Friday, July 14, 2017

'Big Brother 19': Christmas Abbott's Injury Is Worse Than Anyone Thought

Let this be a lesson to all future "Big Brother" houseguests: Don't play cowboy in the backyard or this could happen to you.

Christmas Abbott rode around on rodeo clown Jason Dent's back, then he tripped and fell on her foot. She immediately knew it was bad, but no one quite knew how bad until she just re-entered the house after having surgery.

Christmas is still in the game, despite heading out of the house for doctors' appointments and for surgery on Wednesday that she just returned from on Friday. In a "Big Brother" first, Julie Chen had Christmas phone in her live eviction vote last night from the hospital. (When she returned, Christmas told the houseguests she was pretty drugged up at the time, so maybe that'll be her excuse for voting to evict Ramses over Cody.)

Some fans think it's unfair for Christmas to be able to return, since the claustrophobia of the house is one of the major challenges of the game, and she was gone for days. Other fans are happy to have her back. But she didn't just break a couple of bones. As she explained in her return (via the live feeds), "I actually had 10 broken bones, four dislocated, and a dislocated ligament. One of the bones was so f*cked up that they actually had to do a donor bone. He [the surgeon] said it looked like a bomb went off in my foot."

Christmas added that she was told it will take about a year for her to recover. She said the doctor told her arthritis will set in between 1-5 years and then she'll have to have another surgery.

Christmas is an athlete, and she was already famous as a fitness star before entering the BB19 house, so this is especially devastating for her on a real-life basis, beyond the game.

*Game spoilers ahead*

Christmas told the houseguests she doesn't want their pity, just their help on occasion as she tries to get around the house. She won't be able to compete in physical comps -- like the endurance one last night, that Alex Ow won (which we'll see on Sunday) -- but she can compete in mental ones, for as long as she's around. Alex was talking about having Christmas be a backup target, if one of her nominations (likely Jessica and Dominique) comes down, but after this tearful return, we'll see. The nomination ceremony should be held tonight (Friday), with the Power of Veto competition held Saturday, and the Veto ceremony on Monday.

"Big Brother" cameras show everything 24/7 on the CBS live feeds, and the show airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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