Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben Affleck Has Words With Neil Patrick Harris in This Exclusive 'Gone Girl' Clip (VIDEO)

There are few movies that are currently being talked about as much as "Gone Girl," David Fincher's adaptation of the best-selling novel that seemingly everybody read (original author Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay for the movie). "Gone Girl" has a starry cast (anchored by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike), a wonderfully twisty-turny narrative, and a can't-stop-listening-to-it score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. (Plus, there is a ton of socio-political commentary that will be done after the film opens, in regards to its views on gender roles, the institution of marriage, and the media.)

Why wouldn't people be talking about?

Gone Girl - Nick at Desi's House

Well, to ease the wait time left before its opening on Friday, we are here to bring you an exclusive clip. Not that it will get you any less pumped. (If you'd like to read our review, you can do so here. Spoiler alert: we really, really loved it.)

The clip features a mini face-off between Nick Dunne (Affleck), the husband of missing wife Amy (Pike) and the investigation's chief suspect when it comes to her disappearance, and Desi (Neil Patrick Harris), an ex-boyfriend of Amy's who Nick spotted lurking around right after she vanished. Nick has gone to visit with another one of Amy's exes (played by the always-excellent Scoot McNairy in a nifty cameo) and on his way back from that endeavor, stops at Desi's pad to try and get some answers. As you can see in the clip, it doesn't go so well.

Saying anything more or providing any more context would lessen the impact of the scene and, most likely, the movie as a whole, so we'll stop now. Needless to say, this is fairly early in the movie, so there are plenty of twists and turns and cover-your-mouth-with-your-hand moments to come.

We'll have more from "Gone Girl" throughout the week, including interviews with Pike and Harris, so keep it right here for all of your "Gone Girl" needs.

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