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'The 100' EP Jason Rothenberg on What's Next This Season and Apologizing For Lexa's Exit

Comic-Con International 2015 - Day 2 Even as "The 100" continues to attract an even bigger and more passionate following, executive producer Jason Rothenberg understands how, just like his characters, one has to be ready for just about anything around the corner.

The recent death of fan-favorite character Lexa -- a necessary evil needed to allow actress Alycia Debnam-Carey to accommodate her full-time gig on "Fear the Walking Dead" -- certainly provided a dramatic, tragic exit, but a disappointed contingent of fans who felt her demise played into certain storytelling tropes that too often befall LGBT characters made their displeasure known quite vocally via social media.

Rothenberg recognized their point and offered an apology, and now all parties seem ready to move forward with the more enjoyable task at hand: just what will "The 100" serve up next? While visiting WonderCon in Los Angeles, the showrunner offered some hints at the road ahead and shared his own experiences weathering dark moments.

Moviefone: The story has gotten pretty bleak of late. Does it get even lower, or are there glimmers of hope ahead?

Jason Rothenberg: It's a dark season. It definitely is. It's hard to say that it's possible to go lower than that for sure. But you know, there will be more death this season. A.L.I.E. wants to take everybody to the City of Light.

It's funny, the first half of the season was about civil wars, both in Arcadia and in Polis. Nobody was paying attention to the real problem, which was percolating over in Arcadia with A.L.I.E. That sort of rears its head in a big way coming up. Not in [Episode] Nine as much as in Ten and beyond, but I'm really excited for that part of the season to kick in.

I feel like that part of the story is there in people's minds, but it was always on the back burner and becomes the front story very soon. But there are some dark days ahead, both in that story in Arcadia because of Pike's continuing sort of fascism and desire for control and what he's willing to do to get order in his society. Right now, obviously, Kane is under the sword of Damocles. He's been sentenced to death. I feel like people need to be prepared for anything.

Are we going to see any new faces popping up?

Yes, there are some new faces, for sure. Ontari comes in and she messes things up in a big way. There'll be other new characters coming in certainly down the road that I can't really talk about that I'm excited for people to meet, that we've talked about for a couple seasons that suddenly we actually get to meet, which will be great.

Tell me about shifting allegiances or challenged relationships going forward. Who's going to find themselves struggling with their relationship with different characters?

Well, Bellamy obviously spent the first part of the season on the wrong side, I guess, depending on your perspective. Certainly, from the perspective of Octavia, and Kane, and Miller, and Harper, and all of the people that were sort of fighting against what Pike had stood for.

Now that he has kind of seen the light, I guess you would say, or certainly found a line that he wouldn't cross in terms of what Pike wants him to do and what he's willing to sort of stand by for, we'll see if his friends trust him again. I think that he is going to have a long, hard journey back into their sort of trust. Especially with his sister.

That's one of the saddest parts of the season in my mind, is that relationship between Bellamy and Octavia, which has always been such a pillar of the show, has really been tested. And it gets tested even more before it may or may not sort of come back to where we all I think want it to be.

When you do a season like this that goes in a particularly dark direction, what's the toll you pay writing it? How does it affect your real life?

I mean, I feel like it's interesting, especially living in the age of social media, where the bad things that happen in the show, I become sort of vilified for. The actors are generally still loved, which I think is important. It's a hard story for people. It's the story that we told this season.

In terms of how it affects me as a human being, my writing is always pretty dark. I think the show has always been pretty dark. It's, yes, darker this season for sure. But it's always been something that I've had to sort of step away from and be with my kids, and try and find a way to live a normal, healthy, happy life and not it consume me.

Do you feel like everybody who was upset about the Lexa issue has made peace at this point?

I don't know, honestly, what the answer to that is. I feel like this is an ongoing situation. I feel like I'm grateful that I was the center of this so that I could understand it. It would have taken me, at first, I didn't get it and I worked really hard in trying to take myself out so I could hear what was being said.

I have learned a lot from it, and for sure will apply these lessons going forward in terms of being not just a better showrunner, or course, but also a better writer and more in tune with what my audience is reacting to, and I think a better person too. I think as the father of two kids, this has been a teaching moment for them and for me, because ultimately, I don't think it's weakness to apologize when, even if inadvertently, you've hurt somebody.

So that's sort of where I have come to. I never meant for the story to cross the line the way that is has for some people. Just because I didn't mean for it to happen, it happened, and I felt the need to apologize, and it took me a while. I wish I had gotten there sooner.

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'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 4 Promo Spoils Jon Snow's 'Game of Thrones' Fate

inside amy schumer, amy schumer, season 4, promo, game of thrones, jon snowOne of the most beloved shows on cable is returning later next month, and whether you immediately thought of either "Game of Thrones" or "Inside Amy Schumer" will reveal whether or not you will enjoy the semi-spoilery joke at the heart of the new "Schumer" season four promo.

The clip features Amy Schumer in her best "Thrones" garb, riding a horse and proclaiming that she knows what happens to Jon Snow, the character who may or may not have been killed off on the HBO fantasy series. (And if you're at all a spoiler-phobe concerning "Thrones" news, you may want to stop reading now in case the comedienne's pronouncement is actually true.)

"No spoilers, but Jon Snow is definitely alive," Schumer says, "'cause he said no to doing our show."

We'd say that promising that Kit Harrington won't show up on "Inside" could be considered a spoiler anyway (after his surprisingly hilarious turn in HBO mockumentary "7 Days in Hell," we think he'd be a perfect fit for the sketch series), but that's a minor quibble. Hopefully "Thrones" fans don't read too much into it.

Season four of "Inside Amy Schumer" premieres on Comedy Central on April 21.

Photo credit: Comedy Central

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'Suicide Squad' Undergoing Reshoots to Make it Funnnier: Report

After the deadly serious action on display in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," can fans expect more of the same from this summer's "Suicide Squad"? Apparently not, as the film is reportedly undergoing reshoots to add more humor.

Birth.Movies.Death. reports that the flick is currently in the midst of some extensive reshoots (to the tune of "tens of millions of dollars"), injecting more jokes into the proceedings in response to reaction to the movie's trailer, which prominently featured Queen tune "Bohemian Rhapsody." According to the site's sources, "Every joke in the movie is in that trailer," and "The enormous positive response to the trailer led to Warner Bros requesting reshoots that would alter the tone of the film, bringing in some more of the lightness to which audiences responded."

That's in sharp contrast to "BvS," which rocked the box office despite critics complaining that the film was no fun. Studio Warner Bros. is apparently aware of that issue, and wants to course correct a bit for "Squad," per B.M.D., with the site writing that filmmakers aren't "inserting jokes left and right," but instead simply "beefing up fun character moments and interactions" to play to the audience's tastes.

Considering that the quirky "Squad" seems more in line with the similarly-humorous "Deadpool" than "BvS," it makes sense for the flick to adopt the former's tone. (And "Deadpool"'s huge box office is probably an incentive, too.) Birth.Movies.Death. also reports that WB is taking a more hands-on approach with the upcoming "Justice League: flick, too, so fans can probably expect that film to be a bit more lighthearted than "BvS" as well.

The new-and-improved "Suicide Squad" hits theaters on August 5.

[via: Birth.Movies.Death.]

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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'The 100' Star Eliza Taylor on Clarke's Future, Lexa's Death, and Surprising Celeb Fans

WonderCon 2016 - Day 3 Things are looking pretty bleak for Clarke Griffin on "The 100." She finally threw herself into a moment of romantic bliss with grounder leader Lexa, only to have her new love literally die in her arms after being struck by a fatal stray bullet.

It's been a period of pure agony for the show's fans -- including some very personal social media reactions by viewers who feel Lexa's death played into disappointing tropes applies to LGBT characters. It's been a tremendous opportunity for Eliza Taylor, the actress behind Clarke, to demonstrate her considerable effectiveness as an actress.

Chatting with Moviefone at WonderCon, Taylor offered hints at how Clarke will soldier forward in the wake of her devastating loss, plus some decidedly lighter behind-the-scenes tidbits, including an encounter with surprising celebrity super-fans and how the show's morphing her Aussie accent.

Moviefone: Dark times on the show!

Eliza Taylor: Yeah, a little bit!

Tell me about how Clarke carries on after the loss of Lexa.

It's very difficult. Obviously she's devastated. I think what's different about this is it's not necessarily something that's going to make her stronger. It's just going to change her. But the good thing is she has actually decided that Lexa is in this AI, and she is going to hopefully find a way to be in contact with her again.

So a little glimmer of hope is kind of nice for her to hold close.

She needs it. Otherwise, she's not going to be able to function or carry on with anything else that she's doing.

Is it a glimmer of hope for you as well?

Yeah, absolutely. Oh my God. I cry so much in this show. That'd be great.

How hard was the goodbye to shoot?

I cried, yeah. It was really difficult. There were lots of tears. But she's become one of my closest friends now, so I'm really happy about that. I'm so happy to have her in my life.

What are some of the things that Clarke throws herself into to keep moving forward? Can you give me a little hint of the road she goes down?

The main thing to worry about right now is whether or not Ontari will become the next commander. So all she is focused on is that not happening, and to get the AI as far away from her as possible.

How are her other relationships challenged by this turn of events?

She's got a lot to catch up on. She's been away for seven episodes. So she doesn't know really the extent of what's going on. So there's going to be a lot of standing up to certain people and a lot of reaching out to others.

What do you love about her at this point in the series?

I love her. Just her ability to carry on. I would definitely be like dead in a ditch somewhere. I don't have her strength and power. I love that I get to play that. It's made me stronger, for sure.

Obviously, some of the fans were not happy with the turn of events regarding Lexa. What's it like to have that dialogue with the fans, to hear what they're saying, and to have that very direct social media communication that your show has enjoyed with them all this time?

I think it's great. I mean, obviously it's been a little difficult recently because people are upset, and so they should be. But knowing that they have a voice that we can hear is pretty incredible. Ten years ago, we didn't have this. I was signing autographs and sending them in the mail. Now, people can ask you a question and you can answer them immediately. It's a powerful phenomenon.

This show is so addictive. Have you encountered some celebrity fans?

Oh yeah, definitely. It's crazy. I'm so glad. It's definitely a novelty for me at this point. John Travolta, actually. Last year I was at an Oscars party and he came up to me and was like, "I'm so sorry, but my daughter's such a big fan of the show." I took a photo with him and his daughter. Kelly Preston came over and she was like, "I'm so sorry to bother you." I was like, "Guys! It's totally fine!" It was amazing.

Do you have any fun behind-the-scenes rituals that you guys have gotten into over the past three seasons?

Yeah, I mean, in season one I had this thing called Sunday Classic where we would have all the cast over and I would cook everyone dinner. It was just like our family dinner every Sunday. But it became so popular that we had to sort of have a waiting list after a while because all the crew found out about it and they were like, "When are we coming over to Sunday Classic?" It was a really nice ritual to have. The last couple of seasons we've been so busy that we haven't been able to do it.

On the show, we never hear your charming Australian accent. How often does your accent slip at work?

A lot. Yeah, but I catch myself and I fix it. It's not a big deal, but yeah. It's weird -- I just adopted a weird hybrid. Like, my r's have gotten really hard. Stuff like that. My mom calls me and she's like, "Are you turning into an American?" She doesn't like it. But I can't help it. I'm surrounded by them!

Are there times when you find it coming out really strong?

Oh, yeah, definitely. And if I'm with other Australians, I start really talking like this. It's not cute.

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Mowgli Meets Kaa in Haunting Sneak Peek of Disney's 'The Jungle Book'

Disney and director are almost ready for you to see their live-action adaptation of "The Jungle Book." The film, out April 15, follows Mowgli (newcomer ), a "man-cub" who was raised by wolves. Oscar winner plays Raksha, the mother wolf, and she's featured at the start of this exclusive sneak peek of the movie.

"This is a grand re-imaging of the classic tale," Nyong'o says, "and I'm excited for you to see the epic adventure on the big screen in a brand new way."

The clip itself is haunting, and almost scary, featuring young Mowgli alone in the jungle -- until he is joined by the mysterious python Kaa (), whose alluring voice hypnotizes him. "I know what you are," Kaa says. "I know where you came from. Would you like to see?" He says yes, and the clip gives us -- and Mowgli -- a brief history of his life, showing how his father was killed by Shere Khan (voice of ), with the young child himself rescued by the panther Bagheera (voice of ).

The rest of the sneak peek flashes through scenes from the movie, which also features the voices of Bill Murray, Giancarlo Esposito, Christopher Walken, Garry Shandling, Sam Raimi, and director Jon Favreau himself.

Lupita Nyong'o suggests seeing the movie in IMAX, but you'll have your pick of formats when Disney's "The Jungle Book" is released April 15th.Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

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'Survivor' Has Second (Gross) Medevac and Neal Regrets Not Giving Aubry His Idol

"Survivor" has a history of being disgusting -- what with the players eating bugs and such -- but last night's "Survivor: Kaoh Rong," aka Season 32, was particularly hard to watch, and should've come with a "finish your dessert first" warning. It was merge time, which was good news, but toward the end of the episode, Jeff Probst showed up on the beach, which is always bad news. He had the medical crew go through the cast's various injuries, from the scabs inside Tai Trang's thigh to "Mount Saint Neal" on ice cream entrepreneur Neal Gottlieb's knee, and that creepy thing on his back.

Ultimately, Neal was pulled from the game, marking Season 32's second medevac. He was not happy about it, since -- unlike Caleb Reynolds, who was totally out of it when he was pulled from this same season a few weeks ago -- Neal felt fine. But he wasn't completely surprised that he was pulled and he told Parade he feels split on the merits of the call. (He'll still be on the jury.)
However, the biggest question at the end of the episode was why he didn't give the idol he found to Aubry Bracco, his closest ally in the game. Was he allowed to do so? Yes. Here's what he told Parade about the decision he now regrets:

Pivoting away from the injury, let's talk about the idol. Why didn't you give it to Aubry, or anyone else for that matter? You said on Twitter that there's a story there. What's the story?

The night before, as you saw, there's this scene of Aubry and I sitting on the beach. I let her know that I have the idol. That conversation goes on for quite some time. At some point she says something along the lines of, "You know, I'll slit your throat if I have to." And at that point, I had a pretty good idea that I was going to be pulled from the game. So in my fragile emotional state, I just did not find any humor in that comment.

It was that, and then it was getting pulled. It's one thing to know you're going to get pulled, but when Jeff shows up and you're still in that game... when you're in the game, you always have hope that you're going to stay in it and find a way. I think I still had that hope until the doctor said, "We're pulling you from the game." Then it was just a few frantic minutes of saying goodbye. It was a crazy emotional state, where I'm just thinking, "What can I do about this? How can I fix this?" Because that's how you are in the game. There was also just a part of me thinking, "If I go home now, Aubry gets to live to see another day, and I'm going to have a family heirloom." But I instantly regretted it.

I was going to ask if you regret the decision.

I do. But also, they didn't show that as we were saying goodbyes... they edited my quote to the team. I stared them all down and said, "You guys are lucky... because I was going to beat every single one of you." And they knew it! But then Aubry and I walked around just a tiny bit, and I gave her my jacket. I put some things in the pocket of the jacket, that I pulled out of some other pockets in my pants. So [the others] didn't know whether or not I gave Aubry the idol. There's also the thought that sometimes the threat of an idol is even more powerful than the idol itself. Idols get played, but if you don't know if somebody has it or not, that threat can go on for some time.

So even though he regrets the decision, there's still the fear of the idol out there. Then again, if they assume Aubry has the idol and she doesn't, then they may try to flush it out and she's screwed. We'll see how this plays out next week.

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Margot Robbie Was Told to Punch Alexander Skarsgard During 'Tarzan' Sex

Well, damn. Guess Tarzan and Jane like it rough. and are two of the hottest people alive, and fans can see their characters get it on this summer in "The Legend of Tarzan." But sex scenes always sound awkward to shoot, even if they are meant to be steamy on screen. In this case, it's extra awkward to imagine , who directed the final four "Harry Potter" films, suggesting sex acts from afar.

"They're doing this love scene together, and I said [to Robbie], 'Just slap Alex while you're making love, just kind of give him a punch,'" Yates told Entertainment Weekly. "It was sort of an earthy, sensual moment of her enjoying sex with Alex, and the only bruise he picked up during the entire shoot was probably that punch from Margot. Which says a lot about her feistiness."

Sheesh, how hard did she hit him? We know they don't want her Jane to be a damsel in distress, but she doesn't need to go full Harley Quinn on him. And is it weird to think the same guy who suggested that bit of rough sex is the same one who directed Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and company? Mrs. Dursley would be appalled. (Actually, she'd pretend to be appalled while leaning in and devouring every word.)

"The Legend of Tarzan" is scheduled to open July 1. Check out the sexy and action-packed trailers.

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Watch Peter Dinklage Bring His Dry Wit to 'SNL' in Clever New Promos

China People Hugh JackmanWitty is coming! Peter Dinklage is hosting "Saturday Night Live" for the first time on April 2, with Gwen Stefani as musical guest. Dinklage plays brilliant badass Tyrion Lannister on "Game of Thrones," which is launching its sixth season on April 24, and you can see the Emmy winner bring his sardonic humor to these SNL promos.

The series of clips just follow Peter and Cecily Strong looking out the window of the NYC building.

Check 'em out:

In the first clip, they note that it's a nice day outside. You know what spring means? Peter stares into the camera: "Summer is coming." But he and Cecily agree that it's not quite as scary as "Winter is coming," and Peter barely even attempts "Autumn is coming" before giving up.

In a more flirtatious promo, Cecily says the flags outside are very beautiful. Peter looks in her eyes and agrees. "They are very beautiful. You know what?" He takes her hand; she giggles. "They're almost as beautiful as ... Gwen Stefani. She is so fine. She's been, like, fine since the '90s." Jealous Cecily starts singing, "Don't speak..." until Peter sings, "Don't sing!"

Perhaps the best one is when they stare outside for a while, then suddenly realize it's NOT a movie screen, it's a window. "So this is not 'Superman v Batman'?" Then again, the last one is pretty great, too, with Cecily saying Peter may be shocked to hear it, but she's a "total" nerd, asking him, "You play Tyrone on Game of Thorns. How has that been for the past 10 years?" Peter bugs his eyes out in a classic "are you kidding me" face, then replies, deadpan, "Wonderful."

So far, so good, at least from here. Will you be watching the show this Saturday?

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Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Posts From 'Fans' Who Hate Him for Political Guests

Jimmy Kimmel is known for having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and last night he was that celebrity.

Jimmy said every time they have a presidential candidate on the show, non-supporters of that candidate blast him on social media, vowing to never watch him again. Jimmy read the Facebook posts they got after having Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton on the show. "Even my own uncle, my godfather even, castigated me on Facebook last week for having Hillary Clinton on. He said I embarrassed the family. As if I haven't embarrassed the family a million times before!"

Since Ted Cruz was a guest on the show last night, Jimmy said he was sure they'd "get another big furious reaction" to his appearance. "If half of everyone hates me when a Republican is on, and half of everyone hates me when a Democrat is on, it adds up to everyone hates me, right?"

Poor Jimmy. No, not everyone hates you. But why does he have politicians on the show, when he knows it causes a near-riot every time? As he argued, "To me, in order to decide who we should vote for, I think it's a good idea to listen to what all the main people running have to say."

And with such a loose, informal setting, and less react-to-the-headlines questions than you get on CNN and Fox News, Jimmy gets the politicians to show different sides of themselves. Maybe it doesn't effect anyone's votes at all, but at least we see them as more than talking heads on cable networks or standing at podiums surrounded by adoring supporters.

Here's Jimmy asking Sen. Cruz a bunch of random questions he never gets asked elsewhere, like about "Star Wars," his first concert, and who he likes better, Obama or Trump:

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The 15 Most Disturbing Moments in Disney Movies

Disney movies have made us laugh and smile, but they've also sometimes scared all the crap out of us and had us sobbing like a baby.

We still haven't gotten over the death of Bambi's mother, and we still have night terrors over what happened to Mufasa (RIP). And then there are those terrifying villains with glowing eyes, like the Horned King from "The Black Cauldron."

Best turn the lights on and keep some tissues handy, as we revisit these disturbing moments in Disney movies.

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Ben Affleck Wrote a 'Really Cool' Script for His Batman Standalone Movie

Remember when the Internet clutched its pearls in horror at the casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman? The horror! Now, a week after the box office (if not critical) success of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," many fans -- possibly even some of the early Batfleck doubters -- are looking forward to seeing his Caped Crusader again, and asking about his own solo Batman film.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Patrick Whitesell of WME-IMG, which represents Ben Affleck, to get details on the star's DC contract, and scoop on a potential standalone film.

"He's contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape," Whitesell said, adding, "there's a script that he's written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that's out there as an option."

Nice. You may recall the scoop last summer, around Comic-Con, when Deadline reported, "I'm told that Ben Affleck is teaming up with Geoff Johns to co-write a standalone Batman movie that Affleck will direct and star in after he completes his longstanding plan to helm his scripted adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel 'Live By Night.'" At the time, the thought was that they would turn in that script before the end of the summer.

Even if this standalone "Batfilm" gets the green light right away, it's hard to say when DC and Warner would schedule it for production and release. They have a pretty full slate going already. Whatever happens with the standalone, we won't actually have to wait for 2017's "Justice League" to see Affleck's Batman again. He's meant to have a cameo in this summer's "Suicide Squad," which comes out August 5.

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'That '70s Show' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Time to feel nostalgic about nostalgia. It's been 10 years since the end of "That '70s Show," or 36 years since the end of the actual 1970s. At any rate, it's been a long time since the teens of Point Place, Wisconsin passed their last dutchie around in Eric Forman's parents' basement. By that time, the show had run eight seasons (making it the second longest-running live-action sitcom in Fox history) and had made stars out of its previously unknown young ensemble players.

A decade later, two members of the circle, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, are having a TV reunion, co-starring as brothers on Netflix's new comedy series "The Ranch" (debuting April 1). Kutcher, of course, has been one of the higher profile alumni since "That '70s Show" wrapped; Masterson, not so much. If you're wondering what he and some of the other stars have been up to since they mothballed their bellbottoms, here's the groovy scoop.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NBC Making Live Production of 'A Few Good Men'

A Few Good MenYou can't handle the truth? Well, NBC can!

For its next live production, the network is teaming up with Aaron Sorkin to air a version of his stage play and movie in early 2017.

Sorkin made his professional debut writing "A Few Good Men," which opened on Broadway in 1989. Three years later, it was adapted into a movie starring Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, and Jack Nicholson. The story centers on a military trial, as lawyers defend Marines charged with murder.

"I am thrilled that Aaron Sorkin is coming back to NBC to adapt and produce a live broadcast of his electrifying play 'A Few Good Men,' which seems as timely as ever today," said NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt in a statement. ​

NBC has found success with its live productions, including "The Sound of Music Live" and "The Wiz Live." Its next live broadcast will be "Hairspray" this December. ​Sorkin will team up with Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the executive producers behind those previous live specials. This will be the network's first live drama production.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is 'Dying to Come Back' for More 'X-Men' Movies, Really

X-MenDon't throw out the blue paint just yet — Jennifer Lawrence isn't done playing Mystique in the "X-Men" movies.

Just last year, the Oscar winner declared that "X-Men: Apocalypse" would be her final film in the franchise. Well, maybe that was just a negotiating tactic for a bigger salary (a skill she wants to improve), because now Lawrence says she is totally on board for future movies.

"I am dying to come back," she told Empire. "I love these movies, I love being in them. I love ensemble movies because it's not on anyone's shoulders."

Of course, it's not a given there will be more movies after "X-Men: Apocalypse," which opens May 27. It would cap off the prequel trilogy with "X-Men: First Class" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past." And future films would depend on contract extensions for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, as well as Lawrence.

But if all the pieces are put into play, Lawrence can look forward hours and hours of sitting in the makeup chair.

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Exclusive 'Eye in the Sky' Sneak Peek Challenges Viewers on Reality of War

, , and (in one of his final performances) star in the critically acclaimed modern war thriller "Eye in the Sky," which is widening its release in theaters this Friday, April 1. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek, Helen Mirren and director discuss the complexities of the timely story, which is meant to engage and challenge the viewer into questioning what is the right action to take.

In "Eye in the Sky," Mirren plays Colonel Katherine Powell, a U.K.-based military intelligence officer who leads a secret mission to capture a terrorist group living in a safehouse in Nairobi, Kenya. When she learns that the group plans to carry out a suicide attack, she changes the objective to kill the terrorists. But here's the major complication. When American drone pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) targets the safehouse for destruction, he reports a 9-year-old girl entering the kill zone. So Powell gathers politicians and lawyers to determine whether or not to take action.

"I just couldn't put the script down," director Gavin Hood says in the sneak peek video. "I was on the edge of my seat, but at the same time felt challenged by the moral and ethical questions that the film raised, questions about the nature of drone warfare, the way we fight now, and the collateral damage." Helen Mirren adds, "This film makes you look at the terrible balance of not allowing these people to detonate their suicide bombs, or deal with the damage that this operation is meant to cause. The audience is allowed to see it from everybody's point of view."

The critically acclaimed film is certified fresh with a 92 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes critics. Alan Rickman's performance as Lt Gen. Frank Benson has been singled out for praise, with Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times writing, "As one would expect from this cast, the performances are as good as it gets. Mr. Rickman was never nominated for an Academy Award and it's probably a long shot for a posthumous supporting actor for this film -- but his work here is a reminder of what a special talent he possessed."Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

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It's Official: 'Deadpool' Is the Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movie of All Time

F--k yeah. The world loves"Deadpool," pushing it to No. 1 on the list of highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film has taken in more than $745 million worldwide, which means it has dethroned "The Matrix Reloaded" ($742.1 million) for the title.

Interestingly enough, "Deadpool" is the top overall, but still not No. 1 for R-rated movies in North America. So far, EW reported, "Deadpool" has a total of $349.4 million, and they expect it will take the place of "American Sniper" ($350.1 million) at No. 2. However, it doesn't look like The Merc with a Mouth will be defeating "The Passion of the Christ," which is in the top domestic position with $370.8 million.

But taking No. 1 overall, as the top money-making R-rated movie around the world, is further confirmation that a non PG or PG-13 superhero film can find a market. A big one. Plus, unlike poor "Batman v Superman," "Deadpool" had the support of both critics and audiences. A "Deadpool" sequel is already in the works, so we'll have to see how well it does in a world that now demands a lot from its foul-mouthed, irreverent ass-kickers.

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11 TV Shows Based on Movies You (Probably) Forgot Existed

The movie-turned-TV-show adaptation isn't exactly a fresh Hollywood concept, and new, albeit recycled, examples of the trend keep popping up on our screens every single season. ("Taken" prequel, anyone?).

We don't know the fate of the new "Rush Hour" TV show yet, but we do know how it turned out for the many adapted experiments of the past. Hey, they can't all be "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Friday Night Lights."

Here are 11 short-lived TV shows based on films you may have totally forgot existed.

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It's Official: 'Deadpool' Is the Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movie of All Time

F--k yeah. The world loves"Deadpool," pushing it to No. 1 on the list of highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film has taken in more than $745 million worldwide, which means it has dethroned "The Matrix Reloaded" ($742.1 million) for the title.

Interestingly enough, "Deadpool" is the top overall, but still not No. 1 for R-rated movies in North America. So far, EW reported, "Deadpool" has a total of $349.4 million, and they expect it will take the place of "American Sniper" ($350.1 million) at No. 2. However, it doesn't look like The Merc with a Mouth will be defeating "The Passion of the Christ," which is in the top domestic position with $370.8 million.

But taking No. 1 overall, as the top money-making R-rated movie around the world, is further confirmation that a non PG or PG-13 superhero film can find a market. A big one. Plus, unlike poor "Batman v Superman," "Deadpool" had the support of both critics and audiences. A "Deadpool" sequel is already in the works, so we'll have to see how well it does in a world that now demands a lot from its foul-mouthed, irreverent ass-kickers.

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Watch 'The Walking Dead' Stars Slay in 'Lip Sync Battle' Clips

It's Maggie vs. Sasha this week on "Lip Sync Battle." "The Walking Dead" Season 6 finale airs this Sunday on AMC, but first stars Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) are taking their slaying skills to Spike TV for a Thursday night showdown.

Yes, that's Lauren and Sonequa in the pic above -- loving the wig and leotard look!

Sonequa either chose or got stuck with the earworm song, "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)," getting backup from some decaying walkers. Maybe that's the secret to surviving the zombie apocalypse -- teach the walkers some dance moves!

Lauren chose "Sister Christian" for one of her two battle songs, so check that out:

We can't wait to see what she's up to in her second song, since it prompted her to put on that amazing outfit from the top photo.

Find out who won the undead battle Thursday, March 31 at 10 p.m. ... or Friday morning via YouTube clips.

Future Season 2 battles include NeNe Leakes vs. Todd Chrisley, Jason Derulo vs. Katharine McPhee, Clark Gregg vs. Hayley Atwell (can't wait for that one!), Joel McHale vs. Jim Rash, and Gina Rodriguez vs. Wilmer Valderrama.

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Here's What Happens When Batman and Superman Meet Bridget Jones

What if Batman or Superman is the real father of Bridget Jones's baby? As 's Bruce Wayne put it, "If there's even a 1 percent chance, we have to take it as an absolute certainty!"

According to Jimmy Kimmel, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has done so well at the box office that Warner Bros. is already working on some X v Y sequels, including one marketed toward women. Cue the new trailer for "Batman & Superman v Bridget Jones," combining footage from the superhero showdown and the new trailer for "Bridget Jones's Baby."

The editing is pretty genius, giving us a smirk from that scamp Bruce Wayne at just the right moment.

Check it out:

That's totally Batman's baby.

Speaking of "Batman v Superman," Tracy Morgan was on "Late Night With Seth Meyer" and offered his review of the movie.

Check that out:

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'Gossip Girl' Characters, Ranked From Least to Most Garbage

We all know the characters on "Gossip Girl" are selfish a-holes. There wouldn't be enough drama if they weren't.

But NYC's elite do occasionally redeem themselves... only to do something terrible three episodes later. After six seasons, they all got their happy ever afters, so the lesson of the show is: The end justifies the means. How very Machiavellian.

Keeping that in mind, here is our definitive ranking of "Gossip Girl" characters, from least to most garbage.

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Wentworth Miller's Powerful Response to Cruel Meme Moves Fans to Tears

The CW Network's 2015 Upfront - Red CarpetIf you weren't already a fan of Wentworth Miller, you'll probably be one after reading his latest Facebook post to fans. And if you weren't already a fan of most people on the Internet, the responses to his post may restore your faith in humanity.

Like many people on our planet, he was mocked for his appearance, with someone creating a meme that compared his ripped "Prison Break" body to a photo of the actor in real-life a few years ago, having put on some weight. The "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" star used the opportunity to share about his personal struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, leading to weight gain and destructive behavior. He urged his fans to help others who are struggling.

Here's the post:

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. This one, however, stands out from the...

Posted by Wentworth Miller on Monday, March 28, 2016

At the time of this writing, his note has 769,000 reactions, 257,000 shares, and 94,000 comments. They are so positive and supportive, they are worth bookmarking and re-reading anytime the world gets you down.

Here's the full text of Wentworth's note, and a few of the comments:

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time.

This one, however, stands out from the rest.

In 2010, semi-retired from acting, I was keeping a low-profile for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I was suicidal.

This is a subject I've since written about, spoken about, shared about.

But at the time I suffered in silence. As so many do. The extent of my struggle known to very, very few.

Ashamed and in pain, I considered myself damaged goods. And the voices in my head urged me down the path to self-destruction. Not for the first time.

I've struggled with depression since childhood. It's a battle that's cost me time, opportunities, relationships, and a thousand sleepless nights.

In 2010, at the lowest point in my adult life, I was looking everywhere for relief/comfort/distraction. And I turned to food. It could have been anything. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. But eating became the one thing I could look forward to. Count on to get me through. There were stretches when the highlight of my week was a favorite meal and a new episode of TOP CHEF. Sometimes that was enough. Had to be.

And I put on weight. Big f--king deal.

One day, out for a hike in Los Angeles with a friend, we crossed paths with a film crew shooting a reality show. Unbeknownst to me, paparazzi were circling. They took my picture, and the photos were published alongside images of me from another time in my career. "Hunk To Chunk." "Fit To Flab." Etc.

My mother has one of those "friends" who's always the first to bring you bad news. They clipped one of these articles from a popular national magazine and mailed it to her. She called me, concerned.

In 2010, fighting for my mental health, it was the last thing I needed.

Long story short, I survived.

So do those pictures.

I'm glad.

Now, when I see that image of me in my red t-shirt, a rare smile on my face, I am reminded of my struggle. My endurance and my perseverance in the face of all kinds of demons. Some within. Some without.

Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.

Anyway. Still. Despite.

The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe. But as with everything in life, I get to assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/my image is Strength. Healing. Forgiveness.

Of myself and others.

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available. Reach out. Text. Send an email. Pick up the phone. Someone cares. They're waiting to hear from you. Much love. - W.M. ‪#koalas‬ ‪#inneractivist‬ ‪#prisonbroken‬

And here are just a few comments, including from "Arrow" star Stephen Amell and author Scott Stabile:

Stephen Amell That's a pretty spectacular note, Wentworth.

Scott Stabile
Wentworth Miller - I hope you never doubt the impact you're having by sharing your thoughts, your experience, your heart and your pain. You are brave and beautiful, and I'm grateful for and inspired by your honesty. Nothing but Love for you.

Brandi Cash So very glad you're in a better place. The world needs people like you - people who are open, honest, and who stand up for what they believe in. Never forget how strong you are and how much you've overcome...your scars tell a story that the world needs to hear.

Ray Couston I feel like an idiot for liking the original post and just moving on with my day. Like many actors, I thought that you stopped training in between roles and let yourself put on a bit on weight after years of exercising and training just to take a break and relax. Or were perhaps gaining weight for another role entirely. I didn't think too much into the mental and emotional aspects. It's true what they say - there's always more than meets the eye. Good on you for doing something with this and inspiring a lot of people who look up to you.

Alison Popolo This is amazing. Thank you for bringing awareness to depression and suicidal thoughts. As evil as the paparazzi was to shoot this photo and spew evil words hopefully the silver lining is that you got better and hopefully someone else will see it and use the resources that you provided to get better themselves. I've dealt with anxiety and depression since a child as well and everyday is still a struggle. Having a strong support system is number one. Thank you Mr. Miller for speaking out. Much love.

Sara York Thank you for sharing your story. Growing up in an abusive home food was my only friend. Depression has played a huge part in my life. Im better now. I'm glad you survived. You're an awesome person.

Jennifer Walker
Thank you for sharing your story Wentworth Miller. I too know the struggle survive depression and I applaud you for what you did to survive. I hope you have found peace now and are happier today. *Hugs*

Ally Butt Wentworth Miller hey buddy, reading this has brought tears to my eyes! As you know I've struggled with #bullying #depression and #eatindisorders. I find it so hard to look at pics of the "fat" me. I always feel so #disgusted and #ashamed and #embarassed... So I can't even begin to imagine how you must have felt/feel. I always turn to you when I need #encouragement #motivation and #guidance! I cant even begin to tell you how much I #admire and #respect you for always seeing the #positives of every situation. And I am so....#relieved and #proud that you have found the positives of this anal #meme too! Went, you should know that #theLADbible are run by #heartless #thoughtless idiots so you should never take anything they say to heart!! And besides, have you looked in the mirror lately?!! I think you're looking the best you have ever looked! #fabulousforties #hunkofspunk #dropdeadgorgeous #muchlove #koalas

Natalie White I am often reluctant to post a response to a celebrity, with the knowledge that you would rarely have the time to read or respond to anything I write, but this post has devastated my 15 yr old daughter Jess who absolutely adores you and shocked at the cruelty of others. So today I made the decision to write, to show her that everyone deserves a voice, even if that voice sometimes isn't heard. In my experience the people who hate on others often hate on themselves and project that hate on the people they envy. Being a huge prison break fan, it's hard not to fall in love with your character, and the vast array of other characters, perhaps because there is a fragility and vulnerability to each of them that a lot of fans can relate to. But what people forget is that there is a person behind the character. There is a human being who is not actually the role they play that we see on TV or in a movie. And that human being has thoughts, feelings, struggles, hardships, goals and emotions just like the rest of us mere mortals. A human being who deserves privacy and a chance to have a life away from their fame. Who makes mistakes, who isn't "perfect". When you become an actor, or a celebrity of any kind with that comes some bizarre expectation from the public and the paparazzi, a responsibility to be perfect and somehow an expectation that people are allowed to pry, comment, exploit, gossip and intrude on your personal life. But those who think that is OK, are absolutely WRONG. This meme is ridiculous for a lot of reasons. But one of those reasons is obvious. Posting a pic of you in character, versus a pic in real life. It is like posting a pic of Superman and then comparing it to the actor in real life who plays that role and expecting them to have superhuman strength and x-ray vision. There is no achievable comparison between fictional character and a real live human being. And that is what you are Wentworth... A real life human being. Not that it is relevant, but personally don't think you look overweight at all in this pic. You look healthy and normal and that looks like a genuine smile, despite your struggles at the time. But the part that is relevant is that to be able to smile a genuine smile when your soul is struggling... Which shows true inner strength. To share your thoughts, your feelings and reach out to others who may be experiencing similar issues, to fight for human rights and privileges for others when you must often wish to hide away from the world? This shows true character. True courage. You are doing exactly what your character Michael says in Prison Break "being the change you wish to see in the world." You are touching others. You are helping that kid out there who is struggling with their inability to "fit in" despite your initial reluctance to reveal your own sexual preferences. You said in your HR speech you wanted to touch just one person. That would be worth it. But, you're touching thousands. Thank you for inspiring others and using your fame for the better good of this world. You are an admirable, brave and compassionate soul. Keep going. You make a difference. Be proud of that & be safe with that knowledge. X

Read more reactions here.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Got Pranked by James Corden and JLo, and It's Hilarious

Jennifer Lopez and Leonardo DiCaprio are apparently "Boo Boo" and "Baby" to each other. That's one revelation to come out of "The Late Late Show" host James Corden's new "Carpool Karaoke" segment with JLo. The host and his guest basically pranked Leo during the segment, with James sending the Oscar winner a ridiculous fake text from JLo's phone, then the pair poked fun at Leo's serious(ly hilarious) response.

The entire 13-minute video is a fun watch, including Jennifer's insistence that she did not insure her butt for a million dollars, 'cause that's not even a thing in this country. But the best part is when she breaks out her phone and James asks her to name the most famous person in there. That happens around the 9:50 mark, where she notes she's friends with Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, Bradley Cooper, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Fergie, etc.

James declared it "the best phone I've ever seen in my life." He asked if he could text one person, and decided it should be Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ultimately, this is what he texted to Leo: "Hey, baby, I'm kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? Let me know. J. Lo (you know, from the block)."

Is that not the dumbest text ever? Jennifer was embarrassed, saying, "I'm going to have to explain this" to Leo. But apparently not!

Later on, Leo wrote back: "You mean tonight, Boo Boo, club-wise?"

Tonight, Boo Boo, club-wise! Both James and Jennifer got a kick out of that. "Here's the funny part, that he actually thinks I'm serious," Jennifer said, laughing at the idea that Leo believed she would even write that and add "J.Lo." James told the "American Idol" judge it sounded like she was going out that night, but JLo said she was just going to go home and cook with her kids. Boo Boo's club nights are over.

Watch it all:

For all we know, the reply wasn't even from Leo. Maybe Conan O'Brien borrowed his phone for his own joke text.

And if you still want more hilarious Leo in your life, checking out the new Honest Trailer for "The Revenant":

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Channing Tatum's 'Gambit' Delayed by Rewrites, Production Pushed Again

'Hail, Caesar!' Press Conference - 66th Berlinale International Film FestivalTrouble has been brewing around Channing Tatum's "X-Men" spinoff "Gambit" for months, and now, the flick has reportedly suffered another setback. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is undergoing a new series of rewrites, which have pushed production back until later this year. That means that "Gambit"'s planned October 2016 release date has now been canceled completely, and so far no replacement date has been scheduled.

THR reports that "Gambit" director Doug Liman will now direct an entirely different movie during the timeframe he was to shoot the mutant flick, which is now tentatively scheduled to begin production at the end of 2016. "Gambit" is currently in the midst of extensive rewrites, per THR's report, with Tatum's producing partner, Reid Carolin, handling scripting duties for this latest pass over the screenplay.

This is just the newest roadblock for "Gambit," which has had a seemingly never-ending string of problems since studio Fox gave it the official greenlight last year. First, the flick spent months searching for a director (and was reportedly passed on by a bunch of big names, including Darren Aronofsky and Bennett Miller). Then, Rupert Wyatt ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes") signed on, only to drop out of the project a few months later amid reported conflict over creative decisions (and a significantly altered production scheduled). Liman swooped in two months later, but then the planned March 2016 start date -- pushed back from November 2015 -- was once again delayed.

So things don't look great at this point for "Gambit," and with Liman off filming another movie, that will give him even less time to prep for the spinoff's shoot (though THR says the director "plans on knocking it out with a late spring/early summer shoot before returning to pre-production on 'Gambit'"). THR also reports that the status of Lea Seydoux, who was to have played the female lead, is also unclear at this point; the potential recasting of a major role could be another obstacle that delays the proceedings. But on the flip side, Ryan Reynolds kept hope alive for seven years before his passion project, "Deadpool," hit theaters; perhaps Tatum just needs to be patient, and "Gambit" will eventually come together.

Stay tuned. It seems this story is nowhere near close to finished.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Getty Images

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New 'The Walking Dead' Photo Teases Negan's Season Finale Arrival

the walking dead, walking dead, negan, jeffrey dean morgan, season finale, season 6, 616After our brief glimpse of Negan's back -- and trusty bat -- in the "Walking Dead" season six finale promo, AMC has released an official preview photo from the episode, featuring a clearer look at both the man and his nasty-looking weapon of choice.
- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
The image still doesn't reveal the villain's face, though we know he's being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so you can probably fill in the blanks there for yourself. What's striking is his baseball bat, which comic readers know has been dubbed "Lucille," and which will be used to devastating effect on at least one of our survivors in the finale. (Click here for a SPOILER about the specifics, which may or may not wind up deviating from the comic storyline, if previous reports are any indication.)

The barb wire-encrusted weapon resembles the curious carving that Carl noticed on the butt of a handgun stolen from the Saviors, and could also explain those gruesome head injuries that Glenn and Heath saw on the wall of Polaroids at the Saviors's compound. However this bat figures into next Sunday's proceedings, it can't be good.

Season six of "The Walking Dead" wraps on April 3 at 9 p.m. with a 90-minute installment. Based on this photo and last week's tense cliffhanger, we have a feeling we're all going to need a hug by the end of the episode.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC

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Brandon Routh Is Bringing Out the 'Edgy' Side of The Atom on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

WonderCon 2016 - Day 3 The Atom is just about the definitive nice-guy superhero -- no existential angst, hauntingly tragic history, or brooding anger that's channeled into beatdowns. At least, not yet.

While visiting WonderCon, actor Brandon Routh revealed to Moviefone that as "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" nears its finale, the seemingly well-adjusted Ray Palmer will still be shrinking down for action, but a sense of inner rage will only be growing. As the conflict with Vandal Savage grows more intense -- as does the romantic tension between The Atom and Hawkgirl -- Routh reveals the big plans ahead for the team's smallest superhero.

Moviefone: Let's get down to it. What's happening for Ray as we get towards the end of the season?

Brandon Routh: Well, we've got the introduction of the little love story romance brewing with Kendra and Ray, which will be highlighted a lot more in the upcoming episode this week as we come back, and that'll kind of be dealt with all season.

Ray's journey is kind of to continue to find his place on the team and use his abilities and maybe even shift his abilities a little bit. Maybe some fun, new things happening. There are a little bit of enhancements -- not necessarily to what the suit looks like, but its abilities, which are fun and will come to fruition. He gets a few more heroic moments as the season progresses as well. All our characters do, but definitely Ray as well.

Did the romance come as a surprise to you?

[Executive producers] Marc [Guggenheim] and Phil [Klemmer] had teased that there might be something coming for Kendra and Ray. I think it's an interesting pairing because they're similar in some ways, and not in others.

Certainly the challenge with Ray is he's always kind of put together with characters who kind of are really challenging for him to establish a relationship with, that might have kind of almost a third wheel [quality] or make it challenging -- speaking of Ray and Felicity and Oliver, and Ray and Kendra. Even though Hawkman isn't around necessarily, he's still very present in Kendra's memory and her mind.

Ray is such a good guy. Are there other sides of him you hope come out or do you like playing him like this?

Certainly. I love the nobility and that aspect of him, the positive side of the world that he sees. I think the journey for him is seeing the other side, seeing the world from Rory's perspective, seeing the world from Snart's perspective, even from Sara's perspective. It's not all sunshine and rainbows. I think that's important for Ray to have a better balance of that in his life.

Also, to find... I don't know, to find his rage. It's not that he didn't have anger or motivation in those ways, but he's definitely forced to kind of confront some of that stuff and really I think be the more edgy hero that some people are wanting, whether you call it vengeance or revenge, or just anger or rage. You get to see some of those moments, which I don't want him to live all the time, but are certainly cathartic for me, and for Ray as well. So you'll see multiple sides coming up.

Has working the suit become a science to you now?

It's easier to get on and off! I certainly have come to a better relationship with it. That being said, twenty to thirty minutes in it starts to wear on my back. As we're getting better at putting on and getting better at taking off, so I'll take it off between when I have ten, fifteen minutes. I'll take the chest piece off, which is the most painful part.

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'Alice Through the Looking Glass': 11 Things We Learned About the Disney Sequel

Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) in Disney's ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, an all-new adventure featuring the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll's beloved stories. It's been six years since mega-hit "Alice in Wonderland" first hit the big screen, and now Disney is treating us to a sequel with "Alice Through the Looking Glass." While the follow-up may not be directed by Tim Burton, rest assured that "Looking Glass" still looks very Burton-esque.

Recently, star Mia Wasikowska, director James Bobin, and producer Suzanne Todd divulged some juicy tidbits about the highly-anticipated sequel at a special footage screening hosted by Disney in West Hollywood, CA.

1. A Movie With a Message
"Appreciate what you have now, in the moment, and don't obsess about what's happened or what has been. And don't try to change things," Wasikowska said.

2. Ahead of Its Time
Even though "Alice in Wonderland" was a box office success, grossing more than $1 billion worldwide, it was not the easiest movie to get made. "We wanted to make a female empowerment movie -- a movie where the girl got to wear the armor, pull the sword, and slay the jabberwocky," Todd said. "And, if you can imagine, in 2008, there were even less of those being made. Now there have been more that have come behind us, but it wasn't a very popular idea at the time."

3. A Balance of Dark and Light
The sequel is a little lighter -- and more family friendly -- than its predecessor, but it still retains some of that darker, Burtonesque edge. "Because of my comedy background, I think it's a tad lighter," Bobin said. "There are dark moments; I remember enjoying being scared as a child, and I'm not afraid of that idea. So there are moments in it that are scary, but I think, overall, it's probably a little lighter because of the story."

4. A Tale of Two Directors
The directing style used for "Alice Through the Looking Glass" and "Alice in Wonderland" couldn't have been more different. "They're both really great, but quite different." Wasikowska said. "Tim [Burton] articulates things in a very visual way, so we didn't have as many detailed conversations. He would show me images or references. James [Bobin] sort of discusses things a little bit more and he really pushed an emotional perspective in this one."

5. A Sequel Wasn't in the Cards
There was never supposed to be a sequel. "We had never planned to make a second movie," Todd said. "I feel like, in the moment, it was one of those films that we were sort of lucky to get to make a first."

6. From Muppets to the Mad Hatter
Bobin was in post-production on "Muppets Most Wanted" when Disney approached him about getting into the director's chair for "Alice Through the Looking Glass."

7. Only One Time
From the start, the character of Time was written for Sacha Baron Cohen. "You don't want [Time] to be a straight-up bad guy, because it's a bit dull," Bobin said. "We've already got a bad guy in the Red Queen, so you don't need another one. But I thought it'd be interesting to have a guy [who was this kind of omnipotent being, but he's also a twit. There's no one better at playing the confident idiot trope than Sacha Baron Cohen. So when I was thinking about it, and writing up the idea of what he's going to be, it was very much with Sacha in mind."

8. Movie Magic
Even though the movie will hit theaters in 3D, it was never shot that way. It was shot in 2D, and will be converted to 3D in post.

9. Green Is Not Their Color
Because a green screen is really tough on the eyes, they used blue screen to film all of the live-action shots featuring CG elements to make it a little easier on the actors.

10. Inspired by Lewis Carroll
Adapting the book "Alice Through the Looking Glass" got a little tricky, but it gave Bobin the chance to get creative. "I was very keen to do a story, which wasn't going to be Lewis Carroll's story, because 'Looking Glass' -- I love as a book. But as a narrative, it's a very strange book. 'Looking Glass' is eight chapters long because a chess board is eight squares [across]. So for him, it was a personal exercise in mathematical equations and that sort of thing."

11. More to Come?
Fans can expect the world of "Alice" to be expanded upon. "The world as created was so broad that there was no real limitation of such," Bobin said. "And because this film takes part in different time periods and geographical space, the map of Underland is so ill-defined and has never really been decided upon."

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" hits theaters May 27th.
Alice Through the Looking Glass - Teaser Trailer No. 3

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Former Child Star Patty Duke Dead at 69

Patty Duke ShowPatty Duke, the child star who won an Oscar at the age of 16 and went on to star in a self-titled sitcom, has died at the age of 69.

Her representative, Mitchell Stubbs, released this statement: "Anna 'Patty Duke' Pearce passed away this morning March 29, 2016 at 1:20 am. Her cause of death was sepsis from a ruptured intestine. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a mental health advocate and a cultural icon. She will be greatly missed."

Duke, born with the name Anna Marie in Queens, New York, began acting at the age of 8, in soap operas and a television adaptation of the musical "Meet Me In St. Louis." She went on to star as Helen Keller in Broadway's "The Miracle Worker," then reprised the role in the film version.

For that performance, she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 16; she was the youngest person at the time to win an Oscar in a competitive category. Afterward, she starred in her own ABC sitcom, "The Patty Duke Show," as a pair of identical cousins.

She worked steadily in television for the new few decades, primarily in TV movies, including "My Sweet Charlie" and "Captains and Kings," for which she won Emmy Awards. In recent years, Duke had cameos in shows like "Hawaii Five-0" and "Glee."

Duke married four times and had one biological child, the actor Sean Astin. She was an advocate for mental health, after admitting she was diagnosed as bipolar in her autobiography, "Call Me Anna."

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'Spy Kids' Cast: Where Are They Now?

Want to make a millennial feel old? Tell 'em it's been 15 years since the release of "Spy Kids" (on March 30, 2001).

Robert Rodriguez's kiddie action/sci-fi film about a family of secret agents, whose two pre-teen children must rescue their parents, was a huge smash, the launching pad of a franchise that included three sequels, and a touchstone of children's entertainment back when.

Now that the kids from the movie are old enough to to be spy parents, you may wonder what became of the actors who played Carmen and Juni and their allies and enemies. Thanks to Moviefone, that information is no longer classified.

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'Benson' Star James Noble Dead at 94

James NobleActor James Noble, best known for playing Gov. Eugene Gatling on the sitcom "Benson," died Monday after suffering a stroke. He was 94.

Noble was born in 1922 in Dallas, and began his television career in soap operas, including "As the World Turns" and "One Life to Live." Noble was also a veteran of the stage, and starred in a 1949 Broadway production of "The Velvet Glove." He played John Hancock in the musical "1776," as well as its film adaptation.

On "Benson," he portrayed the scatterbrained Governor Eugene Gatling, who had a tendency to tell wacky stories to the chagrin of Robert Guillaume's Benson DuBois.

Other TV credits include "The Love Boat," "Starsky and Hutch," "Perfect Strangers," and "Law and Order."

Noble was married to actress Carolyn Coates until her death in 2005. He is survived by a daughter, Jessica.

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The 16 Best TV Shows for When You Netflix and Chill

You're all set to Netflix and chill -- but what to watch?

You want something you love, something you can have on doing laundry, maybe, something you kind of already know by heart.

Voila: Here is our essential list of shows you know and love and are the TV equivalent of mac and cheese. From "Buffy" to "Undercover Boss," you know you can't watch just one ep.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Emilia Clarke Is Sick of 'Game of Thrones' Sexism Complaints

"Game of Thrones" may be one of the most popular shows on television -- and has the Emmy hardware to prove it -- but it's not immune to backlash. One complaint that's gotten a lot of traction lately is that the show is sexist, something that surfaced most recently after last season's controversial Sansa storyline. Now, star Emilia Clarke -- a.k.a. Daenerys Targaryen -- has struck back, declaring that the sexism criticism couldn't be further from the truth.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Clarke discussed what fans can expect in the upcoming sixth season, and, like she's teased before, the actress promised big things ahead for her character and the rest of Westeros. But when asked to address what critics have been saying about the show's approach to female characters, Clarke dismissed that talk, explaining to EW that the series is actually a great one for women.

Here's what the actress told the magazine:

There's so much controversy. Yet that's what's beautiful about 'Game of Thrones' – its depiction of women in so many different stages of development. There are women depicted as sexual tools, women who have zero rights, women who are queens but only to a man, and then there are women who are literally unstoppable and as powerful as you can possibly imagine. So it pains me to hear people taking 'Thrones' out of context with anti-feminist spin – because you can't do that about this show. It shows the range that happens to women, and ultimately shows women are not only equal, but have a lot of strength.

Sophie Turner said some similar things during a recent interview, and we'd certainly agree with Clarke that the show features a huge spectrum of women. You can choose sides on the issue yourself when "Thrones" returns for season six on April 24.

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Photo credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

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