Friday, June 23, 2017

Alexis Bledel Returning For 'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2

Ofglen lives! Alexis Bledel will return to "The Handmaid's Tale" in season 2 as a series regular.

The actress starred in half of the first season of the acclaimed Hulu drama based on Margaret Atwood's book. Her character, Ofglen, was mutilated as punishment for engaging in a same-sex romance.

The last time she appeared was in episode 5, when she steals a guard's car and kills him by running over him. She was hauled off by other guards, and her fate remained unknown to Offred (Elisabeth Moss).

Perhaps she and Offred, who was taken away by security in the season 1 finale, meet in some kind of prison. Or the Mayday resistance found a way to free her and she heads to Canada. Or — our favorite — she's sentenced to life in the Colonies, where she meets Offred's mom (who is a major figure in the book but has yet to appear in the show).

Bledel's return does seem to indicate that there won't be another "Gilmore Girls" revival, at least in the near future.

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