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Watch Rob Lowe Spoof His '80s Sex Tape for Roast Promo

The Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe - Arrivals
It's not every person who is able to look back on their sex tape and laugh, but Rob Lowe is apparently one of the ones who can. With the "Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe" fast approaching, the actor starred in a new promo that parodies his infamous '80s tape.

Shot in what looks like a hotel room, the promo stars Lowe in all his naked -- and blurred out -- glory. We see the actor from the perspective of an amateur video camera as he sets it up. He then turns and heads to the bed, where he begins to make beautiful music ... with his saxophone. This is a sax tape, not a sex tape, people.
Jokes about the "Parks and Recreation" alum's tape aren't exactly new anymore, but there is plenty more to look forward to when the "Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe" airs on Monday, Sept. 5. Filmed this past weekend, David Spade served up burns as roastmaster, joined on the dais by celebrities like Peyton Manning, Rob Riggle, and Ann Coulter.

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'Morgan' Director Luke Scott Reveals the Origins of His Creepy New Thriller

Luke Scott grew up on the film sets of his father, "Blade Runner" director Ridley Scott, and after serving as second-unit director on Ridley's films (including "The Martian"), Luke steps out on his own with the sci-fi thriller "Morgan," about a genetically enhanced human who can't seem to keep her violent tendencies in check.

Luke sat down with Moviefone to talk about why he was drawn to "Morgan," why it's radically different from "Ex Machina," and where the futuristic film fits in relation to "Blade Runner."

Moviefone: Why did you choose this to be your directorial debut?
Scott: It's a long story, actually. I'd made a short film called "Loom" -- directed and written it -- with Giovanni Ribisi and an actor called Jellybean Howie, which dealt with a lot of this stuff.

Giovanni played an artificial meat quality-control expert and he, in his spare time, makes a partner for himself in his room. It's set in the near future. And it all goes horribly wrong and very sad. It's on YouTube. That was seen by Fox, who requested we try to expand it to a feature. I wrote this fantastic script that had nothing to do with that story. I told them, "I'm really sorry. I just got taken off in another direction." Still a big sci-fi thing, but much darker. But as that was being completed, I was shown this fantastic Seth Owen script, "Morgan." I read it. There's a pivotal scene in it -- an interview between Paul Giamatti and Anya Taylor-Joy -- and on that page it read just as intense as I think it comes across on the screen.Once you optioned it, you reworked the script. Were there any major changes you added?
Not massively. I think there were a couple of scenes that we added and a few we took out. There was some tonal stuff that we took care of. We added a catalyst that set Morgan off, that was the deer scene. That didn't exist in the original. That came in various guises. Initially, it was that the deer was wounded by a hunter and Morgan is introduced to these hunters and this shocking fight takes place. But we settled for this milder -- I suppose you could call it milder -- and more tragic version. And we took out a lot of guns. There were a lot more guns in it than there are now.

There are some obvious parallels to "Blade Runner" in "Morgan." Was that a plus or a minus for you?
I don't really see any parallels. I suppose the only thing which I'm conscious of, which was a thought about how to give it a time and a place, I suppose. The intent was you could somehow find a path to Roy Batty and the Tyrell Corporation, that Morgan represented that first stage in the corporation. This is set about 25 years before that. But the timeline on "Blade Runner," I think, is 2019 so... You hear that? We're here already. (Laughs).

That's right, it was just recently Roy Batty's incept date (January 8, 2016).
Yes. (Smiles).

When you cast Anya Taylor-Joy as Morgan, had you already seen her in "The Witch?"
I had. I was fortunate enough to see a preview. And I was blown away by the movie and I was also blown away by Anya. Terrific. The character is fairly androgynous. Was there ever any thought that maybe you would cast a male for the role?
There was a moment when we weren't finding Morgan. Should we be looking at more androgynous males, perhaps? That's something we started to contemplate and entertain. And then Anya showed up and it was like, "Found it."

You go in a very different direction from "Ex Machina," where there's a very clear reason why the A.I. bot is female. The genesis is very different.
Absolutely. Not to be put too fine a point on it, but "Ex Machina" is closer to "Weird Science" than this is. And I loved "Ex Machina!" Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a terrific movie, but there's clearly a kind of sexual motivation there.

Right, that isn't really there in "Morgan." What about casting Kate Mara as Lee, the corporate "fixer" who's brought in to deal with Morgan?
She was the first one to get on board. There was no one else. She was the first person we asked and she said, "Yeah, that's great."At the Q&A after the screening at the Egyptian Theatre, you revealed that the lab set is in the shape of a womb. That's not something you realize just by watching the movie.
That's right. You don't see it, you don't know what it is. From an aerial viewpoint, if you look down on it, you go, "Oh, okay." Also, myself and [production designer] Tom McCullagh were sitting there, asking, "What the f*** does this thing look like?" We didn't want to do necessarily a rectangular room. We wanted to break it up, so we had different angles. It was only an accident that we arrived at this shape. As the shape began to evolve and develop, we looked at it and said, "That actually looks like a biology book diagram of a womb."

Did I hear correctly that your dad said he put you in a small space suit on the set of "Alien" to solve a perspective problem?
Yes. I remember it well. I was about 9 years old. That was a great few weeks.

Were you on set when the alien bursts out of John Hurt's chest?
I was. I was hanging around set a lot on that particular movie.

Did you know that was going to happen? Because I understand that the actors (besides Hurt) did not know what was coming.

Did that scare you?
No, I enjoy that sort of thing. Nothing really scares me. (Smiles)

Is "Morgan" a cautionary tale?
Oh, certainly. We're always trying to play God, aren't we? I think we're always trying to create the thing that will supersede us.

You hinted you might be interested in doing a sequel to "Morgan."
I'm open to it.

What's next for you?
I'm working on a re-imagining of The Donner Party. What makes people eat each other?

Will there be a lot of blood?
I imagine so. (Smiles)

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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Brings New Romance for Arizona

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season TwelveThere's plenty of love and relationship drama to go around at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and we can expect some to head Arizona's way in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13.

Arizona (played by Jessica Capshaw) didn't get her fairy tale ending with Callie, and now that her ex has jumped ship for New York, it is the perfect time for a new love interest to appear on the scene. "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes recently told Entertainment Weekly that the peds surgeon will explore a new romance in the upcoming season.

"I'm very excited to introduce a love interest for her, and to get to tell a story with her that lets her be who she is, and to see who she is post the relationships that she's had," said Rhimes.

Arizona will be absent for the first two episodes because she took time off to parent, but after she returns, the fun begins. Rhimes didn't reveal specifics about Arizona's new romantic prospect, but she did indicate that the character will be introduced carefully.

"You don't want to just stick two people together," Rhimes told EW. "I want to do it organically and I want the audience to be rooting for it. So I think we're going to have fun with it."

The aftermath of Arizona's complicated relationship with Callie will be a factor, of course. They do still have a daughter together and will continue to co-parent, albeit at a distance.

We'll see how this new person fits into the doctor's life after Season 13 premieres on Sept. 22 on ABC.

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'Scream Queens' First Look: Season 2 Gets Scarier, Funnier

When you move from a sorority house to a hospital, things are bound to get scarier, and that will be the case in "Scream Queens" Season 2, according to a new first look video. Luckily, the funny factor will be ratcheted up, too.

Fox released the preview Wednesday, offering insight into the upcoming season with clips as well as interviews with members of the the comedy horror series' cast, including returning stars Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, and Keke Palmer, and newcomers Taylor Lautner and John Stamos. They promised a hilarious second season, one that will also be darker and push more boundaries.

When "Scream Queens" returns, we'll get to see the Chanels take on medical school at a hospital bought by Jamie Lee Curtis' character, Cathy Munsch. That is scary in itself, but just wait till people start "dropping like flies," as Michele says.

"Scream Queens" Season 2 premieres on Fox on Sept. 20.

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Science Rules: Bill Nye Is Getting His Own Netflix Talk Show

AOL Build Presents Bill Nye Discusses The #FindYourPark Series With The National Park Service

Netflix is continuing its apparent quest to let us relive our childhood in our adulthood. First it was "Fuller House," and now it is a new Bill Nye (aka the "Science Guy") talk show.

The streamer announced today that everyone's favorite TV scientist will host his own talk show, "Bill Nye Saves the World," starting in spring 2017. Naturally, the show will take advantage of Nye's background in science, engineering, and inventing -- not to mention millennials' nostalgia for hours spent watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy" in the '90s. In each episode, Nye will examine different topics through the lens of science, debunking myths and common false claims along the way.

"I'm excited to be working with Netflix on a new show, where we'll discuss the complex scientific issues facing us today, with episodes on vaccinations, genetically modified foods and climate change," said Bill Nye in a press release. "With the right science and good writing, we'll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience. And, perhaps we'll change the world a little."

Whether he changes the world a little or actually saves it as the title suggests, the talk show will be an interesting one to watch. Nye isn't just going to talk -- he'll demonstrate science in action and have special guests as he proves to us once again that "science rules" in his fun and quirky way.

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'Game of Thrones' Casts Jim Broadbent in 'Significant' Role

BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-GET SANTA"Game of Thrones" has cast Oscar winner Jim Broadbent in the first new season 7 role. Entertainment Weekly reports that the veteran actor will play a "significant" role, though the details are — of course — still unknown.

It doesn't appear that Broadbent fits the criteria of any of the season 7 casting notices that leaked a couple of weeks ago. Then again, those roles might've been tweaked, or Broadbent's part simply not included among them (more likely, as he's a major actor and likely hand-picked).

Broadbent has had a long, distinguished career. He won an Academy Award for "Iris," and he's appeared in "Gangs of New York," "Moulin Rouge," the "Bridget Jones Diary" movies, and two "Harry Potter" films as Professor Slughorn.

Broadbent's casting resembles that of Ian McShane's in season 6. That was also announced well in advance, but kept shrouded in mystery. McShane ended up acting in just one episode, but in a pivotal and memorable role tied to the return of the Hound.

Fans are already speculating whom Broadbent might play. Though the show has outpaced the books, there are several characters he'd be a good fit for, including Archmaester Marwyn — a figure who meets Samwell Tarly in Oldtown.

"Game of Thrones" season 7 will begin filming this winter for a summer 2017 premiere. Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

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Ashley Eckstein on 'Star Wars Rebels' & 'Trailblazer' Ahsoka Tano

Ashley Eckstein and her Star Wars character, Ahsoka TanoIf you've only watched the seven live-action feature films set in a galaxy far, far away, you might not realize that Ahsoka Tano is one of the most important characters in the "Star Wars" Universe. But her vocal alter ego, Ashley Eckstein, understands the former Jedi Padawan's place in the hearts of the franchise's animation fans.

Eckstein has been the voice of the young Jedi initiate serving under the tutelage of Anakin Skywalker since she first appeared in the 2008 animated film "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the subsequent animated TV series of the same name. Ahsano quickly emerged as a fan favorite, especially following an emotional storyline in which her split from the Jedi Order helped pave the way for Anakin's ultimate transformation into the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

The character's fans were thrilled when, after a full season of hints and clues on the subsequent Lucasfilm TV series "Star Wars Rebels" -- set five years before the events of "Star Wars: A New Hope" -- Ahsano was revealed to be one of the central players in the organization of the Rebellion against the Empire. She appeared frequently throughout the second season -- which debuts on Blu-ray Aug. 30 -- culminating in an epic showdown with her former master with an ambiguous ending in which Ahsano may or may not have survived.

Eckstein, whose personal interest in the female portion of genre fandom prompted her to launch the fashion and merchandise company Her Universe, focusing on cleverly designed licensed products in the sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero realms -- joined Moviefone for a look at the character's unique role in the franchise: after eight years, she's become a pivotal and wildly popular figure in the increasingly interconnected canon.

Moviefone: The big reveal that you were going to show up for Season 2 was a closely guarded secret. What was the fun of closing out Season 1, and coming into Season 2, knowing that the "Clone Wars" fans were going to be so happy to see Ahsoka?

Ashley Eckstein: You know, it was a tough secret to keep, I have to say! It's definitely when Fulcrom came on to the scene, because when "Rebels" started and Ahsoka wasn't a part of the cast, I think fans just accepted, "Okay, she's not on this show." So it was easy to keep a secret, because I would just say, "This is about a new cast of characters -- maybe we'll get more about Ahsoka one day." But that was it.

Then once Fulcrum came on to the scene, and almost immediately fans guessed it was me, I basically went into hiding. I didn't want to lie to anyone, and I didn't want to say no when it was true, but I obviously didn't want to spoil the surprise.

There was maybe a couple months, where I just went silent -- until that moment when Ahsoka walked down the ladder, and then I immediately, after the West Coast airing ended, I immediately went to Twitter and wrote, "Ahsoka rules!" I was so excited that it was out in the open.

What did it mean to you to be able to come back to the character and play her in this very dramatic storyline, connecting the two series, and bridging the gap from Anakin Skywalker to the Darth Vader that we've come to know?

You know, I've said from the beginning, I feel so fortunate to be working with Dave Filoni and his crew, and the amazing writers that he works with. They always come up with, honestly, the most brilliant stories. So fans ask me all the time: they're like, "If you could write the perfect ending for Ahsoka ..." and I always say, I'm like, "Trust me, you don't want me to write that story."

So whatever Dave and his team write is really going to be best for the overall "Star Wars" story and character. But I just am always such a fan of the stories that they present and that I get to read. And Ahsoka, I think it's really an honor to be the voice of this character, to kind of bridge the gap between, obviously the prequels, specifically "Episode II" and "Episode III," but now the prequels to the original trilogy.

Darth Vader is obviously such a beloved character. I mean, everyone loves Darth Vader. Who doesn't love Darth Vader? To understand how he fell, and it was more than just Padmé, and that Ahsoka was a part of that, is really quite tragic, but it's really a beautiful story to watch play out.

And after their confrontation at the end of Season 2, things are left a little ambiguous. I know that Dave has said that, yes, something will be revealed, but probably not super-soon. Are you sort of left hanging, too? Do you sort of know his big picture plan or are you waiting for the right phone call?

Oh, I'm definitely left hanging as well. When he announced that on the panel at Celebration, he said that she would be back in some way on "Rebels," I still don't know whether she's alive or dead or what he means by that. But obviously, we'll see her again.

So all I know is what he said on the panel at Celebration. I don't know anything else. He is definitely keeping everything with Ahsoka close to the vest. So I obviously assume because we record so far in advance that I will know sooner than later, but I don't know yet. So I'm definitely on the edge of my seat wanting to know what's going on with her.

She was also the first part of this great wave that we're currently enjoying of empowered female characters that were equal to the male characters in this genre, which has become a really big thing right now. People are recognizing the demand for these types of characters and trying to create more of them. What does that part of her legacy mean to you, to be at the forefront of this change in the way we look at our action heroes?

Thank you for asking that question, because this is where I feel like I am a bit biased. I'm so proud to be associated with Ahsoka because I feel like she really started a movement. That started with George Lucas and Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy when they decided to make Anakin's Padawan a girl.

There's been so much change since then, but at that time, when they announced that Anakin Skywalker had a Padawan which, first of all, was mind-blowing enough, as well as the fact that his Padawan was a 14-year-old girl, literally blew people's minds at that point. It was groundbreaking. It really wasn't being done, to have major lead roles like that be young girls, and especially Ahsoka was the first Jedi that was a lead in the "Star Wars" universe.

So she really was a trailblazer, and I think with the success of Ahsoka, and seeing that she was loved by, not only little girls, but both genders. She's loved by grown men, grown women, young girls, young boys, and they look passed her gender, and I think she opened the door for other people and other studios and other stories to say, "Okay yeah, we can do this lead as a teenage girl." I don't think it was just Ahsoka, but I think she helped blaze that trail.

I think Dave Filoni and his writing staff could teach a master class on how to write a strong female character because what he did so brilliantly is, in the beginning it was pointed out that she was a girl. Never again was it pointed out that she was a girl. She was Anakin Skywalker's Padawan. And he never pointed out her gender, but by doing so, the audience even looked past that. They just saw a strong character.

And I think that's the goal to writing these strong female characters is, just write a strong character. Take the gender out of it. Write as though it's a guy, write as though it's a girl. It's just a strong character, and their gender is more of an afterthought.

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Amy Adams Makes Alien Contact in 'Arrival' Clips

ArrivalPeople have been going nuts over that supposedly alien signal that originated from a nearby star (it came from Earth, sorry), but if you're eager for alien contact, then these two clips from "Arrival" will be just your thing.

"Arrival" is a sci-fi drama from "Sicario" director Denis Villeneuve, and it stars Amy Adams as a linguist tasked with making contact with an alien spacecraft that's landed on Earth.

In the first clip, Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) freaks everyone out when she takes off her protective helmet and suit. "They need to see me," she pleads, as she walks toward a smoky, mostly opaque wall in the ship.

The second clip shows Banks and the team of researchers and military personnel ascending into the terrifying, dark abyss of the craft.

"Arrival" also stars Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker and Michael Stuhlbarg, and makes its premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week. It opens in theaters November 11.

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Jacob Tremblay Haunts Naomi Watts in 'Shut In' Trailer

Shut InRemember how adorable Jacob Tremblay was in that bunker in "Room"? Yeah, this is a whole new kid — one who's terrifying the living daylights out of Naomi Watts.

The first trailer for "Shut In" debuted today, and it stars Watts as a child therapist whose own son (Charlie Heaton from "Stranger Things") is in a vegetative state after a car accident. She takes on a new client, Tom (Tremblay), but he runs away into the cold winter night and is presumed dead. The key word is "presumed," because soon, Watts believes he's haunting her.'Shut In' (2016) Trailer

Or maybe it's all just in her head, as her own therapist (Oliver Platt) believes. Whatever is going on, it's creepy AF, as something appears to be messing with her son, hiding in a tiny cellar, and whispering things while she's int he bath.

"Shut In" opens in theaters November 11.

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Instructions on How to Change a Tire in Minutes

Instructions on How to Change a Tire in Minutes Nothing is worse than when you go out to your car after a long, arduous day of work and your tire is flat. Even more dangerous and horrible to deal with … Continue reading

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Black Panther and Black Widow Face Off in Deleted 'Captain America: Civil War' Scene

Black Widow and Black Panther may have met their matches in each other.

USA Today released another deleted scene included on the "Captain America: Civil War" Blu-ray, and it features Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff questioning Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa. It takes place after a brutal battle among Cap (Chris Evans), the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Black Panther. The latter wants to take the Winter Soldier prisoner for the crime of blowing up his father and other world leaders.

The clip is a tantalizing bit of passive-aggressive bantering, with T'Challa asking, "You're not used to the truth, are you?"
Natasha coolly reminds him that his vibranium suit puts him under the restrictions of the accord governing superheroes. But Black Panther shrugs this off. Seems the King of the Wakanda plays by his own rules.

The fun scene builds on the relationship between the two characters. Perhaps it's an indication that Black Widow could pop up in the "Black Panther" movie, which opens in theaters Feb. 16, 2018.

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Chris Geere Promises a Big Hurdle for Jimmy in 'You're the Worst' Season 3

2016 Summer TCA - "You're the Worst" Portrait SessionChris Geere knows that being the worst is kind of the best.

As he enters into a third season of "You're the Worst," the actor admits that the arrival of each new script is something of a gift as he gets to discovery just how verbally acerbic his character, novelist Jimmy Shive-Overly, can be when it comes to subverting everyday niceties, as well as how quietly sensitive and vulnerable he can be when it comes to the supposedly unwanted romance with his reluctantly admitted love, Gretchen (Aya Cash).

Even as he finally finds his footing with his second novel-in-the-making, Jimmy's world undergoes a major upheaval this season, Geere reveals in conversation with Moviefone, and all of his relationships will feel the fallout, in ways both hilarious and heartbreaking.

Moviefone: As you start out the season we get some great comedy dilemmas as he's working on the new book, and then a real Big Life Thing comes up. So when the material came to you, tell me your reaction to what Jimmy'd be going through this season?

Chris Geere: Yeah well, firstly, it's like receiving a Christmas present every time we get the script. I have no idea what's going to happen next. To go there was brilliant, because the family situation has always been, even though I didn't know, I imagined that Jimmy behaves the way that he always has because of the resentment he has towards his family.

And now to explore that -- and though this season, it's an exploration not only of family, but of grief, and the process of reevaluating. Something like that happens, something big like that happens, you start to question an awful lot about your own life and everything around it. The impact of this will answer a lot of questions as to why Jimmy is the way that he is.

And how does it play in relation to his confidence about the new book?

The new book: it's such a shame, I really felt sorry for him! The thing that Jimmy wants more than anything in the world is to be successful. More than a successful relationship, he wants to be a successful writer. And he's very nearly getting there, very slowly getting there, and then life gets in the way of what he wants to do with his life. So that's annoying.

Yeah, I do get to read a few excepts from my erotic novel, which was such fun. Imagine doing that, narrating it to 10-year-old Killian in the corner. So inappropriate, but it was great fun.

I'm sure this show continues to shock you, but delight you when you see the material. Like, "I'm going to do that. Great," and also "Agghhhh!"

Yeah, I know. Jimmy and Gretchen are, dot dot dot, again! I used to get so nervous about it in Season 1, and now I'm like, "Okay, we're going there again. That's good." There's a scene every so often where I go, "Oh -- what? No."

And I don't know what happens at the end of Season 3 yet, but our director, who has obviously read it, said to me, "You will not see this coming," and that really excites me. It's like a trailer. When you see a trailer for a movie you go, "Yeah!" And that's when we get the scripts: it's like having a trailer for a movie. You get to go and do that. You get to see that film soon.

Does the saying "I love you" conundrum continue to play out beyond the first few episodes? Is it kind of a running gag?

Yeah, not running gag in terms of I don't think Jimmy would ever say it again. He said it once, she knows he wouldn't say it again. But the most important thing is when he says, "So, you don't wash your legs?" What's the line I say? "Through discovering that you don't wash your legs, itself unimportant, I'm now thrust into wondering what else don't I know?"

And that was great fun because the season really is, "I've said I love you, but now I'm discovering this about you. Do I still love you? Oh yes, of course, I have to maintain my love even though I now know this." And what's even worse, then him finding out stuff about her that he doesn't like, it's when he finds out stuff about himself that he doesn't like. He starts self-loathing.

He's got to be really worried that she's going to find things about him that she doesn't like. I imagine that weighs on him.

Yeah. They're like, are they doomed? Or are they meant to be together? We're constantly questioning that. It was never going to be plain sailing for these two. Wouldn't it be funny if they just got married and lived in a nice house and went, "see you later"? No. There are so many demons, and we can explore them in a funny way.

I feel like most men are either pretty quick with the "I love yous," or they hold out until the last possible minute.

I personally am always, "Oh I feel this -- I'm going to say it." If it's a nice thing. I think it's really important to get it out there, because it makes the other person feel great. Jimmy would never do that, because by revealing something as emotionally connected as that wakens him terribly, and that's the last thing he wants is for her to be stronger than him. So why would he invite that sort of angst in his life?

Anything unique going on with Jimmy and the other characters that we love?

I think the relationship with Edgar changes a lot this year. I think he notices that Edgar is now far more independent than he's ever been, and he's not there for Jimmy as much, and there's a lot of comedy to be played there: when suddenly your bitch, as it were, is not your bitch anymore. You're like, "Um, why haven't you done this? Why haven't you done that? You were always doing that. Hang on. You don't look after me as much as you used to. Suddenly, now I have to look out for myself, as a lot of resentment comes from that."

But yeah, there's some brilliant interactions. I get some lovely scenes with Becca and Vernon, which is always fun. Love those guys. Yeah, and we've got some super guest stars as well. I have a nice scene with Samira Wiley ... She's what Gretchen and Jimmy would call a normal person in this world of not normal.

The most terrifying thing they can encounter.


You've seen such a steady build in your audience since the show debuted, and now there's this intensely loyal -- and growing -- following.

Yeah, the trajectory has always been much slower than any show, really. But we've never had any expectations. We set out Season 1 for unknowns in a raunchy show on a raunchy network. Did it get lots of ratings? No. But the people that did watch it, did they like it? Yes. It's great.

The network has been so supportive. They let us try different things. Plus, this year, we're now on a stage as well. The opportunities to be a bit more creative with the shots as well has changed the dynamic of the show again. So we're evolving. Hopefully, the fans will stick with us. We'll always go places where you don't think we'll go.

Tell me about your intersection with the world that your executive producer Stephen Falk's shining a light on. The East L.A. / Silver Lake hipster-dominated community. I don't know if you live over that way, or if you just visit occasionally.

In a nutshell: So I go and play this mean-spirited, narcissistic man on camera who lives in Silver Lake, and then I go home at night and I normally have a glass of wine, speak to my son, watch "House of Cards," and then do the work again. Then as soon as I finish, I go back to England, I live in a lovely little house in the country, I've got a son, and we play in his treehouse, and we go and play football -- I love sports -- and I'm very, very far from this world.

It's such a double life that I'm very grateful to have. I'm very grateful to have a wife who understands this double life as well. I'm just super grateful that I'm now 35 and can embrace this, rather than being 21 and thinking that I deserve this. I still get excited like a kid when I get new scripts, or get to chat to people who love what we're doing. That's really cool. If I was 21, I'd think I'd lose a lot of perspective. This is great.

Tell me about those scenes where the four of you are together, which to me, as much as I enjoy all of the show, the scenes when you're all four in them, just pop like crazy. Tell me about that experience from your perspective.

The energy is what we're like off camera as well, so there's no acting required. We're all just basically having fun together. All four of us are very different actors. We have different processes, but we all respect and love each other implicitly. So when we get together to play, like in a Sunday Funday-type episode, you get all four different energies. It's great.

So Stephen tries to write as much as he can with the four of us in, like, diner scenes. There's more diner scenes this year with the four of us. There's party scenes with the four of us. There's lots of montages. He loves a montage. So do I, because we have some cool music in the show as well.

"You're the Worst" Season 3 premieres tonight (August 31st) on FXX.

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No, They're Not Making a 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' Movie (Yet)

Harry PotterEven the merest whisper of a rumor that there might be more "Harry Potter" movies is enough to set the Internet on fire. Which is what happened a few days ago when the New York Daily News reported that Warner Bros. executives wanted to turn the "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play into a trilogy of movies.

Well, sad to say, the rumors are just that. The studio told the Huffington Post in a statement that there are "no plans for there to be a film."

The initial report also noted that Warner Bros. hoped to bring back Daniel Radcliffe as the famed Boy Who Lived (now, the Man Who Lived?). Of course, Radcliffe is only 27 and in "Cursed Child," Harry is near 40. Then again, the actor himself has left room for the possibility of reprising his most famous role.

"The circumstances would have to be pretty extraordinary. But then I am sure Harrison Ford said that with Han Solo, and look what happened there!" he said. "So I am saying no for now, but leaving room to backtrack in the future."

So, never say never, right?

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'Sherlock' Season 4 Portrait Puts Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman in Darkness

SherlockThe night is dark and full of terrors on "Sherlock."

Season 4 of the show promises to be its darkest yet. And a recently-released portrait image of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson indicate troubled times ahead for the partners in crime-solving.

The men are dressed in dark tones, set against a dark backround. As Sherlock peers skeptically at the camera, eyebrow quirked, Watson gazes off to the side. Maybe he's on the lookout for some unknown danger? Or is he just he fed up with his BFF's usual, persnickety ways?
Who knows, because the creators have revealed very little about season 4. At Comic Con, Steven Moffat did say "it is explicitly a darker season." And that the new villain played by Toby Jones is the worst. " This guy is the purest evil," Moffat said. "Sherlock is actually appalled by him. He's the most evil villain we've had."

"Sherlock" season 4 is expected to air sometime in 2017.

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'Doctor Strange' Sneak Peek Goes Behind the Mystical Scenes

Doctor StrangeA new sneak peek at "Doctor Strange" provides some fresh insight into Marvel's upcoming film.

The video is included in the "Captain America: Civil War" Blu-ray release and focuses on supporting characters Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), who teach Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in their magical ways.

The video also introduces villainous leader Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen). There are glimpses of the stars filming scenes and flashes of some psychedelic concept art, but very little in the way of new footage, beyond what was in the first trailer.
Still, though we don't get to see much, it's exciting to check out the immense talent they've rounded up for the movie. Swinton raving about the Ancient One's use of "real, proper magic" might soothe some fans who were angered by her casting.

"Doctor Strange" also stars Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Benjamin Bratt, and opens in theaters November 4.

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'Stranger Things' Season 2 Confirmed, With Episode Titles

Stranger ThingsEven more "Stranger Things" is coming to Netflix!

The streaming serviced officially confirmed a second season of the hit '80s-set supernatural drama, to debut sometime in 2017. It's been a foregone conclusion, since the show was such a huge pop culture smash and creators the Duffer brothers have already been talking about their plans for season 2.

Netflix also teased new episode titles in a video set to the synth-tastic soundtrack, including "Madmax," "The Pumpkin Patch," and "The Lost Brother":

The Duffer brothers also gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly teasing some details about season 2, including the fact that it'll be set in 1984. "I think we talked like a larger time jump where the kids are older now and it's a different decade," Ross Duffer said. "But for us, there's still more story here, there's still things that are unresolved."

They confirmed the returns of Winona Ryder (Joyce), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), but left the fate of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) up in the air. However, the second season will introduce four new characters and a setting outside of Hawkins, Indiana.

And perhaps the most intriguing news is that we'll see more of the Upside Down. "We definitely want to explore a little bit more," Matt Duffer said. "There's a lot we don't know about the Upside Down at the end of season 1."

Add to that justice for Barb, and what more could we want?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Surprise! Nick Viall Named 'The Bachelor' 2017

Runner-up no more! Nick Viall -- who was dumped at the end of both "The Bachelorette" Season 10 and "The Bachelorette" Season 11, and is now looking for love on "Bachelor in Paradise" -- was named ABC's 2017 Bachelor. That surprise announcement was made Tuesday on "After Paradise."

So ... guess that means Luke Pell was not chosen as the new Bachelor, as we kind of expected. Maybe he was too expected and they want to go for some drama. It also means Nick and Jen Saviano didn't end up together, which is kind of a spoiler since they are still together on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 3 and there's one more episode left.

Nick started as Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's runner-up, losing to Josh Murray, with whom Nick just had a fight on "Bachelor in Paradise." Nick went on to be Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe's runner-up. Nick has definitely picked up more fans over time. He was initially seen as creepy, clingy, someone who didn't get along well with the other guys, maybe a bit desperate, etc. Now he's grounded, self-aware, confident without seeming cocky, and willing to stand up for himself in a mature way instead of losing his cool. (*cough*unlike Josh*cough*)

Both Nick and Josh are featured in Andi's book "It's Not Okay." Nick said there's some truth to what she wrote about him (while Josh denied the parts about him) so it might be good background reading before the new season starts in January.

Nick told the "After Paradise" crew (including former Bachelor Sean Lowe) that he's nervous and excited about being the new Bachelor, but probably more nervous than anything. Meanwhile, Josh is doing pretty well, and the season finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" will reportedly bring good news for him, too.

Usually, the new bachelor is spoiled in advance, but even spoiler king Reality Steve was blindsided by the Nick pick:

Watch Nick's big intro:

Here's hoping the fourth time is the charm! "The Bachelor" Season 21 with Nick Viall premieres January 2017 on ABC.

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'You're the Worst' Season 3: Aya Cash Promises Sunday Funday Havoc

FX Networks TCA 2016 Summer Press TourIt doesn't have to be Sunday to be a Funday.

"You're the Worst" is back for a new season, and Aya Cash is promising that her depression-suffering character, Gretchen, won't be the one with the darkest storyline this time around.

If that setup didn't sound appropriately hilarious, be sure that it is -- the edgy FXX sitcom has become a critical darling and a cult obsession for the way it flirts with deep, dark, and very real-feeling neuroses and character flaws amid some of the most outrageously cutting comedy on TV, as well as slicing and dicing up the L.A. hipster culture -- something that Cash has no problem doing, even while enthusiastically accepting the hipster label in her own life, as she reveals in her chat with Moviefone.

Moviefone: The dark stuff's not all on you this time! That must have been a little bit of a relief, although that had to be great to play.

Aya Cash: I mean, it was so much fun. As a selfish actor you're like, "I want it about me all the time." But as someone who loves our show, and loves my cast members, I'm glad that it's going to be a season that really explores some of the darker elements of everybody else, and Gretchen's on the up.

I'm glad that Gretchen's stuff is still there, though. The show never would have dropped it.

Of course. Yeah.

And especially the material in the beginning of the new season, with Samira Wiley playing her therapist. You must have been having a blast.

Yeah, she's just a lovely human being. And, of course, I'm a fan of hers from "Orange [Is the New Black]." It was totally dreamy and fun.

When Gretchen kicks into her sort of id mode, is there something freeing about that for you as an actor? Do you get to release a lot of stuff that most people don't get to?

Yeah, I mean, Gretchen gets to live out a lot of fantasies, both fun and f*cked up, so there's both and that's always really enjoyable to play. In some ways, I would love to be like Gretchen, and in some ways, I thank God I'm not!

In Season 3, I love how the show gets even bolder and bolder in the choices and the territory that it goes into. For you, what was particularly exciting this time around? And what was -- in a good way -- shocking that you got to try?

You know, I really like all the therapy stuff, and I've enjoyed sort of being around for Jimmy -- I think it's been fun to try to negotiate both supporting Jimmy and running the other direction when he needs support. I think that stuff is really fun.

I don't know if I get shocked by anything on this show. There's nothing that makes me go [gasps] or, "oh my God." Even the depression arc, when I read it, just sort of made sense immediately. Not that I was expecting it in any way, but it just made sense. Yeah, I'm not really shocked. I just saw the first two episodes, the rough cuts. I was a little shocked by the sex in it. Even though I shot it. I was like, "Oh yeah -- that. Jesus Christ."

The show started on that note --


-- and then you kind of tabled it for a bit.

I think it's totally necessary. If anything shocked me, it was my white, pasty leg up in the air. That's all.

Do you get big nerves about those scenes?

Oh yeah! No, it's horrible. It's not, like, a fun experience. But it's not terrible.

Everybody's respectful and lovely and all that. But yeah, the anticipation's horrible. You think about that day and you're like, "I don't want to. I don't want to..."

Obsessing over everything you eat for 24 to 48 hours before the shoot...

Oh no, I don't do that. I eat whatever I want. But as Jimmy says, "Nobody wanna."

The show struck a positive note with viewers with your storyline about Gretchen's struggles with depression last season. In your real life, people came up to you, stopped you, shared their own stories with you. Tell me what that mean to you to have those encounters.

I mean, it's great. You forget, as an actor, you do a job, and that job comes out, and then you live your life. You don't go around walking around every day thinking, I'm affecting people. I'm having some sort of impact. You just do your job, and then you forget that you're an actor walking down the street.

So when someone comes up to you and is like, "Hey, I saw it. I saw the show and it meant so much to me. And my boyfriend is struggling with depression, or I am, or my mom, and it helped me understand and it gave me empathy." That's so incredible. I just feel like, Wow. I feel so lucky I get to do a job where that happens. You know?

You do other jobs and people are like, "Oh my God, I hate that show. You were great, but I hate that show." Or you don't get any feedback. You don't know anything. It's just really ... I felt very lucky.

I love that after establishing Sunday Funday, you guys are going to mess with it this season. Now that the mainstream world has discovered it and embraced it, you're like, "Oh no you don't."

Yeah, screw that!

Why rest on your laurels? Why say, "Well, that worked great last season -- let's just do that over and over again." You get bored. It's like, I saw "Chef's Table" recently, about Alinea. Have you seen "Chef's Table"? It's on Netflix. It's a docu-series about different chefs. There's this guy who does Alinea in Chicago. He, like, shuts down the restaurant. He's like a huge hit. In the middle of it, he shuts down the restaurant to, like, start over. That's what creativity is. That's what you need to do ... Whatever your opinions are about that move. It's like, that's what people who are engaged creatively want to do.

You've got to just kill all your darlings and start over and try to create new, and hopefully it gets even better. And sometimes you fail, too, and that's a part of the process, and that's okay. But I'd rather watch something fail big than just watch something go along the lines it's always gone. So I enjoy that from a writing perspective.

How participatory are you in East L.A. hipster culture that this show shines a little fun-poking light on?

Completely. I love good food, I love Matcha tea. I like music and art. I enjoy all that stuff. I have very little judgment about the word "hipster," except the overuse of it. It's like, okay, I don't think it's a movement. It's just people of a certain age who are engaged in culture, fashion, music, and food. And I don't mind being sent up. I don't mind being like winked at about it. It's a part of what it is. We're all in scenes.

Look, I like the east side. It's more my scene than, say, West Hollywood, where women are wearing a full face of makeup at eight in the morning. That's another scene. There are scenes everywhere, so I don't mind being a part of both making fun of, and being a part of that scene. Even though I don't live on the east side. I mean, I live in New York. I live in Brooklyn. Close enough.

Have you had that realization where something happens in the show and you're like, "that's me"?

Yes and no. I don't know. It's almost, like, too integrated into my life. None of it feels unfamiliar, and therefore, it's probably all making fun of me and my friends. All the people that I work with, we're all sort of in the same boat.

One thing that's happened over the last couple years is people would ask me, what's my favorite TV comedy right now? I would say, "You're the Worst" And they'd be, like, "Oh, where can I watch that?" Now when I say, "You're the Worst," they say, "I love that show!" People have discovered it, and you've got a nice slow build. What has that meant for you to see the audience find the show?

It's been cool. Again, I don't have the experience of like, "Oh, everybody knows this show." It's not in the overall cultural conversation in terms of, like, an ABC show that's 20 million viewers, or an "Empire." We're not in that conversation on that level. Even, I'd say, I hear a lot more about "Broad City," or "Girls." Those are the shows that sort of enter that broader cultural conversation on a bigger level.

I like the fact that it feels like we're kind of a cult show, because everybody who loves it loves it with a passion, and is very supportive and truly loves it. It doesn't feel like a lot of people are watching because they think they should watch it. It feels like people watch and they're like, "Ooh, I love this. I'm going to stick with this, and I'm going to feel like it's mine, because not everyone knows about it."

And I don't mind that. As long as they keep us on the air, I'm cool. We don't ever need to be ginormous. As long as they keep letting us do it, I feel great about that. I think, if you don't know about it, all right.

There's something special when all four of you are in a scene. Those scenes tend to pop most of all. Tell me about that, from your perspective.

I don't think it's a secret that we're all pretty good friends. But obviously we weren't when we were cast; we didn't know each other very well. So I think it's casting and chemistry. We're all so completely different, that, when we get together, it's like we fill, like we make a full circle. Individually, or two in a scene, it's great. But, like, suddenly, when you have all four different kinds of energy, it really shines, and I like that.

And if, for example, if Kether [Donohue] and I were similar, or if Desmin [Borges] and I were more similar, it might not have that effect. It's kind of like you need all the colors to make the one color makes sense. We're a color wheel.

I want to help your cause with this music that you and Chris Geere recorded of "New Phone, Who Dis?" in the scene that got cut to make it fully viewable and even downloadable for the show's fans, so tell me the backstory and what we can do to get this seen by people!

In Episode 1, obviously, we see Kether is not at the concert. And Sam's like, "Where is that girl?" And so Jimmy and I get up and sing the chorus of "New Phone, Who Dis? that Kether, as Lindsay, normally sings, and I thought we did a very good job. So I would like it to be seen. We all sing on set all the time. You're going to see Chris sing for real.

Does Season 3 get a little more musical?

Not, like ... we don't do a musical episode, but Jimmy does sing, and he is really actually a very good singer. We can all sing -- which is not that we're all meant for Broadway, but we can all sing, so it's fun to be able to show that. So he sings a song this season.

The energy and the tension whenever Sam's in a room with Gretchen is pretty fun. Tell me about playing off of that and what you get from Brandon Mychal Smith to play with.

I mean, he's just genius. I think all those boys are super talented. The only reason you don't see them in everything is because they all have other jobs. So it's hard to get them. But I think all three of them are so, so funny. And again, it's that energy thing, right? They're all really different, so they all bring a really different energy to the table, and I love scenes with the three of them.

And you're going to see more of that dynamic. Yeah, and I love the relationship between Gretchen and the rappers. They love each other. There's, like, a real love between them, even though they treat each other like sh*t and make fun of each other. There's just deep love there. That's why there's no offense to anything. Like, I feel like Gretchen would call Sam in a crisis and know they'd have her back.

We're learning where we need to be more sensitive and where we need to control what we say out loud and in social media. But you get to deliver some of the most brilliantly crafted insults. Tell me the joy of going to a mean, dark place.

Yeah, it's super fun! I just picture Trump's face.

It's fun to be mean. There's a huge confidence in being mean. That can be fun in a way. And I'm not actually hurting anyone, so that's much better. The problem with being mean is someone gets hurt.

"You're the Worst" Season 3 premieres August 31st on FXX.

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Watch Tom Holland Shame Thor in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Stunt

'Maze Runner: The Death Cure' to Restart Production Around Original Release Date

"Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" New York PremiereBetter late than never. And better safe than sorry. And better luck this time! "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" has been lost in its own maze since star Dylan O'Brien was seriously injured during filming. That happened back in mid-March 2016 and shut down production. Production was initially meant to resume shortly afterward, but O'Brien's "very serious" injuries led to further delays. The film's release date was moved back a year, from February 17, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

But now, Deadline reports, production will start up again this February 2017. So they'll resume filming right around the time they were originally hoping to release the movie.

In late April, The Hollywood Reporter quoted a report from WorkSafeBC to described O'Brien's injuries as a "concussion, facial fracture and lacerations." He was reportedly in harness on top of a moving vehicle when he was unexpectedly pulled off that vehicle and hit by another one. According to Deadline, O'Brien was said to "have fractured either his cheekbone or orbital socket after a stunt sequence went awry."

O'Brien was recently seen in public for the first time in a while when a Jamba Juice employee snapped a photo with him. He looked good, so let's hope things stay good into 2017 and 2018.

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Here's Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wouldn't Want a 'Dark Knight 4'

Yes, the wise and wonderful Christopher Nolan always intended "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight," and "The Dark Knight Rises" to be the entirety of the "Dark Knight" trilogy. 'Cause, you know, trilogy means three. But come on. It ended just as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake stepped into the Batcave! That was his beginning. As an actor, it has to be kind of disappointing to be presented as the next Batman but not actually get to tell that story. The audience was left to imagine.

Well, it may sound disappointing from here, but to JG-L, it's exactly right. Here's what the "Snowden" star told Cinema Blend, when they asked if playing Blake as Batman in his own "Dark Knight 4" movie was something he would've liked:

"I know we're all used to the sort of Marvel movies, which are just kind of endless series. They don't really have a beginning, middle, and end. But I think Nolan very much thought of that movie as a conclusion, and there's a theme that runs through all three of those movies that begins in the first movie, runs through the second movie and it concludes in that moment where he says that Batman is more than a man, Batman is a symbol. And so to have another man other than Bruce Wayne kind of becoming Batman at the end of that trilogy, I think that's the perfect ending to that story."

Did you like that little swipe at Marvel in there? DC boy to the end. He's right, even if we'd love Christopher Nolan to want to make another "Dark Knight" movie. It's not like Batman's story is no longer being told, it's just not with JG-L, it's with Ben Affleck and the new DCEU.

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The 'Game of Thrones' Campaign Attack Ads Are Here (and Harsh)

It's almost time to crown the winning candidate in the "Game of Thrones" GoT Party his political movement comes courtesy of HBO Entertainment, and it ends tomorrow (August 31) with the winning team announced Thursday, September 1.

Here are the GoT party candidates:

Jon Snow (with Lyanna Mormont)
Daenerys Targaryen (with Tyrion Lannister)
Petyr Baelish (with Sansa Stark)
Cersei Lannister (with Maester Qyburn)

You've probably seen the first campaign videos. Now watch their attack ads. While two are harsh, they all could've been a lot worse, considering the ammunition out there. These are characters that have a lot of bad deeds and mistakes in their pasts, and not even Littlefinger mentions that Jon Snow -- the current leading candidate in the polls -- was already stabbed to death by the first people he tried to rule, which is not the strongest leadership experience.

Here are the videos:

Mockingbird | Baelish for #GOT2016

Littlefinger's attack ad is directly solely at Cersei, whom he calls "dishonest, despised, desperate, distrusted, disgraceful," as "Rains of Castamere" plays. It's credited to Fingers and Friends Against Cersei. Considering Cersei only has 2 percent of the votes at this point, he probably could've tried taking on a stronger target.
Confessions | Cersei for #GOT2016

Cersei takes aim at all three of her opponents in a video based around the word "Confess." She calls Baelish a "murderer," Jon Snow a "bastard, and Dany an "outsider." Election Watch | Snow for #GOT2016

The Jon Snow video is a bit vanilla and too fair to the other sides, which is probably just about right. Watch the Throne | Dany for #GOT2016

Dany's video, approved by the Free People of Essos, recycles her "break the wheel" speech and also shows off some of her impressive a**-kicking experience.
Now head to to learn more about candidates, compare platforms, cast your ballot, and stay updated with real-time polls. The winner (probably Jon Snow/Lyanna Mormont if the poll stays as it is) will be revealed Thursday.

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'The Incredibles 2' Director Brad Bird Talks Sequel Status, 'New Direction'

We're just under three years away from the release of "The Incredibles 2," but since it's been nearly 12 years since the original first hit theaters, you'll forgive us if we're a little bit anxious to hear news about the long-awaited sequel. Thankfully, director Brad Bird has obliged us with some updates on the project, and while we're no closer to finding out any concrete details about the flick, we're just as excited as ever for its eventual arrival.

Bird recently chatted with Entertainment Weekly about the follow-up to 2004's "The Incredibles," the inventive Pixar flick that took on the world of superheroes. The director, who also wrote the original (and voiced super suit seamstress Edna Mode), said he was "excited" about the sequel, and teased that the flick would keep the spirit of the first film intact, while also updating the concept for a new set of fans.

"Hopefully it's the same characters and feel, but going in a new direction," Bird told EW. "I mean, that's the trick with a sequel. It's repeating yourself, without repeating yourself."

Bird definitely hits the nail on the head with that assessment, and while we're certainly a bit fatigued by Hollywood's sequelitis as of late, when it comes to the folks at Pixar, we're always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Here's hoping "The Incredibles 2" is more like "Toy Story 2" and less like "Cars 2."

"The Incredibles 2" is due out on June 21, 2019.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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'Criminal Minds' Season 12: Paget Brewster Upped to Series Regular After Thomas Gibson Exit

criminal minds, season 12, paget brewster, emily prentissIt's common for long-running TV shows to shed original cast members over the years, but the sudden dismissal of "Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson is a different kind of shakeup entirely, still causing major ripples weeks later. It makes sense, then, that the CBS stalwart would want to hold onto as many familiar faces as possible, and it's planning on extending the contract of returning star Paget Brewster.

Brewster, who plays SSA Emily Prentiss, was set to return to the show for a short guest arc in season 12, after reappearing in season 11 as part of the send-off for Shemar Moore's character. But now, CBS has decided to make Brewster a full-fledged series regular again.

"We're all so excited to have Paget with us full time," said showrunner Erica Messer in a statement. "The BAU family has definitely missed her, on screen and off. Having her back on set has been great, it's like she never left."

The actress first joined "Criminal Minds" as a regular back in season two, where she remained until some behind the scenes shuffling caused her to exit in season seven. She later returned to guest star in season nine.

Brewster's promotion isn't the only big change coming to the drama: The series is also reportedly set to add two new characters to fill the void left by Gibson's Hotchner, the head of BAU. Gibson was let go on August 12 after reports surfaced about an on-set altercation between the actor and a writer for the show; Gibson kicked the writer, which led to his suspension and eventual firing.

"Criminal Minds" will return for season 12 on September 28. Brewster will make her return beginning on October 12.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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'Nashville' Season 5 Spoilers Tease Juliette Storyline, New Trans Character

juliette barnes, hayden panettiere, nashville, season 5There's going to be a lot of upheaval on the next season of "Nashville," what with two regular characters leaving the series and headlining star Connie Britton reportedly also set to exit the show after appearing in less than half of the new episodes. But in Rayna Jaymes's absence, Juliette Barnes (played by Hayden Panettiere) will apparently have plenty of time to shine, with a couple pieces of key intel about season five hinting at a major story arc for the country crooner.

When we last saw Juliette in the season four finale, she was flying home to Nashville on her private jet, set to reunite with her babydaddy, Avery (Joshua Jackson), and their daughter, Cadence. But in the episode's closing moments, Avery was informed that Juliette's plane was missing, ending the season (and at the time, what was thought to be the series finale) on a major cliffhanger.

Thankfully, with the announcement that Panettiere would be back for season five, fans could breathe a sigh of relief, and reasonably assume that Juliette had likely survived the crash. Now, a new report suggests that the aftermath of that ordeal will play a crucial role in her season five storyline.

According to TV Guide, Juliette's recovery will be anything but quick.

"The crash landing has left her with a lot more than just scrapes and bruises... and her injuries are going to have a significant impact on her personal life and career," the site says. "Don't be surprised if the starlet never steps onto another stage ever again."

If true, that would be a huge upheaval for Juliette, since the star has devoted so much of her life to performing. We can't imagine she'll deal with such a significant change well.

That brings in the second part of TV Guide's report: A new character will be introduced to help Juliette through her recovery, and producers are casting a trans woman for the part. Not many details about the role have been revealed yet -- is this woman a doctor or nurse? A physical therapist? A psychiatrist? -- but TV Guide says she'll "play a significant role" in Juliette's path to recovery. She'll be the first transgender character to star on "Nashville."

"Nashville" season five will debut on its new home CMT on January 5.

[via: TV Guide]

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Zac Efron's 'Baywatch' Character Sounds a Lot Like Ryan Lochte

Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7Ryan Lochte may be trying to rehab his recently-tarnished image by joining the "Dancing With the Stars" ranks, but it's going to take a lot more than some fancy footwork for many people to forget his boneheaded antics down in Brazil. Perhaps loosely inspiring a comedic character can do the trick?

That just may be the case for the Olympic athlete once the big screen version of "Baywatch" hits theaters next year, with TheWrap reporting some details about Zac Efron's character that sound eerily similar to a certain silver-turned-blue-haired swimmer. Here's some intel that a source told the trade about the fictional lifeguard:

Zac Efron's character, Matt Brody, is a former U.S. Olympic swimmer, two-time gold medalist and world record holder who becomes embroiled in controversy after committing a crime.

To rehab his public image and satisfy the community service portion of his sentence, he joins the lifeguard squad — where his presence rankles the head lifeguard played by Dwayne Johnson.

Lochte and three other members of the U.S. swim team made international headlines earlier this month when they claimed they were robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police officers. Brazilian authorities investigating the allegations discovered that that never happened, and have accused Lochte and his pals of making up the story to hide the fact that they vandalized a gas station, where they were questioned by armed security guards. Authorities are considering taking legal action against the swimmers for filing a false police report.

Lochte has since lost several lucrative endorsement deals, and earned the scorn of plenty of people the world over. His "DWTS" gig appears to be a stab at regaining some public goodwill, not unlike Efron's character's attempts. Of course, all of this happened long after "Baywatch" wrapped production in June, so it would seem that the Lochte similarities are simply an oddly-timed coincidence.

"Baywatch" swims into theaters on May 19, 2017.

[via: TheWrap]

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'Morgan': Kate Mara & Anya Taylor-Joy on Bloody Hoodies, Feeling Isolated, and So Many Bruises

anya taylor-joy and kate mara in MORGANIn "Morgan," the first feature film from Luke Scott (son of Ridley), Anya Taylor-Joy ("The Witch") plays a genetically altered human who's been "raised" by scientists at a remote lab. After a disturbing incident, corporate troubleshooter Lee (Kate Mara) arrives to assess the situation: Can the Morgan project be saved ... or is she too dangerous?

The day after a screening and Q&A at the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, Moviefone sat down with the actresses who talked about the grueling training for the film's big fight sequences. Mara also explained why she led a monastic life during filming in Ireland while Taylor-Joy hung out with the crew after-hours, and what happened to the hoodie she wears for most of the film.

Moviefone: Anya, I loved you in "The Witch." But every time you go into the woods, bad things happen...

Anya Taylor-Joy: Don't go into the woods with me, it's a big mistake. [Laughs]

You both did a lot of boxing training for the movie, I understand.

Kate Mara: Well, I did.

Taylor-Joy: It was more like mixed martial arts. I come from a dance background, so the real thing for me is to turn myself from being a dancer into being a fighter. I definitely noticed the difference when that happened. We both trained a lot. We trained for two weeks before filming, we trained every single day. It was kind of like a boot camp. We had an unbelievable stunt team

Mara: Yeah, we love them. We became like a little family.

Taylor-Joy: We did. It was a little squad. We'd all go in and do our warm-ups together. We were really training the way that they train, so, hopefully, we did this justice.

Kate, you also did some ballet to prepare for the film as well?

Mara: Yeah, before we got to Ireland, I was boxing here in L.A. and I also had a Pilates/ballet instructor just to get used to both sides of the spectrum. It was really helpful and I loved doing it, so now I continue doing both of those things, just in general as a workout, because it's such a good workout.

And neither of you had done a fight scene like this before? Did either of you get hurt?

Taylor-Joy: No, we didn't hurt each other. We were very heavily bruised, but I was so proud of my bruises.

Mara: I also bruise if someone just pinches me, so...

Taylor-Joy: We were pretty battered. [Laughs]

Who do you think audiences will root for: Morgan or Lee?

Taylor-Joy: I think it kind of goes through stages. If I was watching the movie and I was totally cold to it, I think my allegiances would shift, moment to moment. And I think that's something that's very cool about the movie.

Both Lee and Morgan are gender-neutral names...

Mara: To me, it was an obvious choice, and even the way Luke and I created my look as well. It was very specifically androgynous and there's obviously a reason for all of that. It wasn't just a coincidence that I was dressed a certain way and my hair was a certain way.

Taylor-Joy: I almost feel that rather than it being a completely neutral thing, I felt, watching [Kate], that it was a hyper-feminine and hyper-masculine and that's what equated it to being gender neutral.

Mara: Yeah, you're right. The two extremes.

Kate, you mentioned that you kept yourself isolated while on location. Is that the way you like to work or was that specifically for this character?

Mara: The cast [which includes Rose Leslie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Toby Jones, and Michelle Yeoh] was so fantastic, and everyone was so friendly and got along really well, which is just so nice to have. There were a lot of dinners after work and things like that. I went to a couple, but most of the time I sort of stayed in this weird mentality or mind frame of trying to stay focused and determined on the task at hand.

And you're playing the outsider, who's potentially breaking up this family.

Mara: Exactly. By the end, I was definitely letting myself do that a bit more. But because I was [on set] all day, every day. I wanted to be fresh. So I would force myself to attempt to go to sleep at a normal hour or workout instead to keep you in the right mind set.

Meanwhile, Anya, you were going out every night in Belfast?

Taylor-Joy: Yes, I was very isolated on set. I needed human contact by the end of that. It was wonderful to get to play Morgan because, when I was younger, I used to actually say to my parents, "I feel like I'm separated by a sheet of glass from other people. I can't connect." It wasn't until I started making movies that I really found my tribe. It's been wonderful. So being in that cage was slightly uncomfortable at all times, which I think lends a lot to Morgan. I'd also gotten so close to that crew and so I hung out with them a lot. And I love Irish people...

And you're 20...

Taylor-Joy: I also don't sleep. I'm a terrible insomniac.

Mara: I have the opposite problem. I can fall asleep anywhere.

Taylor-Joy: She can fall asleep anywhere! I am so jealous. I can't sleep at all. But it was so much fun and it was fun to get to know Belfast as well.

What was your toughest day on set, Anya? Was it the scene where Paul Giamatti conducts a rather brutal psychological evaluation of Morgan?

Taylor-Joy: No, I think there wasn't a toughest day due to scenes. There was a toughest day on set due to personal stuff, but everything was always really fascinating. So even though the Paul Giamatti scene was hard, I was learning so much and completely aware that I was getting to do an 11-page scene in one take with Paul Giamatti, just take after take for two days.

How long was each take?

Each time was different, which was the fun part about it. You get to, especially from my point of view, I got to modulate the moment the the shift happens. It's a very tangible power shift all of a sudden.

What did you learn from doing that scene over and over?

Taylor-Joy: A whole bunch of really technical acting things that I did not know about. So you can surprise the other actor, and it usually creates something amazing. And if you fluff a line, you don't have to cut and go all the way back to the beginning. You can just take a break and do it again. I never really knew whether the right thing to do was to do a scene in one way every time or whether you were supposed to change it up. Just watching him was amazing. It was like being in acting school. But I feel that way about everyone that I've worked with, really, because I haven't been to acting school and I haven't been doing this for very long. I'm just learning from these wonderful people.

Kate, are you interested in doing more action films after this?

Mara: It became very clear doing this level of physical stuff ... it made me want to do more action. That's a nice thing to realize. I've been working for a long time and I never realized how much I enjoyed doing that. And I feel like the next one, whatever the next one may be, I'll have just a little bit more experience. It's always nice to have something like this under your belt.

The ending leaves things open for a sequel. Would you be up for that?

: Oh, I would love it.

Anya, you said you kept the hoodie that Morgan wears throughout the film and that you even wear it out sometimes. Do you think you'll get some strange looks after the film opens and people spot you wearing it out on the street?

Taylor-Joy: I don't really wear it out on the street. I've always kept things of my characters. Morgan, Thomasin in "The Witch," and my character in "Split," they all wear one outfit the whole time. So I've kept things to keep them close and to remind me what's happened. But, funnily enough, my friends love the Morgan hoodie. They'll come over to my place and we'll be hanging out and if they get cold, they always reach for the Morgan hoodie. So I don't wear it that much, but they do. The one that I kept, there's a very specific reason why I kept that one. It's because it's got the hole in the pocket from where my rig is for this specific move that I had to do.

So there was more than one hoodie.

Yeah. There's, uh, blood, so, continuity...

"Morgan" opens in theaters nationwide Friday, September 2nd.

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'Transformers: The Last Knight' Casts King Arthur

Once Upon a TimeWas Optimus Prime a member of King Arthur's court? It's possible, since "Transformers: The Last Knight" is adding King Arthur to the mix.

Mashable reports that actor Liam Garrigan is in talks to play the legendary ruler in the next installment of the franchise. Garrigan is no stranger to King Arthur, since he already plays the character on ABC's "Once Upon a Time."

"Last Knight" reportedly ties into Arthurian legend, and Arthur and Merlin will both be involved in the story in some way (Santiago Cabrera is playing the wizard). The Transformers have been around on Earth since prehistoric times, so it's entirely possible they got mixed up with the knights of the Round Table. Maybe Optimus Prime helped Arthur take Excalibur out of that stone?

Mark Wahlberg stars once again as inventor Cade Yaeger, and Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel are returning to the fold. They'll be joined by Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins.

"Transformers: The Last Knight" is set to open in theaters June 23, 2017.

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NBC Cancels 'Grimm' After Final, Sixth Season

GrimmSupernatural monster hunting season is over. NBC has quietly canceled "Grimm" after the upcoming sixth season.

The network buried the announcement in an announcement of midseason premiere dates. "Grimm" season 6, which was shortened to 13 episodes, will debut January 6. It seems the showrunners sensed a possible cancellation, since the two-part season 5 finale was titled "The Beginning of the End."

"Grimm" is actually NBC's second longest-running series after "Law & Order: SVU," which is on its 18th season. The network touted a major battle between Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and his foe, Capt. Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), now the mayor-elect of Portland.

"Renard has the power right now so we're definitely a band on the run," Giuntoli told EnStarz. "We can't hang out in our normal haunts, either. We can't go to the precinct, we can't go to the loft, and we can't go to Monroe and Rosalee's place. We spend a lot of time in the rabbit warren, which are the tunnels."

NBC also announced the premiere dates for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jan. 2) the Wizard of Oz-inspired drama "Emerald City" (Jan. 6).

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