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Genesis Rodriguez Talks 'Tusk,' and Has Some Choice Words for the Naysayers

"Tusk" is all sorts of f**ked up.

The latest from the mind of director Kevin Smith ("Mallrats," "Red State") promises to challenge your assumptions about his filmmaking, and that's putting it lightly. The lone female in the leading ensemble, Genesis Rodriguez, is as gung-ho about the movie as an actor can be, even though she's a self-professed "scaredy cat."

Since the movie is nearly impossible to encapsulate in a short space, we'll just say it involves Justin Long getting kidnapped and transformed into a walrus. Let that sink in. Rodriguez plays Long's unfaithful girlfriend, Ally, who journeys to Manitoba to rescue him alongside Haley Joel Osment and an A-list actor in an unexpected cameo (he's revealed below).

Moviefone Canada chatted with Rodriguez at the Toronto Film Festival, and she candidly discussed her own wimpy tendencies and working with the outstanding cast. She also has a few words for the people who are badmouthing "Tusk."

Moviefone Canada: So this movie. What the hell. Wow.

Genesis Rodriguez: How did you sleep?

Pretty well, but it sticks with you. It has with most of the other journalists I've spoken to.

I felt the same way when I read the script. It just stuck with me. I became obsessed with it. I was like Coo Coo Ca Choo for like a week. [Laughs]

What was your reaction upon reading the script for the first time?

It was crazy. I read it at 12 o'clock at night, which was a huge mistake. Then I heard the podcast, and started listening to I Am The Walrus and Tusk. I wrote an email to my manager, which is how I first got the script, and I said, "I don't know who I need to talk to, but I need to be in this effin' movie." He was very smart in just forwarding the email ... eventually Kevin [Smith] read my very vulgar email [unedited], and he hired me!

Kevin doesn't swear!

No, not at all.

Were you a horror fan going in?

I always said, "I'm never doing a horror movie!" I'm the biggest scaredy cat on the planet. I'm the type of person who watches "Ghost Adventures" and freak myself out. I listen for things in the house, and I swear I'm doing like EVPs. I can get really traumatized watching scary movies, so I never see them. This ["Tusk"] felt more like it could happen. Don't get any weird ideas, people! Do not sip tea in a stranger's house! Don't cheat on your girlfriend, which I think is the moral of the story. [Laughs]

What about Kevin's earlier work?

Oh, "Clerks," "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "Dogma." Watching Jay and Silent Bob, growing up, was like the best kind of comedy for me. He's just intelligently funny, and he may do the stoner thing but he's so smart. That's where his comedy lies. You see it a lot in this movie. The lines are gonna stay there forever. Imagine reading Michael Parkes' dialogue? Like are you kidding me?

He's unreal.

His performance is so well done. It's just so well-said.

Like all the Canadian jokes!

I hope everyone sees it as a compliment and not an insult. Kevin loves Canada, he's obsessed with it. Honestly, I've kind of become obsessed with it. I never thought I'd ever be in the True North trilogy!

When you first watched the finished product, were you grossed out?

I was so excited to hear and see everyone's reaction to the walrus. The colour ... when I saw Justin [Long] in the suit, his face was separate. He was wearing undergarments, like long-johns, and then the walrus face, and I jumped. I was like, "I'm so sorry, I have a hard time looking at you. You keep freaking me out, man."

And you got to work with Johnny Depp, which is nuts.

We call him Guy Lapointe now. The first day with him, I probably talked about my sinuses. It was the most awkward conversation. I did not know what to say, OK? [Laughs] He was super nice and started telling me about the weather and how that could cause the problem. He was totally sympathizing with this nervous-ass freakin' girl. The next day I tried to just be cool and told myself to keep it together. It turned out well. I texted Haley [Joel Osment] and said, "This is the greatest moment of my life and I'm so happy to share it with you!"

A lot of people walked out of the screening I was in. I think it was too gross.

[Shock] What?! [Silence] Are you serious?! [Silence] Hey, people. It's a movie. If the biggest scaredy cat in the world can be in this movie, I would say, "Do not walk out! What's wrong wit chu?" Just like that. #whatswrongwitchu!

"Tusk" opens in theatres on October 3, 2014.

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