Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Did 'The Walking Dead' Have an Easter Egg in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'?

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" may have paid back "The Walking Dead" for its own Johnny Depp Easter egg. A head for a head!

You may recall that "The Walking Dead" Season 6 kinda sorta had a Johnny Depp cameo when TWD created some severed heads for a particular scene, and one was based on a mold of Johnny Depp's face.

Fast-forward to "Pirates of the Caribbean 5," and one scene -- MILD SPOILER ALERT -- showed Depp's Jack Sparrow discovering what happens in the newly invented guillotine, when he sees a basket of severed heads. One of those heads may or may not have been based on "The Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln, in a callback to what TWD did for Depp.

Comicbook.com brought up the idea, writing that after their staff first heard that there might be a TWD Easter egg, "additional staff went into Pirates 5 for a second look. The moment is so quick that it's hard to confirm, but it definitely isn't outside the realm of possibility."

The site added that they reached out to folks at both "The Walking Dead" and Disney, which produced "Pirates." The "Walking Dead" people they spoke to didn't know anything about it, and the Disney peeps haven't responded yet. The "Pirates" crew would be the ones in the know, so fans will just have to wait for official word -- or wait for the movie to come out on digital or DVD so they can freeze frame the moment for a closer look.

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