Friday, April 29, 2016

C.J. Cregg Delivers the White House Briefing Just Like on 'The West Wing'

West Wing Actress Allison Janney Makes Appearance In White House Briefing RoomThe greatest (fictional) White House press secretary of all time returned to the podium today for a little #flashbackfriday blast from the past.

Allison Janney made a surprise visit to Friday's White House's daily press briefing in character as C.J. Cregg from "The West Wing." She dropped a couple of callbacks to the NBC political drama, which ran from 1999-2006. First, she explained that real-life press secretary Josh Earnest was "getting a root canal." On the show, C.J. missed a briefing due to a root canal, and Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) took over to disastrous consequences.

Then, Janney mentioned doing "the jackal" in her office, and to fully understand the hilarity of that reference, you must watch this:When reporters asked Janney which candidate President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) would support in the Democratic presidential primary, she coyly replied, "I think you know the answer to that question."
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Taylor Swift May Cameo as Dazzler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

x-men, apocalypse, dazzler, taylor swift, cameo, x-men: apocalypse, sophie turner, tye sheridan, jean grey, cyclopsMutants like music, too, and one of the most famous singers in the "X-Men" orbit is Dazzler, who just so happens to be a mutant herself. Now, the musician is set to make a small cameo in "X-Men: Apocalypse," and it seems that a real-life famous singer will be playing her.

Taylor Swift is the number one candidate for the job, after internet sleuths noticed a clue from actress Sophie Turner, who plays the young Jean Grey in the flick. Turner posted a new still from the film on her Twitter account, in which she and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) are rifling through albums at a record store, and Cyclops discovers one from Dazzler.
Turner noted that the pair "found our favorite singer's album (pre 1989, of course)," and, of course, as any pop music fan can tell you, that 1989 hint sure seems like a direct reference to Swift's latest album. But could she really be playing Dazzler, or is this just some clever misdirection on Turner's part?

The folks over at Collider actually pieced together this theory months ago, back in July of 2015, when "Apocalypse" was still in production in Montreal. Screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg posted a photo of himself alongside cast members James McAvoy and Turner -- and none other than Swift herself. At the time, it seemed like it may just be pure coincidence that Swift visited the set; now, with Turner's clue, it seems all but a given that she's in the flick.

It's hard to tell anything from the photo itself, since the album sleeve is so small, but examine it for yourself above and see if you can detect any of Swift's features. Keep your eye out for her on the big screen when "X-Men: Apocalypse" opens on May 27.

[via: Sophie Turner, h/t Collider]

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

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Rian Johnson Shares 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Set Photos

star wars, episode viii, episode 8, set photos, rian johnson"Star Wars: Episode VIII" is now halfway through production, and to celebrate that milestone, director Rian Johnson has shared two new set photos with fans.

Though the snaps don't exactly give us any real clues about the plot of the film -- what, did you really expect Disney to sign off on something like that? -- it's still exciting to get even a small glimpse at the behind-the-scenes workings of the "Star Wars" set, and knowing that the flick is already 50 percent completed (from a filming standpoint anyway) is pretty cool, too. As for what the photos do depict, the first appears to be some sort of Rebel-affiliated aircraft (perhaps an X-wing?), while the second shows a scene inside a First Order station.
star wars, episode viii, episode 8, set photos, rian points out that the caption Johnson used for the images is a riff on a scene from "Army of Darkness," the campy third flick in Sam Raimi's original "Evil Dead" series. Could that reference perhaps mean that Johnson's crack at the "Star Wars" franchise will be a bit sillier than his predecessor, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"? We're not inclined to think so, but then again, this is a flick that will reportedly feature a cameo from British royalty, so anything is possible at this point. (Another theory: Johnson's reference could point to the inner anguish of Kylo Ren, who's wrestling with his loyalties to the Dark Side and the Light Side.)

What we do know is this: "Episode VIII" features returning "Force Awakens" stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong'o, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher, along with a new villain played by Benicio del Toro. The flick hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

[via: Rian Johnson, h/t]

Photo credit: Rian Johnson

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16 Times Ellie Kemper Was Our Ultimate Spirit Animal

Ellie Kemper is the queen of playing relatable, weird characters. Whether it's in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "The Office," or "Bridesmaids," she always seems to say what we're thinking.

These are the 16 times why she was our spirit animal.

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Marvel's 'The Punisher' Spinoff Series Ordered by Netflix

the punisher, punisher, marvel, netflix, jon bernthal, spinoffAfter the successful introduction of the character in season two of "Daredevil," Netflix is once again expanding its Marvel offerings by ordering a spinoff series featuring The Punisher.

Marvel and Netflix made the announcement official on Friday morning, following a report from Entertainment Weekly revealing the news. The "Punisher" series will star Jon Bernthal, reprising his "Daredevil" role.
Rumors of a standalone "Punisher" series swirled earlier this year, though at the time, Marvel and Netflix declined comment on the issue. But it seems that fans really responded to the character, a military veteran out for vengeance.

"We want to thank the fans who are clamoring for more of Jon's stunning and powerful performance as Frank Castle from 'Marvel's Daredevil,'" said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, in a statement. "Now combined with Showrunner Steve Lightfoot's compelling writing, we're thrilled to bring 'Marvel's The Punisher' to Netflix."

"The Punisher" will be the sixth Marvel series in the ongoing collaboration between the studio and Netflix, following "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," the upcoming "Luke Cage," and the in-development "Iron Fist" and team-up series "The Defenders." According to EW, it's unknown at this point if The Punisher will also pop up in that latter show, but it's a strong possibility.

[via: Marvel, Netflix, Entertainment Weekly]

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alicia Vikander to Play Lara Croft in 'Tomb Raider' Reboot

88th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsAlicia Vikander is having an excellent year: After winning the best supporting actress Oscar for "The Danish Girl" in February, the starlet has just landed the plum role of Lara Croft in the upcoming "Tomb Raider" reboot.

Vikander beat out a bevvy of other actresses for the high-profile part, most notably "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" star Daisy Ridley. But according to Variety, Vikander was always filmmakers' top choice, and her casting announcement was merely delayed because studio MGM was awaiting a new version of the flick's script.

Landing an actress with so much buzz -- and awards cred -- is a huge coup for filmmakers, and a nice coincidence for the franchise: The previous actress to play Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie, also won a best supporting actress trophy (for 1999's "Girl, Interrupted") before she joined the series.

Accolades aside, Vikander's casting completes a key piece of the puzzle for the film franchise, which stalled out after the last Jolie-fronted outing, "The Cradle of Life," bowed in 2003. But thanks to a renewed interest in the video game source material (which itself was rebooted in 2013, featuring a younger Lara Croft), the movie series has gotten back on track. Now with Vikander officially on board, cameras can finally begin to roll.

The as-yet-untitled "Tomb Raider" reboot will be directed by Roar Uthaug. No release date has been announced yet.

[via: Variety]

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Sara Ramirez's Cryptic Tweet Fuels Speculation She's Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

grey's anatomy, sara ramirez, dr. callie torres, callie, leaving, season 12, season 13Could Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital be losing another doctor? That's what "Grey's Anatomy" fans are fearing after cast member Sara Ramirez tweeted out a cryptic statement about her role on the show.

The actress posted a message on her Twitter account on Thursday appearing to announce that she had finished shooting for the season. But her choice of words -- saying "that's a wrap" for her character, Dr. Callie Torres -- suggested that it may have been her final time in front of the "Grey's" camera.
Ramirez went on to thank her fans "for an enriching & unforgettable #Rollercoaster ride," further fueling speculation that she was leaving the series. Fans immediately flooded Ramirez's page with questions, wondering if she was truly done playing Callie. (Ramirez's use of the hashtag #season13 led some to believe she would indeed be back for the next season of the show, and she was merely announcing her wrap on filming for season 12, not a series wrap.)

So far, the actress hasn't provided any clarity about her comments (TVLine reached out to her reps numerous times, and did not receive a response), and ABC is also declining comment on the matter. According to TVLine, Ramirez's contract expires in June, and has not yet been renewed, paving the way for her to exit the show, which she joined back in season two. And the timing would work out for her character, who wants to move to New York with her new girlfriend.

If Ramirez does depart, she'll be just the latest big name to leave the series in recent years, after Patrick Dempsey in season 11 and Sandra Oh in season 10. Here's hoping that Ramirez's name doesn't get added to that list.

[via: Sara Ramirez, h/t TVLine]

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Melissa McCarthy's Return to Stars Hollow for 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Was 'Lovely'

2016 Time 100 Gala, Time's Most Influential People In The World - Red CarpetWe're waiting on pins and needles for the premiere of Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" revival later this year, and according to the recently-confirmed-to-return Melissa McCarthy, Stars Hollow is just as magical as ever.

In an interview with Us Weekly, McCarthy dished about going back to her old stomping grounds (a.k.a. the Warner Bros. lot), and according to the actress, it was an emotional experience.

"I went back and visited about two weeks ago and saw the sets again and everybody on them and it just felt — oh, my God, I get so sentimental," McCarthy told the magazine. "It felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was just lovely. It was just lovely."

The actress didn't divulge any details about how her character, kooky chef Sookie St. James, would fit into the revival, which will feature four 90-minute episodes. McCarthy only just revealed that she would indeed be back, after lots of back and forth between her and "Gilmore" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino over whether or not the actress was even asked back in the first place.

But that's all water under the bridge now, since McCarthy and co. found a way to make it work out, and she'll appear in what's likely to be a small cameo sometime during the revival. (There's no word yet on which of the four episodes she'll pop up in, or how the show will explain the extended absence of Lorelai's BFF and business partner.)

Regardless of how much Sookie we'll be getting, we're grateful that we'll be seeing her -- and the rest of the "Gilmore" gang -- at all. There's nothing more lovely than that.

[via: Us Weekly]

Photo credit: Getty Images for Time

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9 'Seinfeld' Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings on Life

"Seinfeld" says it better than anything else. The quotes from the iconic series pretty much apply to any given situation in life.

Here are 9 "Seinfeld" moments that perfectly sum up our feelings on everyday occurrences.

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Fox Cancels Comic-Con Panel Over Piracy Concerns: Report

Comic-Con International 2015 - 20th Century FOX PanelFilm fans excited to see 20th Century Fox's presentation at this summer's Comic-Con may want to get a refund on their tickets: The studio is reportedly pulling out of its planned Hall H panel over piracy concerns.

According to TheWrap, Fox "feels it cannot prevent the piracy of custom trailers and exclusive footage" that it normally debuts during the annual San Diego celebration, and thus is taking the precaution of not holding an event at all. The studio declined to comment on TheWrap's report.

Last summer, footage from Fox's hotly-anticipated "Deadpool" screened at the convention -- and then promptly showed up online a few days later. That was also the case for the studio's "X-Men: Apocalypse," as well as rival Warner Bros.'s "Suicide Squad," prompting SDCC officials to release a statement bemoaning the violation of trust.

While Fox's decision seems like a drastic one, it's apparently not alone: TheWrap reports that Disney is also considering canceling its promotional presentation. (A representative for Disney told the trade that that claim was not true.)

It's unclear from TheWrap's report if Fox's cast and crew panel discussions -- long a popular draw -- will be affected by this move. Those Q&A sessions traditionally happen during studios' marquee Hall H presentations; does that mean that those are out, too -- even if participants would stick to talking, rather than rolling footage?

We'll have to wait and see what the studio's game plan will be moving forward. We just hope this decision doesn't affect attendees' overall con experience -- and that it doesn't become a trend.

[via: TheWrap]

Photo credit: Getty Images

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Zac Efron Falls on His Face While Running in New 'Baywatch' Photos

'Fast 8' Is Now Filming in Cuba: Watch Two Great Welcome Videos

See Spider-Man Fight Bucky in Awesome 'Captain America: Civil War' Clip

See? Both sides of "Captain America: Civil War" can definitely find common ground and get along. Just look at Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) complimenting Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier () in this new promo.

"You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude!"

That's the spirit, Underoos! Instead of fighting, just stop and appreciate each other's strengths and unique attributes... Then get back to bursting through glass for kick-ass battle scenes. This is the longest running Marvel movie to date, at 2 hours and 27 minutes, so there's not much hope that Team Cap (which has Bucky, of course) and Team Iron Man (including Spidey) will come to a quick detente.

Here's the latest teaser, with new and recycled footage:

That Marvel promo was posted 10 days before the Friday, May 6 premiere, and we're a bit closer to that now. The early reviews have been raving, with Spider-Man and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) being singled out for particular praise.

Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a grade of A-. Here's a small part of that review:

"... Civil War generously gives everyone in the cast just the right amount to do, whether it's showcasing their gee-whiz smashy-smashy gifts during one bravura battle royal set at the Leipzig airport, or allowing them to have a slower beat of character development that one assumes is the main reason for serious actors to sign on to these CGI behemoths (aside from the obscenely large paychecks, of course). Even rookie arrivals like Boseman's somberly avenging African prince Black Panther and Holland's highly promising Spider-Man get their due, as does the film's so-so villain, Daniel Bruhl's Helmut Zemo."

It's almost time for you to grade the film for yourself. Are you ready?

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Watch Chris Hemsworth Mock 'Pathetic' Avengers for Ditching Thor and Hulk

You might actually like Thor when he's angry.

, tongue firmly in cheek, recently blasted his fellow Avengers for leaving both Thor and Hulk out of the fight in the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War" movie. The video was posted by "Civil War" directors Anthony and Joe Russo on their Facebook page:

As you can see, Hemsworth is (mock) bitter about the snub, showing off his own strength while dissing the weakness of the Avengers in "Civil War."

"Hey guys. You know, it's funny. Everyone keeps asking me, 'You Team Cap? You Team Iron Man?' Who cares? I mean, where was the invite for me and Hulk? Just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this one, did you? Was this one for the kids, is it? Where they just have a scrape on their own, and we just sit on the sidelines? So pathetic. ... Maybe I'm not worthy. Maybe I can't even pick up the hammer anymore. Let's see..."

But, yep, he's "still got it." And you can see Thor and Hulk (and Loki) in "Thor: Ragnarok," which will be released in November 2017.

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'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Episode 2 Photos Tease Big Returns

Bran Stark, Meera Reed, and the Greyjoys are coming "Home" in "Game of Thrones" Season 6, Episode 2.

HBO released six photos for the second episode of the 2016 season, including the one above, and you can check the rest out below. We'll be following a few storylines from the premiere -- in Meereen, King's Landing, Winterfell, Braavos, and at the Wall -- while adding storylines North of the Wall and at the Iron Islands. Those are stories we haven't checked in on since Season 4, so it'll be interesting to see everyone again.

Here's the official synopsis for "Home," which airs Sunday, May 1 at 9 p.m.:

"Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) trains with the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow). In King's Landing, Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) advises Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman). Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) demands good news, but has to make his own. At Castle Black, the Night's Watch stands behind Thorne (Owen Teale). Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) proposes a plan, and Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide) entertains other proposals."

Here are the "Home" photos of Bran Stark, Yara and Balon Greyjoy, Varys and Missandei, Alliser Thorne, and Dolorous Edd. (That's Meera Reed at top):

And here's another look at the promo for "Home":
Sansa knows that Arya is alive! Now she knows Arya, Bran, and Rickon are all alive out there, or were alive relatively recently.

In case you want to look ahead, here's HBO's synopsis for May 8's Episode 3, "Oathbreaker":

"Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) meets her future. Bran meets the past. Tommen confronts the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce). Arya (Maisie Williams) trains to be No One. Varys (Conleth Hill) finds an answer. Ramsay gets a gift."

Spoiler/speculation fans, are you thinking what we're thinking on Bran meeting the past? Is Episode 3 when we head to the Tower of Joy for R+L = J? And what about the "M" part of that theory? The dragon has three heads, so are they D + J + M? Or T, instead of M?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Live-Action Disney Movies Are Coming, With Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil

"Irrational Man" - Press Conference - The 68th Annual Cannes Film FestivalDisney is turning more of its classic stories and characters live.

The studio announced it is making nine new live-action films, following the tremendous success of "The Jungle Book," which followed the success of "Cinderella" and "Maleficent." The new projects join the upcoming "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (opening May 27) and Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast" (opening March 2017).

The slate boasts a slew of A-list stars, including Emma Stone in "Cruella," Dwayne Johnson in "Jungle Cruise," Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in a "Mary Poppins" sequel, and Reese Witherspoon in "Tinkerbell."

There's also "Maleficent 2," with Angelina Jolie reprising her role; "Dumbo," directed by Tim Burton; "A Wrinkle in Time," directed by Ava DuVernay; "The Nutcracker and Four Realms," directed by Lasse Hallstrom; and "The Jungle Book 2."

None of the newly-announced movies have release dates as of yet.

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6 Days of the Year That Will Probably Be Movies Soon

We've seen "Valentine's Day" and "New Year's Eve," and now we prepare to welcome Garry Marshall's latest rom-com "Mother's Day," which hits theaters April 29th.

We eat these delightful star-studded ensemble films up like buttered popcorn, and chances are we probably haven't seen the last of these holiday-themed love stories on the big screen. What other days-of-the-year movies can we expect in the future? Here are our pitches for 6 "holiday" flicks that we could see being produced. And we'd totally watch them, by the way.

Your move, Hollywood. We'll be waiting for your call.

1. "April Fool's Day"
Synopsis: Ashton Kutcher acts as the chorus of this fable, in the super-meta role of the host of a formerly popular celebrity pranking show called "Burned" (a la "Punked.") In order to revive the near-forgotten series, a live April Fool's extravaganza is planned and will epically "burn" the world's biggest and most scrutinized (supposed diva) pop star, Skylar Costa, in a nasty "Carrie" pig's blood moment when she opens a major awards show that definitely doesn't exist in real life. She will be played by Selena Gomez. Dev Patel portrays a PA setting up the whole thing who obviously falls hard for Skylar when he sees the real her behind-the-scenes, including one sequence where he follows her to a family homeless shelter, where she goes to on her free time to volunteer "because it's the only place she can be away from the cameras and be herself." He spends the entire day trying to stop the prank. Will he? For sure! And they'll kiss. Billy Eichner plays Skylar's annoyed assistant. Taylor Swift's entire squad makes a brief cameo for no reason.

Tagline: Everybody plays the fool...this April.

2. "National Grilled Cheese Day"
Synopsis: Patrick Wilson and Taraji P. Henson play rival food truck owning chefs who came up together in the same Michelin starred restaurant once upon a time. They find themselves competing at the Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational (on April 12th, National Grilled Cheese Day, duh) and sexual-tension-turned-true-love ensues. See, Taraji's cooking technique is fancy and stuff, so her truffle-infused eppoisses on artisanal dark rye is sure to impress! But is she any match for old school Patrick's classic style American with secret ingredient (cut up hot dogs) in it? Doesn't matter, because they fall hard by the end of the day and Jacob Tremblay plays a precocious culinary wunderkind who ends up beating them both. Demi Moore plays his mom, who tries to distract Wilson with her hotness and make Taraji jealous when she gets wind of their flirty situation. She ends up with Vince Vaughn, who plays a Guy Fieri-esque celeb chef who's hosting the whole contest.

Tagline: The cheesiest love story ever told.

3. "Super Tuesday"
Synopsis: Imagine this: Kevin Hart, Ellen Barkin, and Pierce Brosnan are all vying for the presidential candidacy on a sweltering March day in Texas. Anna Kendrick plays the Hart's driven junior campaign manager and Topher Grace is Ellen Barkin's. Clearly they will bicker the entire day until they realize they have major hots for each other. Wilmer Valderrama plays Brosnan's assistant, and he and Ellie Kemper (his social media manager) spend the day trying to undo the damage from an embarrassing accidental Snapchat in the B-story of this jumbled fairytale. Lance Bass plays a wise caterer.

Tagline: All's fair in love and politics.

4. "Super Bowl Sunday"
Synopsis: Margot Robbie is an up-and-coming TV journalist determined to prove herself in the cutthroat world of sports reporting! Her jerk producer, played by Colin Hanks, says her promotion from strictly sidelines to main panelist on the famed sports debate show "Shot Callers" is continent on an interview with a notoriously private quarterback Mac "The Mack" Dobson, who is projected to be the game's MVP. He's played by The Rock, whose name is featured prominently on the poster but is really only in the movie for 2 minutes. She spends the game tracking him in tandem with seemingly-sleazy-but-actually-sweet James Marsden, an agent who is trying to sign "The Mack" to a huge endorsement deal. Bella Thorne plays a cheerleader who comes off confidently on the field, but is actually super shy and needs Margot's help to talk to a cute camera man, played by her real-life BF Gregg Sulkin. Everything works out obviously and Katy Perry and the left shark make a cameo and she makes out with Colin Hanks in the final scene because movies.

Tagline: The players aren't the only ones who'll score.

5. "Cyber Monday"
Synopsis: Sofia Vergara is the fashionable CEO of a failing flash sale site that's about to bought by a major online retailer, which is run by Simon Baker. In a last ditch effort to maintain ownership, Sofia uses "groundbreaking" new marketing tactics (um, there's a flash mob at one point...) to show her new bosses who's, well, boss. The pressure builds when he shadows her for 24 hours, critiquing her on all the business's shortcomings along the way. He'll eat his words when they realize it was the most financially successful Cyber Monday in website history! She blows up at him for all his cocky antics in the end but they've already gone past of the point of no return and will probably get married in like three months. Lucy Hale plays a PR assistant who ends up falling for an up-and-coming jewelry designer featured on the site, played by America Ferrera. Ian Somerhalder is a hunky IT guy who uses a lot of bad sexual innuendo unknowingly when he fixes everyone's computers.

Tagline: Do you believe in love at first byte?

6. "That Night Before Thanksgiving When You Stay in Your Childhood Home and Go Out With High School People"
Synopsis: Mandy Moore and Amanda Seyfried are sisters who return home to stay with their newly single mom, Sigourney Weaver, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Seyfried is a former high school "Mean Girl" (get it?) who pens a wildly influential lifestyle blog. Mandy Moore is the overlooked sis in this scenario, a "nerdy" reader who is trying to write the next great American novel while working in book store. They decide to go out to their old local hang (Moore's never been because she's huge loser) and meet up with Josh Duhamel, Seyfried's former high school basketball star ex, now the town's middle school guidance counselor. Moore always thought he was "just a jock" but over the course of the night they hit it off and discover what they were missing back in the day. Blake Griffin plays Duhamel's goofy pal who used to be the school's dorky mascot, but is now an actual NBA player following a growth spurt. He and Seyfried get together after she breaks down and reveals she pays college students to write her blog. Sigourney ends up at the same bar on an online date (awkward!) with a wealthy businessman (played by Sting), but he ends up being a total douche and she hits it off with a hilarious and humble bartender played by Tony Shalhoub. They all have Thanksgiving together the next day!

Tagline: Home is where the (sweet)heart is.

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Meryl Streep Is a Terrible Singer in 'Florence Foster Jenkins' Trailer

Florence Foster JenkinsMeryl Streep can sing. The character she plays in "Florence Foster Jenkins" cannot. Like, really cannot. "It defies medical science," someone else says of Florence's terrible singing voice.

Paramount released the trailer for the movie, which is based on the true story of a New York socialite in the 1940s. Florence loves singing, and declares "music is my life." The problem is that she can't hit a note. Her husband, British actor St. Clair (Hugh Grant), is determined to help her fulfill her dream of performing at Carnegie Hall -- all while shielding her from scathing reviews.'Florence Foster Jenkins' (2016) Trailer
The trailer is quite sweet and gently humorous, and the love story between Florence and St. Clair is very touching. It's nice seeing Grant play a stand-up guy, and Streep looks like she's having a ball screeching off key.

"Florence Foster Jenkins" opens in theaters August 12.

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Maisie Williams and Tony Hale Analyze Their Hilariously Awkward Baby Photos

All babies are beautiful blessings ... except for the ones that aren't that beautiful at all. Some just seem born for Tony Hale and Maisie Williams are now both successful HBO stars ("Veep" and "Game of Thrones," respectively), but they just showed off and analyzed their own awkward early photos on "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Ice Cube was there, but for some reason they didn't show off one of his baby pics -- maybe his photos are too normal.

James Corden broke out a photo Maisie had shared on Instagram with hashtags like #swag #baller #bitches #paper. He wanted an explanation for the hashtags. "Well, look at that face," Williams said. "I just feel like that face is the face of a child baller." Ice Cube said she was wearing a "pimp cape" with a "bitch better have my money" face. Corden said it could make a good rap album cover, but he wanted to know how old the camera was since it looked like a photo from the 1940s. (True!)

Tony Hale volunteered one of his own baby photos, with an adorable little drunk tilting Santa pose he called "sassy." Then he did his own modern-day pose to match. Too cute.

Watch the video:

Now watch Maisie talk about crashing a "Game of Thrones" viewing party for Sunday's big premiere:

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Netflix's 'Wet Hot American Summer' Will Return in 2017, But 10 Years Later

How will the "Wet Hot American Summer" gang look in 1991? We'll find out in the second season on Netflix, this time following everyone 10 years after the events of the film and Season 1.

This all started as a 2001 movie, set on the last day of camp in 1981, which slowly became a cult classic comedy. In 2015, Netflix brought back the cast for "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp," the hilarious prequel starring actors who were nearly 15 years older.

Now they're doing something that, age-wise, makes more sense: "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later," a series of eight 30-minute episodes set in 1991, and scheduled to arrive in 2017. (We should probably expect an unhealthy dose of grunge and teen spirit.)

According to Netflix, David Wain and Michael Showalter will return as writers, with Wain also directing. There are no cast details at this point, but this series announcement video from Netflix is a big hint:

Of course we hope to see as many originals as possible, including Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Meloni, and Janeane Garofalo, plus "First Day of Camp" newbies like Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Josh Charles, Jason Schwartzman, and John Slattery. Maybe even Chris Pine?

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Nails Voice of 'Snowden' in Oliver Stone Film Trailer

The official trailer for "Snowden" is here, showing director in full political paranoia mode, and doing an impressive job as the titular hero/traitor.

If you've spent any time listening to Edward Snowden talk about his experience leaking classified intel from the National Security Agency (perhaps in the documentary "Citizenfour") you have an idea of his voice and cadence. JGL nails it in the trailer, which starts with Snowden being discharged from Special Forces training after breaking both legs, and taking him through his employment at the CIA to his decision to leak information about NSA surveillance activities.

The trailer illustrates Snowden's shock about the level of government spying, painting him as a brilliant, almost Bourne-style operative. But we also see more of Snowden's personal life, with as his girlfriend Lindsay.

Here's the trailer:

And here's the synopsis from Open Road Films:

"Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone, who brought Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street and JFK to the big screen, tackles the most important and fascinating true story of the 21st century. Snowden, the politically-charged, pulse-pounding thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley, reveals the incredible untold personal story of Edward Snowden, the polarizing figure who exposed shocking illegal surveillance activities by the NSA and became one of the most wanted men in the world. He is considered a hero by some, and a traitor by others. No matter which you believe, the epic story of why he did it, who he left behind, and how he pulled it off makes for one of the most compelling films of the year."

Apparently the real Snowden approves, since he tweeted this out:

"Snowden" -- which co-stars , , , , , and -- is now scheduled to open September 16.

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Film Casting May Reveal Who Negan Killed on 'The Walking Dead'

Neil Patrick Harris Is Unrecognizable as Netflix's Count Olaf in 'Unfortunate' Set Photo

2015 Summer TCA - NBCUniversal Red Carpet - Day 2Legendary! Anyone who squinted at the casting of Neil Patrick Harris as dastardly Count Olaf for Netflix's adaptation of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" should be pleasantly surprised by the photo that recently leaked from set. NPH does not look anything like himself, which -- for maybe the only time in history -- is great news.

Netflix is adapting the 13 dark children's books by Daniel Handler/"Lemony Snicket" for a 13-episode run to stream ... whenever. There's no premiere date yet, but they are now filming. A photo leaked from the set, giving us a glimpse of NPH as the evil Count Olaf:

Yep, that's Olaf! It'll be interesting to see how NPH's version compares to the campy devil played by Jim Carrey in the 2004 film "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Anyone who watched "Gone Girl" knows NPH can play both sweet and sinister, but we'll have to wait for the first "Unfortunate" footage to see what kind of tone they're going for in the full Netflix series.

[via: Collider]

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Man Punched in the Face for Looking 'Exactly Like Shia LaBeouf'

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Proceed After Shoddy Scottsdale Car Repair

How to Proceed After Shoddy Scottsdale Car Repair It’s safe to say that everyone dreads needing car repair. Where can you find a reliable Scottsdale car repair mechanic? How can you know if a car repair mechanic is being truthful? … Continue reading

The post How to Proceed After Shoddy Scottsdale Car Repair appeared first on


How to Proceed After Shoddy Scottsdale Car Repair

How to Proceed After Shoddy Scottsdale Car Repair It’s safe to say that everyone dreads needing car repair. Where can you find a reliable Scottsdale car repair mechanic? How can you know if a car repair mechanic is being truthful? … Continue reading

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No, Aunt Becky from 'Full House' Is Not 'Becky With the Good Hair'

Keanu Reeves Will Voice the Titular Kitten in 'Keanu'

In a lovely bit of moviemaking synergy, actor Keanu Reeves will voice the titular kitten in the upcoming action comedy "Keanu," starring "Key and Peele" alums Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

The flick's director, Peter Atencio, spoke with The Los Angeles Times about how filmmakers were able to secure a Reeves appearance in the movie, despite an initial roadblock. Kitten Keanu was indeed named in honor of the actor, and according to Atencio, Key and Peele were eager to get their real-life inspiration involved in some way. Unfortunately, when they reached out to Reeves's reps, they were turned down.

But then the hilarious first trailer dropped earlier this year, and everything changed.

" ... [A]pparently, his sister showed him the trailer and said, 'Hey, you gotta see this. You're gonna love this!,'" the director told the Times. "He flipped out and got in touch with us directly to say 'If there's anything I can do, let's make this work.'"

"Keanu" was close to completion at that point, but Atencio said that the creative team wanted to flesh out a scene where Peele's character is on a drug trip, and hallucinating his kitten talking to him. Enter the perfect scene for Reeves to make his mark.

We can't think of a more perfect way for the actor to get involved with his namesake, and can't wait to hear him in action as the adorable kitten. Check out the rest of Atencio's interview here for some more behind-the-scenes intel about Reeves's involvement, and see "Keanu" when it hits theaters on April 29.

[via: Los Angeles Times]

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Michael Strahan to Leave 'Live' in May, Four Months Earlier Than Planned

IWC Schaffhausen Fourth Annual "For the Love of Cinema" Gala During The Tribeca Film Festival 2016 - ArrivalsKelly Ripa made her triumphant return to "Live!" on Tuesday morning, but her departing co-host will be leaving the show sooner than initially planned.

People first shared the scoop that Michael Strahan will be stepping down from "Live! With Kelly and Michael" on May 13, four months earlier than his previously-announced exit. The move would allow Strahan time to integrate himself into the "Good Morning America" team before permanently joining their ranks in September.

ABC confirmed Strahan's early departure in a statement, telling People, "After meeting with the producers of both 'Live!' and 'Good Morning America,' and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future. To that end, Michael's last day on 'Live!' will be on Friday, May 13, which not only gives the show the chance to have a nice send-off for him during the May book, but to also immediately begin the on-air search for a new co-host. This plan also allows 'GMA' to start integrating Michael into the show more often this summer before his full-time start in September."

ABC announced Strahan's move to "GMA" one week ago, but apparently failed to notify Ripa ahead of time, causing a rift between the co-hosts. Ripa skipped work two days in a row, reportedly in protest over the apparent lack of respect she felt she was shown by the network. She finally returned to her chair on Tuesday, and thanked fans for their support. The host also said that ABC apologized to her for their handling of the situation, and assured her that "Live!" would remain a priority for the network moving forward.

According to People, the apologies didn't end with Ripa: ABC also apparently apologized to Strahan for putting him in such an awkward situation with its bungling of the announcement. A source also insisted to People that the decision to move up Strahan's departure was not due to the host "feeling awkward with Kelly," though we have a hard time believing it wasn't a factor at all.

"He was willing to stay until the fall, but the network is saying this gives them more time to find the co-host," the source told People. "He's a team player. He will do what they ask."

There's no set airdate yet for Strahan's official "GMA" debut, but expect him to pop up on the broadcast periodically this summer. He'll sign off for good on "Live!" on Friday, May 13.

[via: People]

Photo credit: Getty Images for IWC

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'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premiere Ratings: Broadcast Down, Streaming Up

Game of Thrones"Game of Thrones" began its sixth season Sunday night (read our recap), and while on-air viewership dropped slightly, the episode set streaming records to end up with a total of 10.7 million viewers.

The 9 p.m. broadcast on HBO drew 8 million viewers, which is 1 percent down from last season's premiere. Previously, every season of "Game of Thrones" premiered to bigger ratings than the last. But adding in the two repeats, as well as same-day streaming figures from HBO Go and HBO Now, bumps up the final tally to a new high for the fantasy drama. The premium network has seen subscribers migrate to its new HBO Now standalone service.​

Those ratings also do not count viewers who tuned in for HBO's free preview weekend, as Nielsen only counts subscribers. Nor do they factor in pirated viewings; TorrentFreak announced that "Game of Thrones" remains the most-downloaded television series.

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Watch Daisy Ridley Practice Her Lightsaber Skills For 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Here's Who Nathan Fillion Is Playing in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'

US-ENTERTAINMENT-DISNEYIt was just a matter of time until Nathan Fillion popped up in a "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. He and director James Gunn are friends who have collaborated numerous times. And while he had a voice cameo in the first film, he's set to make a bigger appearance in the sequel. Thanks to an eagle-eyed fan in Atlanta, speculation is pointing to Fillion playing Wonder Man.

Photos from the set show movie posters from a Simon Williams Film Festival. Simon Williams is also Wonder Man, a former superhero who gives up the game to become a Hollywood star. The posters feature Fillion in fictional movies like "Haxan 2," Oh, Rebecca!" and a Tony Stark biopic. A Tony Stark biopic indicates these scenes take place on present-day Earth (or slightly in the future), and not as a flashback to Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) childhood. A local video shows that filming from the film festival includes some kind of spacecraft wreck, which could mean that some of the action in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" returns to Earth.

The question remains: Will Fillion himself appear in the movie? Or are these posters the extent of his cameo?

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" opens May 5, 2017.

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Kelly Ripa Returns to 'Live,' Michael Strahan Calls her 'Queen of Morning TV'

Kelly Ripa Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of FameOur long national nightmare is over.

That's how Kelly Ripa jokingly addressed the audience on her first show back on "Live With Kelly and Michael" after a tension-filled week on the morning show. Ripa left for a previously-scheduled vacation early after learning her co-host, Michael Strahan, was moving on to "Good Morning America" in September. Reports indicated she was blindsided and furious at the abruptness of the announcement.

Ripa began the show this morning by thanking fans for welcoming her back.

"I gained perspective. I always speak from my heart. I didn't want to come out here and say something I will regret," she said, referring to taking time off. "This started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace."

To that effect, "Apologies have been made," she said, confirming reports that ABC executives had personally apologized to her. "The best thing to come out of all of this is that our parent company has assured me that 'Live' is a priority."

As for Strahan, she said she was "thrilled" for him, while he gushed over her in return.

"You love this show, you love the fans, you love the staff. I love you," he said. "You are the queen of morning TV... I'm happy you are here."

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Prince William and Prince Harry May Make a 'Star Wars' Cameo

The Duke Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit The "Star Wars" Film SetPrince William and Prince Harry got to live out many "Star Wars" fans' dreams when they recently visited the set of "Episode VIII," now filming in England. But apparently being royalty doesn't just get you cool perks like a behind-the-scenes tour of a hotly-anticipated sequel -- it also gets you a cameo in said sequel.

A new report from UK tabloid The Daily Mail claims that the British brothers shot the not-so-secret-anymore cameos during their set visit last week, where they met with cast and crew members, hugged it out with Chewbacca, and had a lightsaber duel, among other fun. That fun also allegedly extended to filming an actual scene for the flick, in which they dressed up as Stormtroopers, and worked with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and series newcomer Benicio del Toro.

Here's the scoop, per The Mail:

A source told The Mail on Sunday: 'The line given was that they were going to have lunch and a private tour of the rest of the set. What really happened is that the director came over and told them it was time to "get suited" and off they went to the wardrobe department.

'The Princes dressed up in full Stormtrooper gear and filmed a scene in which Rey and Finn infiltrate a secret base. The rebel characters are in a lift with Benicio del Toro's character when a group of Stormtroopers enter – two of whom are William and Harry.'

The Mail contacted a spokesperson for the royals, who would "neither confirm nor deny" William and Harry's part in the film. "The Princes had a great day showcasing the British talent behind Star Wars," the spokesperson said, echoing the official reason given for the royals' visit (William is the president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, or BAFTA). Disney had no comment on the alleged cameos.

According to the tabloid, this could be a similar situation to James Bond star Daniel Craig, who filmed a secretive Stormtrooper cameo for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but denied his presence in the flick until his name popped up in the credits (his Stormtrooper code name was JB-007, a wink to his onscreen alter ego). Several other actors made similar cameos in "The Force Awakens," so it's not entirely outside of the realm of possibility that the princes could pop up, too. Guess we'll have to wait until the "Episode VIII" credits roll to know for sure.

"Star Wars: Episode VIII" is due in theaters on December 15, 2017.

[via: The Daily Mail]

Photo credit: Getty Images

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Jennifer Hudson and Harvey Fierstein Join 'Hairspray Live!'

Michael Kors Fall 2016 Runway Show - BackstageAs open auditions for the next Tracy Turnblad take place, NBC has already found two key cast members for its next musical, "Hairspray Live!": The network announced on Monday that Jennifer Hudson and Harvey Fierstein have joined the ensemble.

Hudson, who's currently lighting up the Broadway stage in "The Color Purple," is set to play Motormouth Maybelle, the owner of a record store and the host of a dance program on local Baltimore television. She takes over the role from Queen Latifah, who starred in the musical's 2007 big screen adaptation. (Hudson, who already has an Oscar and a Grammy under her belt, could complete the EGOT if she wins a Tony for "Purple" and an Emmy for "Hairspray.")

Fierstein will be playing Edna Turnblad, the mother of protagonist Tracy, returning to the role he originated on Broadway back in 2002 (and for which he won a Tony). John Travolta played Edna in the 2007 movie, and the late Divine played the first Edna back in John Waters's 1988 flick, on which the musical was based.

In addition to starring, Fierstein will also co-write the production, continuing that role from NBC's last live musical offering, 2015's "The Wiz Live!" Another exciting behind-the-scenes bit of news for the production is the addition of camera director Alex Rudzinski to the proceedings. Rudzinski was part of the directing team for Fox's "Grease: Live," which broke out of the stuffy format of NBC's previous musicals, creating an electric theater experience for at-home viewers that featured dazzling camera work, unique staging, and clever set changes. NBC is no doubt hoping Rudzinski can bring some of that magic with him to "Hairspray," where he joins director Kenny Leon (returning from "The Wiz").

"Hairspray Live!" airs on NBC on December 7.

[via: TheWrap]

Photo credit: Getty Images for Michael Kors

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The 'Twins Peaks' Revival Cast List Is Insane (and Insanely Long)

twin peaks, revival, cast, showtimeShowtime revealed the full cast list for its upcoming "Twin Peaks" revival, and it's nothing short of insane -- and insanely long.

The ensemble includes a whopping 217 actors -- yes, you read that right -- and amid all the returning faces, there are also a bunch of surprising, big-name newbies along for the ride this time around. (We've embedded the entire list at the end of this post.)

Original cast members that will be back include many previously-announced people, and the ensemble will feature the likes of Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, David Duchovny, Miguel Ferrer, Grace Zabriskie, Peggy Lipton, Ray Wise, Wendy Robie, Russ Tamblyn, and Catherine E. Coulson, among many others.

As for the newcomers, some of the bold names that stand out include Monica Belluci, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Laura Dern, Jay R. Ferguson (a.k.a. Stan from "Mad Men"), Ernie Hudson ("Ghostbusters"), Ashley Judd, Dave Koechner ("Anchorman"), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jane Levy ("Evil Dead," "Suburgatory"), Matthew Lillard, Josh McDermitt ("The Walking Dead"), Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, Tim Roth, Amanda Seyfried, Ethan Suplee ("My Name Is Earl," "Boy Meets World"), Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl"), Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, and Naomi Watts. And that's just a fraction.

Creator David Lynch is also set to appear, as he did in the original.

Check out the exhaustive, exhausting list below. The "Twin Peaks" revival is set to air on Showtime sometime in 2017.

(A * denotes a returning cast member)

Jay Aaseng
Alon Aboutboul
Jane Adams
Joe Adler
Kate Alden
Stephanie Allynne
Mädchen Amick*
Eric Ray Anderson
Finn Andrews
Elizabeth Anwies
Dana Ashbrook*
Joe Auger
Phoebe Augustine*
Melissa Bailey
Tammie Baird
Matt Battaglia
Chrysta Bell
Monica Bellucci
Jim Belushi
Leslie Berger
Richard Beymer*
John Billingsley
Michael Bisping
Ronnie Gene Blevins
Kelsey Bohlen
Sean Bolger
Rachael Bower
Brent Briscoe
Robert Broski
Wes Brown
Richard Bucher
Page Burkum
Scott Cameron
Juan Carlos Cantu
Gia Carides
Vincent Castellanos
Michael Cera
Richard Chamberlain
Bailey Chase
Johnny Chavez
Candy Clark
Larry Clarke
Scott Coffey*
Frank Collison
Lisa Coronado
Catherine E. Coulson*
Grace Victoria Cox
Jonny Coyne
James Croak
Julee Cruise*
Heather D'Angelo
Jan D'Arcy*
David Dastmalchian
Jeremy Davies
Owain Rhys Davies
Ana de la Reguera
Rebekah Del Rio
Laura Dern
Neil Dickson
Hugh Dillon
Cullen Douglas
Edward "Ted" Dowlin
Judith Drake
David Duchovny*
Christopher Durbin
Francesca Eastwood
Eric Edelstein
John Ennis
Josh Fadem
Tikaeni Faircrest
Eamon Farren
Sherilyn Fenn*
Jay R. Ferguson
Sky Ferreira
Miguel Ferrer*
Rebecca Field
Robin Finck
Brian Finney
Patrick Fischler
Erika Forster
Robert Forster
Meg Foster
Travis Frost
Warren Frost*
Pierce Gagnon
Allen Galli
Hailey Gates
Brett Gelman
Ivy George
Balthazar Getty
James Giordano
Harry Goaz*
Grant Goodeve
George Griffith
Tad Griffith
James Grixoni
Cornelia Guest
Travis Hammer
Hank Harris
Annie Hart
Andrea Hays*
Stephen Heath
Heath Hensley
Gary Hershberger*
Michael Horse*
Ernie Hudson
Jay Jee
Jesse Johnson
Caleb Landry Jones
Ashley Judd
Luke Judy
Stephen Kearin
David Patrick Kelly*
Laura Kenny
Dep Kirkland
Robert Knepper
David Koechner
Virginia Kull
Nicole LaLiberte
Jay Larson
Sheryl Lee*
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jane Levy
Matthew Lillard
Jeremy Lindholm
Peggy Lipton*
Bellina Martin Logan*
Sarah Jean Long
David Lynch*
Riley Lynch
Shane Lynch
Kyle MacLachlan*
Mark Mahoney
Karl Makinen
Xolo Maridueña
Berenice Marlohe
Rob Mars
James Marshall*
Elisabeth Maurus
Josh McDermitt
Everett McGill*
Zoe McLane
Derek Mears
Clark Middleton
Greg Mills
James Morrison
Christopher Murray
Don Murray
Joy Nash
Priya Diane Niehaus
Bill O'Dell
Casey O'Neill
Johnny Ochsner
Walter Olkewicz*
Charity Parenzini
Elias Nelson Parenzini
John Paulsen
Sara Paxton
Max Perlich
Linas Phillips
Tracy Phillips
John Pirruccello
Linda Porter
Jelani Quinn
Ruth Radelet
Mary Reber
Adele René
Mariqueen Reznor
Trent Reznor
Carolyn P. Riggs
Kimmy Robertson*
Wendy Robie*
Erik L. Rondell
Marv Rosand*
Ben Rosenfield
Tim Roth
Rod Rowland
Carlton Lee Russell*
Elena Satine
John Savage
Amanda Seyfried
Amy Shiels
Sawyer Shipman
Tom Sizemore
Sara Sohn
Malachy Sreenan
Harry Dean Stanton*
J.R. Starr
Bob Stephenson
Charlotte Stewart*
Emily Stofle
Al Strobel*
Carel Struycken*
Ethan Suplee
Sabrina S. Sutherland
Jessica Szohr
Russ Tamblyn*
Bill Tangradi
Cynthia Lauren Tewes
Jodee Thelen
Jack Torrey
Sharon Van Etten
Eddie Vedder
Greg Vrotsos
Jake Wardle
Naomi Watts
Nafessa Williams
Ray Wise*
Alicia Witt*
Karolina Wydra
Charlyne Yi
Nae Yuuki
Grace Zabriskie*
Christophe Zajac-Denek
Madeline Zima
Blake Zingale

[via: Showtime]

Photo credit: Showtime

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9 Times Channing Tatum Was So Hot That You Cried

Whether he's dressed up in a tux, gyrating to Ginuwine, or being the funniest guy in the room, Channing Tatum is undeniably sexy.

Here are 9 times he was so hot that we pretty much couldn't keep it together. Try not to drool, guys.

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'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Premieres to Mixed Reviews, Lowest Critics Score to Date

The ratings aren't in yet for the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere, but it's safe to say they will be higher than the red comet of Season 2. Every season premiere has improved in audience size, but the same cannot be said of the audience reaction. After all, you don't know whether you like an episode or not until after you contribute to its viewer tally.

Many critics and fans responded immediately, and the early Season 6 premiere verdict is in: It was good, but not great.

On Monday, Rotten Tomatoes reported that Season 6, Episode 1, "The Red Woman" is certified fresh with an 81 percent score. Matt Atchity, editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes, shared this statement:

"The long-awaited 6th season of Game of Thrones has mostly satisfied critics. As the series has outpaced the novels, book readers no longer have the luxury of knowing major plot points ahead of time. Most critics say that the season premiere is a solid return to form, although some say that the abundance of storylines and characters has started to make the series unwieldy."

So far, 28 reviews have been counted for the Season 6 premiere, with 24 "fresh" and four "rotten." That doesn't sound like a lot of feedback, but it's on par with some of the past seasons. Only this season has the lowest critical rating, so far:

Game of Thrones on Rotten Tomatoes

Season 1 Episode 1 ("Winter Is Coming," 11 reviews) – 100%
Season 2 Episode 1 ("The North Remembers," 15 reviews) – 100%
Season 3 Episode 1 ("Valar Dohaeris," 22 reviews) – 100%
Season 4 Episode 1 ("Two Swords," 32 reviews) – 97%
Season 5 Episode 1 ("The Wars to Come," 27 reviews) – 100%
Season 6 Episode 1 ("The Red Woman," 28 reviews) – 81%

Meanwhile, over at IMDb, "The Red Woman" currently has a rating of 8.8, from 5,673 user reviews. A few commenters shared their disappointment, and one thread asked viewers to grade the episode, getting responses in the B to C- zone. Still, "The Red Woman" is currently rated higher than the Season 4 premiere, "The Wars to Come," which has an 8.4 rating, although from a much larger IMDb voting base of 11,850.

Data curated by PrettyFamous

Fans are still watching and digesting last night's Season 6 premiere so it may take a while to get the full effect of their feedback. What did you think of "The Red Woman," and how would you compare it to past premieres?

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Ricky Gervais Doesn't 'Give a F*ck' If Hollywood Can't Take a Joke

US-ENTERTAINMENT-TELEVISION-EMMYSFor viewers with an appetite for a fresh helping of Ricky Gervais's comedic signature dish -- sending a hapless, hubris-ridden character down an ever deepening hole of lies, schemes, and increasing anxiety-provoking repercussions -- the comic's new Netflix original film "Special Correspondents" is the banquet you've been waiting for.

That's because the stakes are raised far beyond the cubicle politics of the original BBC version of "The Office" of the ego-driven showbiz inanities of HBO's "Extras": "Special Correspondents," written and directed by Gervais, casts him as a hapless radio engineer teamed with a hard-driving but difficult-to-work-with journalist (Eric Bana) to cover a conflict in Ecuador who, after missing their flight, conspire to convincingly fabricate their reports from the war zone in an effort to avoid getting fired.

But their dispatches only inflame tensions in the real world, prompt them to fake their own kidnapping by mysterious guerrilla forces, and spur Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) the fame-hungry wife of Gervais's character Ian, who's also sleeping with Bana's Frank, to use their seeming misfortune to worm her way into America's hearts -- and wallets.

After crafting what he envisioned as a throwback to the sort of whip-smart, socially satirical comedies of manners crafted by adult-minded auteurs like Sydney Pollack, Harold Ramis, and Billy Wilder, Gervais joined Moviefone for a rollicking look at his inspirations, his thoughts on today's obsession with insta-fame, what's really going on when he tosses those barbs at the Golden Globe Awards and his giddiness to share with you what David Brent's been up to since we saw him last.

Moviefone: Where did the inspiration for this story hit you? I mean, you're great at creating scenarios where characters dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes, but this one was so uniquely rich with promise. How'd you come up with it?

Ricky Gervais: Well, the essential idea is from an old French movie that I can't pronounce the name of. It's very different. I got it from that, and then just, I did my own thing with it, really. I just thought it was very current. And I had to make it real, obviously, because you can't fake a war on TV. That's a lot harder. I don't know -- I've always been fascinated with temptation. The easy lie versus the honorable, harder path.

I suppose it looks like a biting satire against media and journalism, but I think the bigger target is fame. I think Vera's [Farmiga] character really sums up what's wrong with some people today: that narcissistic, "I deserve to be famous. My life hasn't turned out like I thought, and it's not my fault, it's everyone else's." That sort of spoiled [attitude] ... and it's true! People now just think that they should be famous.

You see them on "American Idol." Why should we vote for you? "Because I want this so bad." Well, that's not why we should vote for you. Because you want to be famous, we should vote for you? Well, no. That's not how it works. We've got enough singers. Soon we're going to run out of doctors because everyone's going to be on "American Idol," or "America's Got Talent" or something, you know? What is this? It's crazy.

I've always been slightly fascinated by fame. "The Office" was sort of a study in fame, about that cusp of normal people getting their 15 minutes from docu-soaps. But now it's crazy. Now, it's sensational. Now, it's turbo-fame. "The Apprentice." Even Donald Trump as a leader going out there and bragging about how rich he is and how he wants to punch someone in the face. It's mad. It's crazy. He's not famous enough. He's a billionaire, but he's not satisfied. He wants to be famous. It's really odd. It's really odd. So it's sort of more about that.

But the central idea is, I suppose, about two guys. One who's a talented, charismatic Lothario. Good at his job, but slightly frustrated that he's a big fish in a small pond. He's a local celebrity, not the biggest celebrity, but it's his own fault -- again, he couldn't keep his mouth shut. He drinks too much, and he's angry. And a little guy, a little nerd who's really satisfied. He's got his favorite job, he loves his comic books, he loves his video games. He got his favorite job until his wife told him that it wasn't a good job, and that he wasn't satisfied, and that he was a loser and an underachiever, and that was news to him.

And they're thrown together, and I sort of worship Eric, but it's unrequited. He thinks I'm an idiot. We're both idiots, but he didn't know that. That's quite Laurel and Hardy-esque, I suppose, or Bob [Hope] and Bing [Crosby]. And they're thrown together and they go on a bit of a journey, and they're tempted, and they give into temptation, and then they dig themselves a hole, and then they've got to do the right thing and get out of it. And circumstance allows them to do the right thing. So it's sort of what I always do, but on a bigger scale. It's probably slightly grander and more plot-led than I was used to.Ricky Gervais in Netflix's "Special Correspondents"It definitely felt a bit of a throwback, the kind of movie that big studios don't make anymore -- or indies make for 12 cents. But you got the backing of Netflix early on so you could go big with it.

It felt like I was going to big school. Do you know what I mean? Originally it was a studio film. I put the script out, and I'd never had a reaction like it. It was a bit of a bidding war, and someone won, and we were going to go with them. Then Netflix heard about it, and just said "No, we'll buy it. We'll buy you out. We want this. We're starting movies."

And I went, "Okay," and a certain part of me thought, "Oh, I hope people don't think this is like going straight to DVD." And they went "No, it's not like that because we bought you out before we've seen the movie or made it yet." I went "Yeah, that's true." It's just the best of all worlds to me because I made the movie I wanted. I didn't have to go through this ridiculous Hollywood process of millions of focus groups and making it homogenized and fake so it stays in cinemas for two weeks and it's a lowest common denominator of comedy.

I could make an old fashioned film that was quite thought-provoking and quite grown up. I didn't have to do a knock-about farcical, gross-out comedy. I could try and relay a really smart comedy like "Tootsie" or "Groundhog Day" or something. And I did go quite retro, because I wanted to be witty, not crass. Even though it's quite modern in all of its sensibilities and its look and the technology. It's old fashioned in the sense that I miss that sparkling repartee between Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in "Double Indemnity."

Why don't we have films like that anymore? Well, because they're too dangerous. They're pulled out of cinemas because not everybody in the world will want to go and see them. So we have ... Marvel is Hollywood now. Marvel and DC is Hollywood, and real movies, Sundance, and Tribeca, and Toronto. But now Netflix comes along and starts tickling the auteur again. And they say "No, you can do what you want. And we give you the full budget. And we give you the back end of what it made." And you go, "Jesus. Yes. Yes! Yes, please!"Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana in Netflix's "Special Correspondents"I also love that you referenced the Bing and Bob "Road" movie quality because I saw that in there, for sure. Tell me about finding that repartee with Eric Bana in particular, who I don't think gets enough credit for being the smart comedic actor that he is.

Well, funny you should say that. So I cast Eric because I thought he was this brooding thespian from "Munich," and Bruce Banner. And I thought, "That would be great to get to play this broken, angry Lothario who gets put into a situation with a putz like me, and he can be angry," and all that.

Then I found out, after I'd cast him, that his background was comedy. He's really like me; he just went the drama route. His comedic timing is brilliant. We had a great time. Honestly, it was great. Yeah, so first I thought I was deconstructing a little bit, like I did with Liam Neeson in "Life's Too Short." Actually, it was deeper than that. It really was a journey. It was great seeing the development.

I think it's my favorite relationship on screen in the movie. These two guys, they're sort of awkward. Whether they like it or not, neither of them are comfortable in their skin as men, and I quite like that -- two men not being comfortable with each other, or themselves. Totally different. It's nice they sort of learn a little bit of each other. I like respect being earned. I like to see that happen over the hour and a half.Kelly Macdonald, Vera Farmiga in Netflix's "Special Correspondents"Since you know a little bit about having some fame yourself, what do you want to say to those people who, like Vera's Farmiga's character, are just striving for that empty fame you mentioned earlier?

Well, if you strive for empty fame, you'll have an empty life. It won't be what you think. Think what you want and go for that. What do you want? What's the point? What's the point? What do you want? I know what I want, and it's nothing to do with fame. It never has been. And I don't know why ... you don't need fame to be worth something. I just don't get it. That's all a lie. That's all a lie.

I see famous people ... sometimes it's laziness because I see people who are famous for nothing, and they're millionaires, and all they did was take their clothes off or live their life like an open wound. And people say, "Well, I could do that." Well, you can do that, yeah. But what are you going to tell your kids? What are you going to be proud of? That's my question to people. Why? What does it mean? It's nothing. It's not real. It's virtual. Why do you want strangers to know your name and your face, but you wouldn't cross the street to meet? What's in it? It's weird.

There's no difference between fame and infamy. People would rather be known for being an absolute a**hole than not known at all. When did that happen? When did that happen?! When did showing off about how rich you are happen? Why have we got a bloke running for president who wants to be number one on Forbes? Who argues with how rich he is? Who wants to punch someone in the face? When did that happen? It's really odd.

It's all about image. I think that's what shocked people at the Golden Globes [when I make fun of Hollywood power players], because people were saying [to me] it's career suicide. It's not career suicide. Why is it career suicide? I create my own labor. I'm not beholden to anyone in that room. I don't give a f*ck what they think. I wasn't trying to ruin their day, but I was making jokes.

I could see people looking up thinking "You cannot laugh about that, because I might need the job of that director or producer." F*cking hell. Say what you want. But we have freedom of speech. It's the greatest privilege in the world. F*cking hell. Chill out, everyone. It's all right. They're jokes.NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - ShowHas anyone in that scenario ever dared to say anything back to your face? Or does everyone politely smile or avoid you altogether?

No one has said anything to my face, no. I've heard things people have said. And often not people I made a joke about. Once again, people interfering. People standing up for people that don't need standing up for. [Laughs] Like, when I teased Mel Gibson about him being anti-Semitic, there was one comedian that was saying, "How dare he ever go at Mel Gibson. He directed "Braveheart!" [Laughs] I wasn't having a go at his directing! I think he's a great director. I was teasing him! F*cking hell! Are you serious? Are you f*cking serious? Jesus Christ.

It makes me laugh. That's what most offense is, is people mistaking the target of the joke with a subject of a joke. It's these sacred cows; there are no sacred cows. Maybe freedom of speech is the only sacred cow. So f*cking use it.Ricky Gervais in BBC Films' "David Brent: Life on the Road"I know you're revisiting the character of David Brent in an entirely different context than "The Office" -- the next phase of his life, essentially. So can you just tell me a little bit about what that was like for you?

So much fun! When I go to sleep at night, I can't wait for people to see it, because it's the same, but different. He's the same, but different. He's 15 years older. The world's changed. "The Office" is really influenced by me working in an office for 10 years, but also watching those docu-soaps in the '90s. As I was saying, normal people have their 15 minutes of fame, and it was enough for them. They made the local paper, and then they got on with their life. Now, the world's different.

Now, it's 15 years later. He's 55 now, and he's still a wreck, but he still hasn't given up his dream, because it's gotten worse now. Now he sees Susan Boyle and people like that making it, whatever. Whatever "making it" is. And he thinks, "Well, I can do that," and he's in a room full of alpha males now. He's slightly bullied. Now we are in a world where people get on "The Apprentice" by saying, "I would destroy anyone who stands in my way." As I said, Donald Trump saying, "I'm not worth five billion, I'm worth 10 billion, and I'll punch him in the face." You know? And it's applauded. And he's a bit out of time. He's out of time.

It's quite sad, and he's casting his tension, and he's got a group of mercenary musicians to go on tour, and he's taking unpaid leave from selling toiletry products up and down the country, and he thinks he'll get signed. It's really fun. It's the funniest thing I've ever done, but underneath it all, there's a tragedy. There's a sweetness and a sadness of this man who f*cking needs a hug. That's all he needs!

"Special Correspondents" premieres on Netflix April 29th.

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