Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'The Choice' Trailer Brings All the Nicholas Sparks Drama

Teaser Trailer -
The new trailer for "The Choice," the latest drama from romance novelist Nicholas Sparks, claims to reveal the secret to life, as explained by protagonist Travis Parker (Benjamin Walker): "The whole damn thing is about choices."

In the clip, which premieres today exclusively on Moviefone and across other Aol sites (along with a brand-new poster for the movie, below), we learn that the main choice at the center of the flick is made by Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer), the comely young lady who catches Travis's eye when she moves in next door. Gabby must decide if she wants to be with Travis or the hunky doctor Ryan (Tom Welling), and it seems she's happiest with the latter option; of course, like any good Nicholas Sparks leading man, Travis isn't letting Gabby go without a fight.

The two squabble about their dogs, kiss passionately in a clandestine hookup, and share knowing glances as they party with their equally-gorgeous friends. Travis's know-it-all sister Stephanie (Maggie Grace) seems convinced they'll wind up together; Ryan punches Travis out in a hospital; Gabby is in a life-threatening car accident; there's lots of rain. The drama keeps mounting, and we bet Sparks fans will be reaching for the tissues more than once before the flick is over.

Check out the trailer above. "The Choice" hits theaters on February 5, 2016.
The Choice movie poster

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