations" (2012)

Fate -- with a little help from a mysterious unnamed benefactor -- whisks young orphan Pip from poverty to a life of unexpected wealth. Filmmaker Mike Newell brings 19th-century London to life as never before in this adaptation of Dickens's classic.

"Mission Blue" (2014)

This Netflix documentary follows oceanographer Sylvia Earle's campaign to save the world's oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste.

Available August 16

"Dead Silence" (2007)

In the wake of his young bride's mysterious death, grieving newlywed Jamie Ashen is forced to return to his haunted hometown, where he butts heads with the ghost of a creepy ventriloquist who was infamously murdered years ago.

Available August 18

"Thanks for Sharing" (2012)

While making his way through a support group for sex addicts, Adam dips his toe in the dating pool to embrace a meaningful relationship. But the woman he's attracted to has sworn off addicts altogether.

Available August 19

"From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 1" (2014)

A new original series based on the cult grindhouse classic about bank-robbing brothers on the run, a lawman bent on bringing them to justice, the devout family caught in the cross-fire, and an ancient evil eager to feast on them all.

Available August 20

"Dhoom: 3" (2013)

Dogged detective Jai Dixit travels to Chicago in pursuit of an elusive villain in the third entry of Bollywood's biggest action franchise. The change of scene might be a challenge, but it won't stop Jai from getting his man.

Available August 22

"BoJack Horseman: S1"

In a Hollywood where humans and animal-people coexist, the half-man, half-horse Bojack Horseman struggles to figure out what do with the rest of his life following a showbiz career that peaked early then burned out, leaving him a fallen star.

Available August 25

"Parenthood: Season 5"

Four grown siblings juggle parenthood, relationships, careers and more as they cope with life's ups and downs in this family drama set in Berkeley, Calif. Meanwhile, their parents face an unraveling marriage and their own parenting challenges.

Available August 26

"Barbershop 2: Back in Business" (2004)

Barbershop owner Calvin finds his mom-and-pop business -- which serves as a roosting place for the neighborhood's barber-chair philosophers -- threatened when a glitzy, high-class hair salon opens across the street in this comic sequel.

"The Motel Life" (2012)

In this affecting indie drama, two luckless brothers -- inseparable because of a pledge they made to their dying mother -- are forced to take it on the lam after one of them is involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Available August 29

"Once Upon a Time: Season 3"

Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle star in this fantastical series that follows the travails of a young woman who is drawn to a small Maine town and discovers that it's filled with the mystical elements of the fairy tale world.

"Revenge: Season 4"

Inspired by Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, this modern-day drama follows a lovely young woman who moves to the Hamptons and charms the pants off her new neighbors -- while plotting their downfall for sins committed against her family.

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'Guardians of the Galaxy' Rejects: Sci-Fi Icons Who Got Cut From Marvel's Space Team

Guardians Rejects

Ooga-chaka! "Guardians of the Galaxy," the solar system's most anticipated summer adventure is about to arrive in theaters and make movie stars out of the freakiest-looking aliens this side of the Milky Way. A gigantic walking tree? A foul-mouthed raccoon with heavy artillery? As strange as these creatures may be, they are the only ones fit for the job -- and some classic outer space characters are about to find that out the hard way.

We've teamed up with comic book super artist Dennis Culver to imagine what would happen if our favorite science fiction heroes and buffoons tried to step into the shoes of Star Lord, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer. They get an "A" for effort, but they're more likely to make Thanos burst out laughing than shake in his boots.

Check out the line-up of Guardians Rejects in the photos below!


Leela of "Futurama" is about to find out that stupidity is not confined to the headquarters of Planet Express.

Guardians Rejects

When you need a hulking brute, programmed to inflict maximum revenge, it's highly illogical to hire a Vulcan for the job!

Guardians Rejects

Need to save the world asap? Roger from "American Dad" is too busy experimenting with a variety of wigs.

Guardians Rejects

I ... am ... from France. If this were an eating competition, Beldar the Conehead would be a first round Guardian.

Guardians Rejects

Who taught Stitch how to use that thing?

Guardians Rejects

And you can't have a super-hero without a super-villain. But the Predator's version of Thanos might be a little too intense.

Guardians Rejects

Want more from Dennis Culver?

Order your very own copy of "All in the Game" -- a poster print featuring 52 characters from the critically-acclaimed television show "The Wire." Pick up issues 1-15 of the digital super-villain series "Edison Rex" at MonkeyBrain Comics. (Available for only $.99 an issue) -- or order the first two volumes from IDW!

WATCH: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana & Dave Bautista answer your "Guardians" Unscripted questions! (VIDEO)

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Jamie Foxx Is in Talks to Play Mike Tyson, Says Mike Tyson

jamie foxx mike tysonJamie Foxx is stepping back into the ring, this time to play one of the most notorious boxers of all time.

Variety reports that Foxx is in talks to play Mike Tyson in an untitled biopic to be written by Terence Winter ("Wolf of Wall Street," "Boardwalk Empire").

Tyson himself told the U.K.'s Mirror, "Me and Jamie Foxx are in discussion, and we gonna do it. Within a year to 18 months, we're going to do the Mike Tyson story and he's going to portray me, and now they have this new animation; because you know Jamie's pretty much my age so he can't portray me but they have this new system."

Tyson also indicated Martin Scorsese may be involved.

Winter has plenty of material to mine from. He could start with Tyson's troubled childhood (deadbeat dad, mother who died when he was 16) or when he started working with his first mentor, Cus D'Amato. Likely, the film would cover his stint as heavyweight champion in the late '80s; his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens; and his conviction for rape in 1992; and his attempt to return to boxing in the late '90s.

Foxx is no stranger to playing sports figures. He starred as Muhammad Ali's corner man Drew Bundini Brown in 2001's "Ali" and third-string quarterback Willie Beamen in "Any Given Sunday."

Bonus! Here's Foxx doing a NSFW Mike Tyson impression in his 2002 concert special "I Need Security."

Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

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You Need to Watch Vin Diesel Cover Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' Right Now (VIDEO)

vin diesel stay with me sam smithVin Diesel can race cars, kick a villain's butt, play a CGI tree, and ... sing falsetto?

Yup, the multi-hyphenate star showed off his vocal chops on CapitalFM, singing Sam Smith's hit ballad "Stay With Me." And though Diesel's usual persona is that of a muscled action guy, he displayed a more sensitive side -- even reaching for those high notes!

Even Smith himself was impressed:

Diesel has plenty to sing about these days. His latest movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy," is poised to rake in a lot of money at the box office this weekend. And of course, he's got "Fast & Furious 7" lined up for next spring.

Take a bow, Vin.

Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for FIJI Water

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'Mudbloods' Is the Quidditch Documentary You Never Knew You Wanted (VIDEO)

mudbloodsHeated rivalries, tough tackles, team pride ... they're all coming to a big screen near you. And no, we're not talking about a replay of the FIFA World Cup final. We're talking about the Quidditch World Cup!

You might be scratching your head and thinking: Quidditch, the fictional game from "Harry Potter"? Yup, but it's not fictional at all; people play it in real life! And the documentary "Mudbloods" follows the UCLA team as they head to the Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City to pursue the big trophy.

A new trailer for "Mudbloods" addresses full-on the disbelief that follows the game. "You get two questions: How does the Snitch work, and how do you fly?" says one player.

The sport was invented by J.K. Rowling, but students at Middlebury College adapted into a real-life sport and it caught on at colleges across the country. (It was also featured in the Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy "The Internship.")

As one player passionately declares, "We want to compete and we want to show you that this is real."

We believe.

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Watch Samuel L. Jackson Say 'Motherf**ker' 171 Times in 27 Different Movies (VIDEO)

Samuel L Jackson MotherfuckerCan't get enough Samuel L. Jackson? Don't have enough "motherf**kers" coming your way?

Well, then, this clip is perfect for you.

Nearly four minutes long, this video compilation from Huffington Post includes every single "motherf**ker" that has come out of Sam Jackson's mouth on the big screen. It's angry, hilarious, and will inevitably get you just a little more fired up for your motherf**king day.

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11 TV Movies So Bad You Just Have to Watch Them (VIDEO)

The highly-anticipated "Sharknado" sequel "Sharknado 2: The Second One" premieres July 30 to the delight of camp-thriller fans everywhere. The SyFy juggernaut is the perfect example of a purposeful (and successful) crack a a so-bad-it's-good film -- where the epic ridiculousness is the point and anything goes.

And part of the reason we enjoy watching something like "Sharknado" is that its aim is to not take itself seriously whatsoever -- clearly the movie's not gunning for Emmys or acting accolades. And camp, extreme situations, and overly dramatic dialogue has been a big part of TV movie history. Sure, not every made-for-television film sets out to be a joke, but there are quite a few that present such ridiculous premises that they have to be seen to be believed. It's not all tornado sharks here, of course, but that doesn't make them any less fun to watch. Sometimes the bad can be delightfully good.

Here are 11 TV movies that are so bad you just have to watch them:

Photo courtesy of Everett Collection

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This New 'Interstellar' Trailer Is an Emotional Punch in the Gut (VIDEO)

interstellar trailerAre you already feeling a tad melancholy today? Maybe a little weepy? Well, hold on to your feels because this trailer for "Interstellar" packs a wallop. Christopher Nolan's upcoming film stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as astronauts heading into the great unknown, in hopes of saving humanity from destroying itself. Earth is looking pretty frigging grim, so why not see if something out there in the great unknown has the answers we seek?

This trailer gives us a taste of the sorts of IMAX-sized questions Nolan et al will leave us to wrestle with in and out of the theater. Questions like, what happens when we give up on our greatest dreams of exploring space and time? What do you tell your children when you just don't know what the future holds? How do you Skype in space?

Just in case you weren't already having an existential crisis, Michael Caine provides some avuncular advice that includes a few choice bits from Dylan Thomas's famous poem "Do not go gentle into that good night." Between that, all the teary eyes, and the serious business score by Hans Zimmer, well, this will be one to see on the big screen come November.

[Via The Wrap]

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Watch the 'Divergent' Deleted Scene Too Intense for Theaters (VIDEO)

divergent deleted scene stabIf you were wondering what happened to the scene in "Divergent" where Edward (Ben Lamb) is stabbed in the eye, well, here you go. Sensitive viewers (heh) should think twice before watching this deleted clip from "Divergent."

In this clip, a terrible moaning that sounds like an animal in pain awakens Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Christina (Zoë Kravitz). They find Edward on the floor of their bunk with a butter knife stuck in his eye, and as all the other would-be Dauntless kids gather around to figure out how to help, Peter (Miles Teller) shows up looking creepy as heck. It just so happens that Edward, back when he had two working eyes, was giving Peter a real run for his money in the hand-to-hand combat portion of the Dauntless initiation. With just one peeper, Edward is out of the running -- and the factor altogether.

Kinda blergh, but kinda cool if you're into that sort of eyeball trauma.

"Divergent" will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and on demand on August 5. The extra fancy Blu-ray combo pack comes with deleted scenes like this one, audio commentaries, and more. Its sequel, "Insurgent," has already started filming.

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Maisie Williams Has Some Words for You 'Snobby' 'Game of Thrones' Book Readers

Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass Panel And Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014

As if we needed another reason to love Maisie Williams! The young actress who plays Arya Stark, one of the coolest characters on "Game of Thrones," is as outspoken as George R. R. Martin himself when it comes to fan feedback.

There are two types of "Game of Thrones" fans -- the folks who read the books back when they were just embarrassingly unwieldy paperbacks hidden in the sci-fi/fantasy section of the bookstore, and the Johnny-come-latelys who read or are reading the books along with the TV series. The fights between these factions get bloodier than the Red Wedding, and frankly Williams is tired of your BS.

"I'm so sick of going on the internet and seeing all the book readers being snobby, spoiling it for other people, then saying, 'Well, it's not a spoiler. The books have been out for years,'" she told TVLine. " "Like, couldn't you just stop being mad for a second and let other people enjoy the show? They feel they have a claim on the series because they read the books first, and I understand that, but they don't need to be mean about it." Yeah, don't be mean! Seriously. Where did that get King Joffrey? Nowhere good, that's for sure.

Plus, as the show marches on, the TV show is straying from the books in some major ways. Some critics, like OG book reader turned TV show fan Joanna Robinson at, even think that the show's storylines are better than the books!

As for Williams, she thinks book readers are getting their just desserts. "Book readers think they know what's coming, then we change it and it's really funny to watch their reactions... They're always like, 'That's not what happened in the books, so the show's really bad now.' But really, they just feel insecure because they're used to knowing what's coming next."

Someone just give her the Iron Throne already, okay?! In the meantime, we're crossing our fingers that Williams snags the lead in "The Last of Us."

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The 'Night at the Museum 3' Trailer Is Crazy Fun (VIDEO)

night at the museum 3 trailerBen Stiller and Shawn Levy are no dopes; their goofy "Night at the Museum" franchise has been an international hit since the first one came out in 2006. Naturally, it's high time to return to the weird world of night guard Larry Daley (Stiller) and the characters that come to life at night when the museums are closed.

In "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," the source of the museum's magic, the Egyptian Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, is disintegrating. Larry and his historical compadres travel to London's British Museum to investigate, where they meet a host of new characters. Teddy Roosevelt (Robin William), Jedediah (Owen Wilson), and Octavius (Steve Coogan) meet up with Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens, "Downton Abbey") and Ahkmenrah's pops (Ben Kingsley), among other folks. Rebel Wilson plays a fellow museum guard who's eager to learn about how things work on the other side of the pond. There is also a scene where a mischievous monkey pees on Jedediah and Octavius, which looks not at all humiliating for Coogan and Wilson.

"Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb" comes out this Christmas. Check out the trailer below.

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